Conversations with a four year old …

January 18, 2010 at 5:42 am (4 year olds, Conversations with a 4 year old)

Another conversation courtesy of this cute little four-year old:

Yep, this has NOTHING to do with the Conversation, but might explain alot!

The four year old: Mommy why do we have two eyes?Me: Well, it would probably be hard to see with just one eye so God gave us two.

The four year old: Well the monster has only one eye.

Me: Well, you’re right.  But that’s because monsters are pretend.  So I guess some of them only need one eye.

The four year old: Well no.  He just has one eye because that’s the way God made the ugly mean big blue monster.

Me: Oh.

And that my dear friends is just one example of why some days I feel like I’m going a little crazy!

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Conversations with a four year old

December 13, 2009 at 11:17 pm (Conversations with a 4 year old)

On Saturday afternoon we were all sitting in the family room watching a movie together.  Megan was walking around & she picked up one of my Willow Tree figures – it’s a family of three.  Mom & Dad are holding a little baby.  She brought it over to me & I noticed some red markings on the faces.

So, I asked …

Me:  Evan, why is there red crayon on this?

4 yr old:  Well, I colored their faces so they could see their baby.  They couldn’t see their baby before.

Rule #1 - We only color on paper.

How can you argue with that?!?

Linking up to Tiny Talk Tuesday.

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Conversations … thanksgiving edition

November 29, 2009 at 9:07 pm (Conversations with a 4 year old, Thanksgiving)

This conversation comes courtesy of my husband’s family.  We spent Thanksgiving evening at his Aunt’s house.   I lose track after ‘1st cousins’.  Is it 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, cousins once removed … I don’t have a clue! This story however is about one of those 2nd, 3rd, or once removed cousins!!  But for simplicity sake we’ll say Evan was playing a video game with one of his “cousins” (aka “The 6 year old”) as my husband looked on.

6 year old: Evan would you like me to help you get the car off the road so you can race again?

Evan: Sure.

Husband: Thank you for helping Evan, that was very nice of you.

6 year old: You’re welcome.  Would you please be sure to tell my Mom and Dad …

My husband was waiting for the rest of the sentence.  It didn’t happen.  He just wanted my husband to be sure & tell his Mom & Dad that he was being nice!!

Cracked us up!!

Apparently he gets in trouble alot so he makes sure his parents hear anything good that they can!!  And I think he’s a future salesman!

So, any funny Thanksgiving Conversations at your family gathering??

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Conversations with a four year old

November 9, 2009 at 7:09 am (Conversations with a 4 year old)

I’m celebrating a birthday later this week, so today I had this conversation with “the four year old”:

4 year old: Mommy can I come to your birthday party?

Me: Of course!!  I’d love for you to come to my birthday party?  Guess what?  I am going to be Thirty-ONE.  Can you believe it?

4 year old: Yep, I can.  And guess what, you’ll be ONE just like Megan and Asa.

Me: Ah thanks Evan.  But I’m a little older than Megan or Asa.

4 year old: That’s ok.  I love birthday parties!

Well … at least he’s not old enough to tell me I’m old yet!

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Conversations with a four year old

October 19, 2009 at 3:13 pm (Conversations with a 4 year old)

Driving down the street last week, Evan and I had this little conversation …
4year old:  It’s hot outside.  You know when it’s hot sometimes a storm comes?
Me: That’s right.  We might actually have a storm tonight.
4year old: Yep.  And sometimes storms brings lightning.
Me: That’s right.  And when it starts to do that, we have to go inside.
4year old:  But God is always with us & he will protect us.
Me: That’s right Evan God IS always with us.  But it’s still good to go inside when the lightning comes.
4year old – But I’m not afraid of the lightning.
Me: And why not?
** Now at this point, I was fully expecting the conversation to begin it’s usual circle … knowing full & well that Evan would once again say “because God is always with us” … but it didn’t exactly go that way …
4year old:  Because I’m a boy.
Me: Oh.
4year old:  But you’re a girl & Megan is a girl and girls are afraid of lightning.
Me: We are?
4year old:  Yes, because girls always scream!

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Conversations with a four year old

October 12, 2009 at 8:21 pm (Conversations with a 4 year old)

Scene: My sister, Staci, and I are driving around the mall parking lot looking for a space.  Of course we’re doing a little bickering back & forth about which lane to go down, which one to skip, who’s coming out & who’s not, etc.  Evan (the 4 year old) and Megan are both in the back seat.

Staci: Oh right there.  Right there.

Me: Staci, they are not coming out they’re just backing up.

Staci: Well then get this one.  That guy’s coming out.

Me: He’s not coming out, he’s pulling in.

Staci: Ah that one right there.  Right there.

4 year old: Mommy you just have to trust Staci on this one.  You always trust your friends.

Sigh (and laughter)!

(that little line came courtesy of “Finding Nemo” … I like that one ALOT better than “I hate you Dad” which was also picked up courtesy of “Finding Nemo”)!

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Conversations with a four year old

September 21, 2009 at 9:45 am (Conversations with a 4 year old)

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Conversations with a four year old

August 17, 2009 at 7:30 am (4 year olds, Conversations with a 4 year old)

4 year old: Mom, now that my birthday is over does that mean it’s Christmas now?

Mom: Well Christmas is still a ways off.  We can look at the calendar & I’ll show you.

4 year old: Oh, so we have to be patient for Christmas.

Mom: Yes … very patient for Christmas.  Very, very patient for Christmas

(oh brother!)

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Conversations with a four year old

August 10, 2009 at 8:08 am (Conversations with a 4 year old)

We no longer have a three year old in the house, but so far conversations with a four year old are just as good!!

Scene ~  4 year old waking up the morning of his birthday.

4 year old:  Mom, guess what?  I’m 4 now.

Mom:  That’s right.  You’re 4 now.  Happy Birthday!

4 year old:  Is it time for my Dinosaur Party yet??

Mom:  Not yet.  Remember, today you turn 4 and then we’ll go to sleep two more times and THEN  it’s your Dinosaur Party!

4 year old:  Ok, let’s go to sleep now.

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