The happiest place on earth

June 17, 2009 at 6:47 am (3 year olds, vacations, Wordless Wednesday) (, , )

… until it’s time to go home!

I love Mickey

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Orlando family vacation

June 16, 2009 at 10:00 am (family, Top Ten Tuesday, vacations)

We just got back from our first “family of four” trip.  And although a family vacation with just mom, dad & the kids isn’t exactly a “vacation“, it was still alot of fun & we had a great time!  So, in order of occurrence here are the Top Ten Reasons I loved our family “vacation”:

1.  The “Are we there yet” questions.

2.  The Interactive Water Feature at our Resort – This was so fun!!  In addition to swimming pools, they had this super cool area!  Evan could run around, go up & down the slide, shoot cannons & dump buckets of water.  Plus it was all zero-entry so Megan could sit, crawl around & have a ball!!

Water Feature

3.  Playing Miniature Golf – Evan LOVES golf.  And by his standards he’s really, really good at it!!!  The resort had a great little course on site, so needless to say we definitely got our Tee-Time in!!

 Golf 1

4.  Dinner at the TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney.  Oh my goodness!!!  This was the coolest!!  It’s from the same people that brought us the Rainforest Cafe (another wonderful dining experience!!), but it’s all DINOSAURS!!!  I had no idea it existed, much less that a location was at Downtown Disney.  But if you have a little boy or girl that loves dinosaurs, then you must make this a priority during your next visit to Orlando or Kansas City (random location, yes).  There’s so much I could say about this … maybe I’ll do a whole post on it later.

TRex Cafe

 5.  A day at Magic Kingdom – well of course this was fun!  But oh, it was so incredibly hot too!!  At one point, our favorite attractions became what was ever inside!!  Evan had a really good time & Megan was a great little trooper!!  I’m not sure if Walt would be thrilled to know that when it was all said & done, Evan said his favorite rides were the Monorail & the trolley – but hey, he had fun in between too!!  Again, this could require a whole post of it’s own so hopefully that will come in the near future:).

The Castle

6.  Fishing – Evan & his daddy both enjoy fishing, so they made sure to carve out some time for fishing on the lakes.  This was usually during Megan’s nap time or while I was putting her down for the night, because fishing isn’t exactly on my personal “top ten”!


7.  Playing in the sand – typically this isn’t something I would like to do – far to sticky & messy for me, but it made for some cute pictures & it made both little ones happy.  Evan liked hiding his feet & hands in it & Megan liked to eat it!



8.  Watching Evan – it’s just fun when he’s having fun!


9.  Watching Megan – and it’s even more fun when she’s having fun too!!


10.  Coming back home to my own bed!  Oh, how nothing beats it!  Even on a great vacation, coming home is oh so nice too!!

For more Top Ten Tuesday lists or to link up to one of your own, visit

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Are we there yet?

June 15, 2009 at 8:21 am (3 year olds, family, vacations)

“Are we there yet?” … Ah, The age-old question asked by most all kids at some point in their life.  And likely while strapped in the back of a station wagon, SUV, or mini-van with luggage around their feet & piled to the ceiling. 

Last week we began our roughly eight-hour journey down to Orlando.  Apparently, Evan’s either too young or his mind just doesn’t think in terms of “are we there yet”, but still the same point was made.   He was stuck in the carseat & he wanted to be out!  After being in the car for just a short time, I quickly realized I needed to grab a notebook & start taking notes!!  FYI – Evan thought “vacation” was actually “the cation” … so that’s what he called it all week!

9am – roll out!

9:27am – “Are we going on the-cation?”

9:38am – “Dad, I really want to go on the-cation!”

10:33am – “I want to go on the-cation.  Where is it?”

(we attempt to re-explain that “the cation” is in Florida)

10:44am – “Hey Mom.  I want to go to Florida.”

(we attempt to re-explain that while in Florida, we’ll see Mickey Mouse, go swimming & fishing, play putt-putt, etc.)

12:45pm – “Mom, I’m ready to catch the fish.”

1:58pm – “Mom, I want to catch the fish.”

(between 2 & 5pm, we stop for lunch, Evan watches a movie & naps in the car)

5:20pm – ” I WANT to GO FISHING!”

5:29pm – “Look Dad, there’s a lake.”

5:31pm – “Can we go fishing in that lake?  I want to go fishing Dad.  I want to go FISHING!”

5:34pm – “Dad.  I want to GET THERE!”

(at 6pm we stop to eat dinner, explain that we’re in Florida & just a few minutes from where we’re going to stay)

6:15pm – (Leaving the restaurant – Evan starts crying) “MOM … I want to stay here in Florida I don’t want to leave!!!”

