4 week countdown

August 5, 2008 at 9:43 am (pregnancy, pregnant)

I can’t believe it, but baby girl (yes, still without a name) is at 36 weeks already!!  I’ve been making really good strides on the “Calculated Nesting” Plan.  Right now her room is basically done.  The grand finale will be a monagram on one of the main walls, but I’m kind of delaying that project by not having a name yet!!  There’s also a bunch of boxes in there right now; otherwise, I’d take some pictures to post.  I’ll need to get those out in the next couple of weeks, so pictures will be up soon enough.

I’m still “thinking” she’ll be a little early like Evan, but at the same time I’m trying not to think about that too much just in case she’s on time – or even (sigh) late!!

I’m still looking for a good diaper bag – is practical, cute, & not outrageously expensive too much to ask for?!?!  I’m also not sure about all this vinyl look that I see … I get it – very, very practical, but I think I’d feel like I have reflectors on me walking around with it. 

Let the countdown continue …


1 Comment

  1. Alicia said,

    She is SO close to arriving! You guys better get a name picked out ASAP :-)

    I love my Vera Bradley diaper bag. The best part is that you can throw it in the washing machine unlike all the plastic looking stuff. It is Huge also and has a nice size changing pad included.

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