What’s in the make-up bag?

January 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm (Things I Love Thursday) (, , , )

What's in the bag?

When I think of my make-up routine, I think:

“boring”, and
totally inadequate.

Seriously.  I have the same face every morning! And I don’t think I’m very good at putting any of it together or any of it on!!

Case in point:  On my WEDDING day, I forgot to put on lipstick.  And NO ONE said anything!!  Either because a) they are totally not use to seeing me in lipstick and so they didn’t know I wasn’t missing any or b) they just figured I never wear any so maybe I didn’t want to that day either.  But HELLO!!  It was my wedding!  According to my pictures, I should have had some lipstick on!!! But, obviously, ten years later & I’ve moved on … sort of.

So while, I may be boring in my personal selection, I really do LOVE the little bit of make-up I use.

I have it narrowed down to 3 items. Yes 3.  Do you hate me?  Or think I’m just insane (and Staci, you can’t answer that!!)?

1.  La Bella Donna Pressed Mineral Foundation – I’ve become a firm believer of good ingredients in skincare.  But you can’t stop there.   If I’m going to use good ingredients in my cleansers & moisturizer then I don’t want to ruin it by putting not-so-good ingredients on the first thing that hits my skin.  This brand doesn’t have any FD&C dyes, oil, talc, alcohol or fragrance.   Plus it has Titanium Dioxide which is a natural / non-chemical sun block (SPF 20).  (Can you tell I’ve heard that &/or said that on more than one occasion?  I think I’ve said before that my sister-in-law has an all-natural skincare business so she teaches me, and I listen!)

2.  La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights – this is a quad compact of compressed minerals – I use the colors as eye-shadow and as a bronzer/blush.   I love it because of all the same reasons I do the Mineral Foundation, but also because it feels like I’m multi-tasking!!

3.  Cover Girl Mascara – Yep, just the good old kind from the drug store.  Because I can’t find any natural Mascara that IS waterproof.  And I’m not going to mess around with non-waterproof mascara!!

Of course I have a couple of other little goodies in there, like tweezers, a couple of make-up brushes, a buki brush (which I love, love, love!), and a sample or two of lipsticks that I thought I might actually use but never did!  But in my everyday make-up bag … that’s it!

So, what’s in your wallet, oops wrong saying.  What’s in your Make-Up Bag?  The girls at Chic-Critique want to know!

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Things i love thursday … my kitchen spritzer

January 21, 2010 at 7:56 am (Cooking, Pampered Chef, Things I Love Thursday)

Kitchen Spritzer ~ Pampered Chef

pro⋅pel⋅lant [pruhpeluhnt] Show IPA  


1. a propelling agent.
2. the charge of explosive used to propel the projectile from a gun.
3. a substance, usually a mixture of fuel and oxidizer, for propelling a rocket.
4. a compressed inert gas that serves to dispense the contents of an aerosol container when the pressure is released.
So all that sounds fine & dandy to me until I think about a can of Cooking Spray.   Because yes, “propellant” is an ingredient in our Cooking Sprays.  It’s listed on the can in my pantry.  It fits definition #4 ~ a compressed inert gas that serves to dispense the contents of an aerosol container when the pressure is released. 
Sometime last year, I started using just a regular water spritzer (sorry for the lack of terminology, but think hair salon) filled with Olive Oil to spray any pots/pans before cooking.  It worked ok.  But it sprayed more in clumps rather than a nice mist that the aerosol containers give. 
Fast forward to October when I hosted a Pampered Chef Party & I noticed this fine little thingy (pictured above) in their catalog.  It’s a Kitchen SpritzerIt uses a pump handle ~ not aerosol ~ to give a mist!!  It’s refillable so I just pour our olive oil in, pump several pumps, and spray!!  I love it!!  It really works just as good as the aerosol container minus the “compressed inert gas to dispense the contents” … yuck! 

