Indoor fun

January 22, 2010 at 2:13 pm (Evan) (, , , )

The Treehouse Bed Tent

We’ve had a “bed dilemma” in Evan’s room for several months now.  Once he outgrew his Toddler Bed I started looking around for beds but just didn’t find anything I was really too excited about.  And really didn’t want to spend the money on a bed at that particular moment.  We had an extra Twin Mattress from when we had an extra guest bedroom so I ended up just putting the mattress on the floor and that’s basically how he’s slept for several months now.   It doesn’t look all that cool but one plus is that I don’t have to worry about him falling off at night!!

He’s been super interested in building forts recently. Every spare sheet in the house can usually be found in his room draping from one wall to the next.  Well my mom took note & just brought over the coolest thing!! It’s a BED TENT!!  So, not only does it bring some character to his poor little mattress laying on the floor but gone are the sheets without taking away the fun!!

Evan is totally digging this!! I know he’ll be excited to sleep in it tonight!  And for whatever reason he usually sleeps better & longer on nights we have a fort up!!  I guess it makes his room darker & cozier!  He’s already been up there for over an hour and counting!!!  Perfect indoor fun for a cold & wet January day!!

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Just in case he’s a prophet

October 8, 2009 at 9:38 am (Evan)

Evan - October 2008

Evan - October 2008

Evan’s been having a recurring dream for probably the last six months or so now.   Every so often, completely out of the blue he’ll ask me a series of questions:

“Mommy, where’s your booboo?”

“Is your arm better?”

“Why did that Ferris Wheel hurt your arm?”

It’s so sad whenever he starts going through these questions because it’s obvious he dreamed something about me, a Ferris Wheel, and a boo-boo on my arm the night before.  I try to explain to him that my arm is ok.  You had a bad dream & I’m really sorry that it made you sad but nothing happened to me.  My arm is all good – see?? We normally continue in that circle for a minute or two.  Then he’ll forget about it.  Until the next time he has that dream again and we start the cycle over.

The Fair is coming to our town this weekend.  I love fairs.  I love everything about the fairs – the food, the rickety rides that have been making the circles for years & years, the people watching, the food, the people watching, watching Evan (and now Megan) have fun, the food, the people watching and did I mention the food?!!

BUT, just in case my son is by chance a prophet … I will be staying far, far, away from the Ferris Wheel!!!

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July 24, 2009 at 8:24 am (Evan, Megan)

Growing up & even after getting married, I was not one that dreamed of having babies.  Not because I didn’t want children, but because I was truly scared to death of giving birth.  The thought of being pregnant was fine – but knowing the process of how a baby was born was something totally different.  Throughout my first pregnancy, I literally had to keep reminding myself that we’re all here because of childbirth.  Plenty of women had done it before me & plenty would do it after. 

But once I had one child, I always knew I’d want them to have a brother or sister.  I always “thought” it was because I just didn’t want him to be an only child.  Yes there’s that whole spoiled child factor (no offense if you’re one of those … I know plenty of only-children that are NOT spoiled & I know plenty of children with siblings that ARE spoiled!), but mainly because I grew up one of four children.  My older sister, Staci & my younger twin brothers.  Sure we fought alot, but every family memory I have involves them – both good & bad.  And I couldn’t imagine my childhood any other way. 

Fast forward three years after Evan was born.  We brought Megan home about two weeks after Evan turned three.   I was nervous about how he would react.  I was expecting jealousy and fights for attention.  But instead I was absolutely in awe at how much he truly loved his baby sister.  He had the big brother mentality from day one.  He was protective of her, loving towards her & wanted to give her whatever she wanted or needed.  Instead of getting upset at Megan for crying, he would get upset at me or Pepper for not giving her what she needed.  He’d say “Mommy.  She WANTS her bottle!!”.  He would tell her “it’s alright, we’re almost home” or “it’s alright Mommy’s coming”.  He would hold her hand in the car & he would race to her room when he’d hear her wake up through the monitor.  He would get the biggest grin on his face when he’d see us coming to pick him up at school – not because of me, oh no.  The first person he wanted to see was Megan!

The feelings were mutual.  Megan would just look at him in awe & laugh & smile at whatever he did.  Her eyes would follow him around the room just to see where he was going.  She already has a love for dinosaurs, horses & soccer balls because that’s what her brother loves.  If he wasn’t with me to pick her up out of her crib, her head would circle all the way around & she’d point towards the door as if to say “where is he?  let’s go find big brother”. 

I’ve realized the very best part of having more than one child – it’s watching them with each other! 

And now, fast forward to the present.  In just a few weeks, Evan will turn four years old and Megan will turn one.  My days are now often filled with “don’t touch here”, “just please, leave her alone”.  While he’s excited to see Megan grow up and he’ll tell her what “a good girl” she is for standing up all by herself, he’s also starting to fight for a little more for attention, get a little more jealous and definitely get a little more aggresive.  In fact, I’ve had this post in draft status for some time now & decided I’d better put a rush on it before I forget the gentle, sweet relationship they shared the first year!!

So I know their relationship will have its ups & downs over the years and some days will be better than others.  And on those off days, I’ll remember when they played “Peek-a-boo” and made each other (and me) laugh!

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Conversations with a three year old

July 20, 2009 at 8:00 am (3 year olds, Evan)

I’m pulling this one out of the memory bank before I forget about it & let it slip away!  And before said three year old turns four!!