(attempt to explain that Florida isn’t the restaurant … arrive at condo)

6:45pm – (After unloading all our luggage & snacks & Evan’s juice into the condo)  “Look Mom.  They have juice just like we do!!!”

10ish – (Trying to get Evan in bed) “I just don’t understand the-cation!!”

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Too tired to come up with a title

June 14, 2009 at 9:13 am (family, vacations)

We just got back yesterday from our trip to Orlando.  I’ll have plenty to post later, but here’s a cute picture to hold you over until then!!


Now I’m off to spend probably the next two weeks getting back our bed-time & nap-time routines … oh joy!

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Top ten tuesday … vacation style

April 14, 2009 at 10:01 am (Top Ten Tuesday, vacations)

Now that Spring Break is over, I’m in full vacation mode!  We’re taking our first “family of four” trip in June & I’m trying to weigh what’s on the agenda & what’s out.  I love vacations!!  And planning one makes me think about the places we’ve already been & other places that I really want to go.  Now granted, I haven’t traveled the world, by any means but I’ve been to some pretty cool places!

1.  Jamaica – We went here for our Honeymoon & stayed at a Sandals All-Inclusive Resort.  Absolutely Wonderful!!!  We loved Jamaica, loved Sandals & was of course in love … so it was perfect!

2.  Bahamas – I’ve been here twice.  Once on a cruise with my Sisterchicks & once just on a vacation with my husband.  The cruise was MUCH better than the trip on the island.  The Bahamas is actually not my favorite place.  It’s pretty, yes.  But I think the island itself is ridiculously over-priced & the people just weren’t that friendly!  I’m not going to hold that one against the island though.  I choose to believe it was just a couple of unhappy employees at our resort! 

3.  Hawaii – Absolutely wonderful!!!  My parents took our entire family on a cruise of the Islands about six years ago.  It was a really cool way to see a little bit of each island & know which ones I’d like to go back to & visit more.  Oahu, Kaui & Maui were my favorites – I know I’m probably spelling all of those wrong.  We also stayed in Honolulu for two nights, which was alot of fun.

4.  Mexico – well I’m glad we went there before now because things aren’t looking too good there these days!  We went to Puerto Vallerta & stayed at another all-inclusive for our five year anniversary. 

5.  Colorado – We’ve taken two skiing trips here.  One we were the complete tourists.  We stayed in Steamboat Springs & woke up just in time to hit the slopes & stayed on them all day & all night.  The second trip we went to Denver & stayed with some of Pepper’s really good friends.  That was a really fun trip because we got alot of skiing in but our friends took us around town, hiking & just got to see Colorado from the “locals’ perspective.

 6.  California – It’s fun having friends in cool cities … and I say, take advantage of it!!  We have some really good friends in San Diego – very fun, and some more in Carlsbad … super cool city.  We went to both in November of 2002 over my birthday.  We stayed with our friends most of the time, but one night we stayed in Beverly Hills at the Avalon – it was just on “The Hills” last week … boy did I feel cool!!

7.  North Dakota – Now Lord knows I would have never thought I’d be going to North Dakota, but some great friends of ours’ father owns a ranch up there.  YES – a whole entire ranch!!  Pep got to brand a cow, I went on a prairie dog hunt, we rode 4-wheelers, ate biscuits & gravy & slept in tiny little cabins.  Everything about that trip was so unique – the tiny (and that’s probably an exageration) airport that you fly into, the amount of time (and I do mean ALOT) it took to get from the mailbox to the front door, going “into town”, the beauty, etc. … very fun trip!

8.  Sunnyside, FL – this was an annual trip growing up.  We always went with my family & another family.  As we grew older, we’d bring friends, new families, etc.  We’d sleep in a 3 bedroom condo & have at least a dozen people in there … but most of the time we were pushing 20 or more!!  It was definitely NOT the Ritz, but it did have the BEST memories!!!

9.  First Family of 4 Trip – This year we’re going to Orlando.  We’re not doing a full-on Disney Trip – that’s crazy to some of you, I know!!!  Especially since we’re going to Orlando.  But honestly, I just got an awesome deal on the resort, we have a friend in town that we haven’t seen in about a year, it’s within driving distance, and we’ll hit a park while we’re there.  I’m looking forward to it!!

