Brett Favre and blissdom

January 30, 2010 at 10:56 pm (Blissdom 10, football season, Savvy Blogging) (, , , )

“Never throw the football across your body in the middle of the field.”

According to my husband that’s what every football player learns at the pee-wee level.    So why did Brett Favre, one of the best of the best (and definitely one of the cutest), have to do just that on January 24th during the NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints?

When he broke that very elementary rule, he changed the course of my life. Or at least a few hours of one weekend of my life.

You see Harry Connick Jr was set to perform at Blissdom on Saturday nightHarry Connick Jr loves his hometown of New Orleans.  Harry Connick Jr loves his New Orleans Saints.  And until Brett Favre threw that interception on January 24th, Harry Connick Jr. had no plans this coming Saturday night except to be at Opryland Hotel singing for 500 very excited women!

However that all changed when Brett Favre threw that interception.  Because when Brett Favre threw that interception, the New Orleans Saints went on to win the game.  And which ever team wins the NFC Championship game, goes on to the Super Bowl.  And suddenly Harry Connick Jr had a little bit more than 500 women to be excited about … his New Orleans Saints were playing in the Super Bowl for the very first time in history!!

Now, Mr. Harry Connick Jr is being ever so gracious to still play at Blissdom; however, the schedule had to be rearranged a bit.  And so thanks to Mr. Brett Favre, I (along with many others) were asking & tweeting the question:

“Harry or #savvyblogging??”

Never throw the football across your body in the middle of the field!

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Blogging goals for 2010

January 4, 2010 at 9:21 am (Blissdom 10, blogging, Savvy Blogging)

Yesterday I posted some personal goals that I have for myself & our family in 2010.  Today, I’m participating in a link-up with SavvyBlogging where I spell out all my blogging goals for 2010.

And truth be told, I’m writing these out because these are my goals right now.  But I’m really excited to be attending the Savvy Blogging Event (if you’re going please leave me a comment – I’d love to read your blog & get to know you better before we meet!!) and the Blissdom Conference in February.  I know I’ll learn lots of wonderful things while I’m there and my goals will either change or I’ll hopefully come away with some clear direction on how best to meet these goals!!  Or at least that’s my goal anyways!!

The majority of my goals can fall into four categories – The A, B, C’s and D’s for It’s come to this:

Aesthetics – The overall look & feel of my blog, specific goals:

  • Purchase a Domain ~ I mean obviously I was NOT planning on anyone reading this when I chose “mlbh” as my domain name with WordPress!!  The specific domain I wanted is of course already taken, so I’m just stalling on making a decision for 2nd best!
  • Get a Re-Design ~ or rather have it redesigned!  I really enjoy WordPress, but I hate the limitations of design.  I can’t wait to have a more fun & updated look!

Build A Bond – Aka Community, specific goals:

  • Read and Comment More on Other’s Blogs ~ I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t comment near enough.  I know how nice it is to get a really nice comment from a stranger and I want to give that in return.  I also know how “unsure” it can make you feel if you have a lot of readers but hardly any comments!!
  • Update my Google Reader ~ ohAmanda left a great tutorial on how to comment directly through Google Reader.  I still need to follow these steps.  I think it will help me a lot!!
  • Comment more on Comments ~ Alot of times I email readers that leave me comments, but I also love how other bloggers leave comments within the comments on a feed.  I want to do better at that in 2010.

Content – It’s King!  Specific goals:

  • Create a Blogging Schedule ~ Sure I might deviate from it time to time, but I want to get in a good rhythm and flow for this coming year.
  • Find my Niche ~ I think when people say this they automatically assume a niche to make money with.  But honestly I didn’t start this blog with that intention so I’m totally fine without going that route.  I just want to get in a groove that I really enjoy.  I have a lot of opinions and a lot of interests but I’ve struggled with writing about those consistently.  I have a few things I’m going to focus on the first of this year and see how that treats me (and you!).

Delivery – My Style, specific goals:

  • Brush up on my Writing ~ and brush up is probably weak at best.  I love writing (and take pride in the fact that I was a published author in Elementary School through our local paper – ha!!) but too often I through throw (updated after this was published and someone kindly pointed it out … see – it’s a good thing this is a goal for 2010!!)  a post together and hit publish.  You can always tell the difference in a quick post and a though out post.   I just want to make sure I deliver my best!

So, those are my goals for 2010 … now I’m off to work on them!!

And again, if you’re coming from the Savvy Blogging link-up, please leave me a comment! I’ll be at the event & I’d love to get to know you & your blog before we meet in person!! (YAY ~ meeting in person … so exciting!!)

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