Just in case you’re wondering …

August 13, 2008 at 1:05 pm (pregnancy, pregnant) ()

The Ups & Downs of Bells Palsey:

1.  You drool alot at night – ALOT (that’d be a down).

2.  You bite your lip when you try to eat a sandwich (that’d be another down).

3.  You have to remind yourself not to smile in order not to scare the children … or yourself (down).

4.  You have to constantly wipe one eye from tears while you constantly pump the other with tear drops (yet another down).

5.  For the first time in my life I can wink … I just don’t know when I’m doing it!!!!  (that one’s a toss up).

6.  Your husband brings home Gerber Daisy’s, a card, and a Dairy Queen Treat to try & cheer you up (that’s definitely an up)!

And if you’re wondering what one looks like – or more specifically what I actually look like … we’ll here you go … The first one is me reminding myself to smile with the lips closed & the second one – well that’s what happens when I try to smile “normally”!!

Go ahead … don’t be afraid to laugh!!

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