In full disclosure ~ I am a Pampered Chef Consultant, but I promise that has nothing to do with why I love this product and definitely not why I’m blogging about it!  In fact, I’m not going to tell you if you’re interested to come shop with me … but I will say if you’re interested in the Spritzer then you should find a rep in your area!!  And, just as a friendly FYI, next month is Stoneware month (which I’ve become a once hated, now loving Stoneware kind of girl) … it’s a great time to host a Cooking Party or a Catalog/Online Party because people love their Stoneware … which means you could rack up some host rewards!!

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Things i love thursday … 30 day shred

January 7, 2010 at 7:09 am (2010, diet, Things I Love Thursday)

I know everyone’s making New Year’s Resolutions these days.

The question is, is anyone actually keeping them???

I have several goals that I’m really trying hard to work on this year!!

And of course, one continues to be weight loss. I always recommend this DVD in person, so I thought I’d lay say it in print now!!  I don’t even remember when I started it exactly, I just know I like it a lot!!

You can read review after review if you just google it (I think I’m going to start saying ‘swagbucks‘ it instead!!).

But in a nutshell, here’s why I love the 30 Day Shred so much:

1.  All you need is the video & some weights ~  You can find the DVD for about $10 and you likely have some weights laying around.  All you need is about 5-10 lbs or so.

2.  It’s just a 20-minute work out ~ I can find 20-minutes in my day.  Whether it’s in the morning before everyone’s up or at night when everyone’s down.  I can even get a work out, a shower, a load of laundry & some tweets out during Megan’s nap!!

3.  It builds on itself ~ One DVD has three levels on it.  That’s three different work outs on one DVD.  So I can mix it up and not get too bored.

4.  The work out is in intervals ~ 3 minutes of Strength, 2 Minutes of Cardio and 1 Minute of Abs … then repeated 3 times during one work out.  When you get to the 2nd interval, you’re half-way done!!

5.  It works ~ That’s always good when you spend time working out, isn’t it?!?  I can definitely feel a difference in my tone and muscles (all over) when I use the Shred & when I don’t.

So, that’s just something I love on this fine Thursday.

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Things i love thursday – Disney on Ice

September 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm (Things I Love Thursday)

tilt I love Disney.

I love Ice.

I love Atlanta.

And I love give-a-ways!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, and are interested in winning FOUR Free Tickets to DISNEY on ICE in Atlanta, then you should visit Square Peg Ministries!  This is an organization that is close to my heart.  It’s a non-profit that works with at-risk children in the North Atlanta area.  These children are typically “square pegs” trying to fit into a round “hole”.  They are hosting a giveaway through Friday, October 2nd at 12 Midnight & right now entries are low!!

*NOTE:  If you’re in the Atlanta area & don’t win tickets, be sure to use Coupon Code “MOM” when ordering through http://www.ticketmaster.com for the following discounts:  Purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 for weekday shows OR receive $4 off weekend tickets!

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Skinny cow love

July 16, 2009 at 10:43 am (Things I Love Thursday) ()

My Products

Can I just say that these little treats of heaven (aka The Skinny Cow) are the perfect, guilt-free ending to a day!!  Right now, I’m loving, loving, loving, the Sandwich Cookies – yummy!!  At only 140 calories per sandwich, they fit into my Joy LIFE Diet and I’m a happy girl.

So that’s something I love on this fine Thursday.  For more Things You Love Thursday or to link up to your own, visit The Diaper Diaries.

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Have you laughed today?

July 9, 2009 at 8:51 am (Things I Love Thursday)

That’s what I ask myself whenever I pull the cute little red flag on my Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss Wedge.  Have you tried them?  I bought my first little wheel of wedges a couple of months ago.  And now, I’m hooked!! 

I love cheese.  Absolutely. Love. Cheese.  But, I also love trying to loose weight.  So instead of breaking out a block of cheese & eating until my heart’s content like I’d do back in the day, I thought I’d give these a try.  I was very skeptical.  But the commercials hooked me & then the taste reeled me in!!  It’s like a little creamy bite of heaven.  If heaven where plated with cheese instead of gold streets, that is!

My favorite is to enjoy it over a toasted slice of Whole Wheat English Muffin.  Ah, I’m making myself hungry. 

So, that’s something I love on this fine Thursday.  For more Things You Love Thursday or to link up to one of your own, visit The Diaper Diaries.

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