Scene:  After three year old has taken a bath, brushed his teeth & had his hair brushed (which around our house the hair brushing part is called “getting handsome”), he goes for a walk with his mom

Mom:  It’s windy tonight isn’t it.

Three year old:  Yes.  It is windy tonight.

Three year old:  Mom (said with complete aggravation)!  The wind is blowing my handsome away!!

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Conversations with a three year old

July 5, 2009 at 11:29 pm (3 year olds, Evan)

Three year old:  What’s his name again?

Daddy:  Tiger (Woods)

Three year old:  Why is his name Tiger?

Daddy:  Well, that’s just his name.  It’s what his Mom & Dad named him.

Me:  It’s like your name is Evan. 

Daddy:  Why is your name Evan?

Three year old:  Because that’s what everybody calls me.

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Personal assistants are the best

June 30, 2009 at 9:13 am (Evan, family, Megan, Top Ten Tuesday)

I don’t see how people get through the day without personal assistants.

1.  I love my personal fitness coach


2.  And swim coach too.


3.  What would I do without my personal gardener?


4.  Or my “manny” so I could get a a few things done without worrying about the baby?


5.  It’s very important to have someone keep the Tupperware organized … but it’d be nice if I had a photographer because then I could blame someone else for deleting this picture!

6.  And they must know how to take care of the DVD collection.


7.  The dishes would never get done if I didn’t have someone helping me.


8.  But life got so much better when I had someone else start taking care of the bills.


9.  It’s also important to have someone that can help keep the fridge in order.


10.  And another to help as your personal shopper!


Ahh, life is good!

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Where everybody knows your name

May 6, 2009 at 11:07 pm (Evan, random)

I try my absolute hardest NOT to attempt anything productive out in public with both kids in tow.  I just don’t have a good feeling about it yet.  I’m still trying to master the “there’s now two of them syndrome”.  And anytime I do actually try it & feel pretty good about it, I’ll walk out of the store as someone with FIVE kids is walking in … and there goes my “look at me, I did it attitude”!

Yesterday was one of those days that I just “had” to get out & run into two stores really quickly!  I purchased a double stroller but returned it after putting it together and thinking I was wheeling a school bus, so I’m basically left with pushing Megan & expecting Evan to walk – the “expecting” is always the problem!!  Evan doesn’t walk.  Evan doesn’t listen.  We’re working on that, but right now it’s an issue!!

So while in those two stores, Evan decided to take the line from the classic “Cheers” jingle to heart!  Before we could get paid & out … “everybody knew his name”!!

So – how do you mothers of two (or lord help me, more) take two kids to the store – think mall, not grocery.  There are no carts to throw him into!  I ended up putting Evan in the stroller & carrying Megan in the Baby Bijorn … contained & confined boundaries worked ALOT better!!

But he sure does make a cute little cowboy … a rascal of one though, that’s for sure!!


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Easter weekend

April 15, 2009 at 10:35 pm (Easter, Easter Sunday, Egg Hunt, Evan, Megan, rodeo)

I love Easter weekend!   I love everything it’s about … Jesus on the cross – For. Me.  Then rising from the dead … again – For. Me.  So that he can be present & alive in my life today!  But to be completely honest, I also love all the fun stuff that goes along with the weekend – the egg hunts, the Spring-y clothes, and the Honey Baked Hams (at least that’s part of our tradition!). 

After an awesome church service, we headed to my parents house (with Potato Salad in tow) for a yummy lunch & a fun day!  Aunt Staci once again pulled off a really fun Egg Hunt – not the typical old egg hunt, but one with creativity!   I hope all little kids have an “Aunt Staci” in their life … she’s the best!!



Afterwards, Evan & Pep went straight to a Rodeo (he’s at that stage, what can I say)!   Secretly, I think Aunt Staci wanted to go with him!


The rest of us stayed watching Megan try to crawl … she’s currently at the scoot with my head stage – not sure if that’s really a stage, but no one’s told her that yet! And might I add the little girl racked up pretty good with FOUR super adorable Spring Dresses in Easter Baskets from her families!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend … with the important stuff & the fun stuff!

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Soccer – game two

March 22, 2009 at 9:36 pm (3 year olds, Evan, soccer) ()

 Evan’s game last weekend got rained out, so this past Saturday he had game number two.   He had alot of fun …

… picking up rocks …


… rolling on the ground …


… and playing with the grass …


He did actually score one goal (and rather fairly too – at least he didn’t kick or steal from any of his team mates to do it!!)  … our cameras, of course missed that!   Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!


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Soccer mom

March 13, 2009 at 10:00 am (Evan, soccer)

I’ve officially become a soccer mom.  I think it’s more by default than definition.  Last Saturday, Evan had his first soccer game!  He’s only 3 years old.  One parent described it as “hearding CAT” (not cattle – CAT).  I think that was a pretty good comparison! 

It all started with him NOT wanting to go & pitching the biggest fit ever (or at least of that day) because his jersey was too big.  Yes – his jersery. was too big.  You would have thought it was the end of the world!  We finally made it into the car & on our way. 

Evan was the child that ended up knocking down OUR team’s star player.  Twice.  He also ran onto both adjorning fields before the game was over.  Making that a grand total of three fields that he played on in one hour.  But he did score one goal – after he stole it from another player on his team right at the goal!! 

So yes – he was ‘that’ child.  And we were ‘those’ parents that were apologizing to the other parents of the kids he knocked down, stole the ball from, pushed, etc. etc. 

Who knows what this week will bring!  But here’s a few pictures to sum up Week 1:






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