10.  Our Ten Year Anniversary Trip – this is coming up in August.  We’re still narrowing the search, but as of right now we’re looking at the Dominican Republic.  There’s a new resort called the Moon Palace that just opened in January – all inclusive, casino, golf, spa, etc.  It looks absolutely WONDERFUL!!  We’ll make a final decision soon & go for it.  I know the economy is really stinky right now, but it’s 10 years!!!  Stinky economy or not, we’re takin’ a stinkin’ awesome vacation!!

What about you?  What are some of your best vacation location memories?!?  For more Top Ten Lists or to Link to one of your own, visit

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Still playing catch up

June 27, 2008 at 9:01 pm (vacations)

Back in April (yes as in 2 months ago), we went to TN for a few days.  Evan had some big highlights:

A new discovery in Minature Golf:

Fishing from the boat:

And actually catching the ONLY fish of the day.  Poor little fish was probably drug along for at least an hour because we never thought to actually check Evan’s line!!!

And of course his favorite part … pony rides!


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It’s like filling a cup from the water fountain!

September 5, 2007 at 1:18 pm (2year olds, Labor Day, road trips, vacations)

So earlier I posted that we were taking a Road Trip! We got in town after 9pm that Friday night because of the Labor Day Traffic, so our friend’s daughter was already in bed. Here’s a picture of the little guy & her the next morning after they saw each other for the first time … Evan was obviously a bit more excited than she was!!!

The drive to Charlotte was just a straight shot, nice & easy. And it would have been very uneventful had we not heard the little words “peepee mommy” as we were passing through little unfamiliar towns! Pep got the great idea to let him pee in a cup … why I listened to him I have no idea!!!! I’m usually more adament about something like that, but maybe it was because the little guy had to go so bad he started crying & we weren’t seeing any signs for the next exit, so I gave in. I was trying to keep safety in mind & didn’t want to unbuckle him, but let me just tell you, it was like filling a cup from the water fountain!!! The more peepee that went in the cup, the more that came out!!! Needless to say, we finally came to a great exit about 2 miles after the “water fountain” incident where we spent more time than we would have in the first place b/c we had peepee all over his seat!!!!

Our friends were great hosts & we had a lot of fun just hanging out. We went to a great park with water fountains & sprays for the kids, we had some great local food at Cabo Fish Taco along with some home-smoked ribs that were very yummy!!

The ride back was far less uneventful than the ride up … which was perfect!

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Road Trip!

August 31, 2007 at 1:45 pm (2year olds, Bob Marley, Friends, road trips, Santana, Stevie Ray, vacations)

I’m headed off with Pep & the little guy for a little Labor Day road trip to Charlotte NC.  It wouldn’t necessarily be the first place we’d choose for a vacation, but we’re really excited about going … 1- I’ve never been to Charlotte, NC (I don’t think) but 2 – we’re going to see some good friends!!  They’ve lived in Charlotte for about 2 years now & we’ve never made the trip to see them, so it’s finally time!  They also have a little girl that is about 1-1/2 so that will be fun to see the kiddos together. 

I’ve stocked the DVD player with Bob Marley, Santana, Curious George & of course Stevie Ray Vaughn so the little guy should be content on the road!!

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Life with a 2 year old …

August 11, 2007 at 3:40 am (two-year olds, vacations)

… is suddenly not cheap!  But it gets even worse once they turn 3!!!  It seems like all the rules start to change when you turn two and then by three it’s way out of control!!  All of a sudden you (or rather your parents) have to pay for your entertainment and adventures as if those entertainments & adventures will actually be used & enjoyed as much as a 10 year old or even a full grown adult!!!

On Sunday of this week I could have flown the little guy to California & back or let him play at the Children’s Musuem for nothing.  But on Monday, I’d be paying full price just like my ticket!! 

Well I didn’t take advantage of flying him to California & back when I should have … missed that opportunity!!! SO – I’m starting a list of all the things we have to mark off the ‘to do’ list while they’re still free.  Here’s what all needs to be done this year:

1.  Go to Disney World

2.  Go to Six Flags (not sure if that one’s worth it even free)

3.  Go to every jumping place possible (with someone that’s older … hehe).

4.  Take another trip or two to the Zoo.

What am I leaving off??!?!?!?

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5-Course Meals to Frozen Dinners

June 22, 2007 at 10:39 pm (blogging, cruise, vacations)

We got back in from our cruise late last night.  For 4 great nights I was enjoying a 5-Course Meal (or was it 7?) which sometimes included two (yes 2) main entrees & by Thursday night I was eating a Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinner (which I had to heat up all by myself) which tasted exactly as it sounds … FROZEN!  I’ll write more about the cruise at some point, but for now visit Amanda’s OHvacation blog set up especially for our trip!!  I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it:)

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