“B” is for birthday

August 24, 2009 at 8:23 pm (1 year olds, birthdays, Megan, parties)

We celebrated Megan’s 1st birthday with all our family this past Sunday.  It was a really fun day!

Our theme was “B is for Birthday”.  I was originally  inspired by this Hostess with Mostess spotlight.  Then when I found this dress (think yellow ribbons, not green) by Oh Sew Sweet Boutique on Etsy … I was in love!  And I loved it!  So “B” was for Birthday … it was Megan’s Bee-Themed 1st Birthday Party!!

My sister Staci came through as always with the most awesome cakes!!!

Megan's Cake

Megan's Cake

Cake for Everyone Else!

Cake for Everyone Else!

The party started at 1pm, so we served everyone lunch – nothing too fancy, but I wanted to make sure everyone had a seat & could enjoy their meal without having to balance their plate & drink!  So I rented some tables & chairs (it was cheap since we didn’t have a huge number of guests!).  I’m glad I went this route … it was alot of fun to decorate!!

The Table Settings

The Table Settings

The Lunch Spread

The Lunch Spread

We played a version of “Megan” Bingo while we ate.  The card squares were all about Megan – birth stats, the hospital she was at, names of family members, places she’s been, etc.  Staci won one round … and she took home a bottles of honey!

The "B"ingo Card

The "B"ingo Card

One Lucky Winner:)

One Lucky Winner:)

I hated to see the Beehive destroyed, but it was time to enjoy some cake.  Megan wasn’t that sure about it.  She never really ate too much.  She much preferred just to pat the icing!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Yes, that's an Easter bib ... it was the biggest I had!

Yes, that's an Easter bib ... it was the biggest I had!

After opening alot of gifts … I think I opened them all & Big Brother helped – Megan definitely doesn’t understand that concept yet!  Everyone just stayed around for a while, played & visited.  We had “The Bee Movie” playing for the kids (and some adults enjoyed it as well).  Everyone got to take home one of the centerpiece pictures of Megan & also a goodie bag of treats from the “Candy Buffet” (small, but still “sweet”)!

Megan's 1st Year Pictures

Megan's 1st Year Pictures

Lemon Heads, Lemon Sticks, Marshmallows, Whoppers

Lemon Heads, Lemon Sticks, Marshmallows, Whoppers

Lemon Bars, Tootsie Pops, M&Ms

Lemon Bars, Tootsie Pops, M&Ms

Overall, we had alot of fun celebrating our Birthday Girl!  I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!

Our "attempt" at a Family Picture!

Our "attempt" at a Family Picture!

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Happy birthday megan!

August 21, 2009 at 7:02 am (birthdays, Megan)


Today we’re celebrating Megan’s 1st birthday!!  Yes, we’re celebrating two very important things today!! 

It was last year, on our 9th Anniversary that we received a little gift in the form of a healthy baby girl about 12-days earlier than expected.

She weighed 7lbs, 15 oz and was 20 inches long.

And today she’s a walking, teeth-cutting, gibber-gabber-talking, little 1 year old!


Happy Birthday Megan!  We can’t wait to celebrate you today … and every day!

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The dinosaur party

August 12, 2009 at 7:56 am (4 year olds, birthdays, dinosaurs, parties)

DSC01384This past weekend we celebrated Evan’s 4th birthday!!  I love birthdays.  I love celebrations.  I love celebrating my kids.  I love giving them birthday parties!!!  In my mind they are always a little better, a little more fun, a little more organized, a little more extravagant than they actually turn out but if I know I’ve done the best I can to give them something that makes them happy & that they possibly can’t forget then I’m happy. 

Evan still talks about his 3rd birthday party.  He got to ride “the horses”.  He doesn’t remember that it rained & we had to all go home early … but he does remember “the horses”!  I hope his 4th birthday is one that he’ll remember next year as well! 

He’s been “into” dinosaurs for a while now so I had plenty of time to prepare.  I decided to go with the “station” concept.  I think organized games & events are great for certain parties & certain ages, but at his age it’s still a birthday party for all – older & younger cousins, friends, grandparents, parents of the friends, etc.  With mixed ages of guests “stations” just seem to make more sense to me.  That way everyone can participate at their own pace & their own time!  When you have ages ranging from 2-8 it seems impossible to get them all to do the same thing – is that possible?!?

So we had four stations setup.  One was the Dinosaur Dig – guests got a hat, a bag, and a brush.  They brushed around in the sand searching for dinosaurs, fossils, and bones!  Super easy – just a leftover swimming pool, some bags of sand, plastic toys & cheap paint brushes.  When we went to the T-Rex Cafe in Orlando earlier this summer, they used brushes with their sand – SO much better than shovels because it wasn’t near as enticing to throw sand with the brushes as with shovels!  I also lucked out & found some wooden puzzle pieces at Michael’s – they were very “fossil” looking.



An even super, super easier station was the “Color-A-Saurus” (clever – huh?) – guests could sit & color to their hearts content!  Every little kid likes to color so I knew this was a “safe” station … even if they didn’t like the others!  It’s also a good ice breaker if anyone in the group is a little shy.


We also had a “Dino Fossil Find“.  We got lucky on another find.  This time at The Dollar Store.  My mom found these little fossil kits, complete with everything you need – an egg & two tiny tools.  There were bones (super tiny) inside that “should have” made a baby dinosaur.  It didn’t exactly work out that way, but it was messy & the kids seemed to enjoy at least breaking the egg & trying to find the treasures inside!!



The fourth station was even easier than the Coloring one.  Evan had a great floor dinosaur puzzle – so we pulled that out from his toy room.  We called this one “Earth Shakes” (pulled straight from The Land Before Time series”). 


And finally, we couldn’t pass this up!!


So that’s the party – part 1.  I figured this post was getting too long to continue with all the food & “other stuff”.  But I’ll post more about that later … because of course you can’t have a party without food!!


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The birthday celebrations

November 21, 2008 at 9:00 pm (30, birthdays) (, , , )

Awe – my first post as a 31 (update thanks to Staci’s comment below) 30 year old!  It’s taken me a whole week just to work up the courage!!  I had a great birthday weekend.  I can pretty much sum it up with alot of shopping, alot of eating and two movies in between!

Friday my parents kept the little ones so Pep & I went to Atlantic Station for a little lunch & shopping.  We ate at California Pizza which is a treat for me because he’s not a big fan so it’s one of those restaurants that we very, very rarely go to.  Shopping was just kind of blah – it’s never that fun when you don’t fit into the size you really want and then when you break down and try on the true size you still don’t look good in it!  So I settled for shoes … even that I’ve grown a size, but it’s a little easier on the heart!!  We then saw the new Bond movie – Pep was actually excited to see it, I was just wasting time until our next meal – sushi & seafood at Atlantic Seafood – yummy!!!  Bond was pretty good – I haven’t seen many of the recent ones so I didn’t have any expectations.  We had Fool’s Gold through our Blockbuster account, and that one on the other hand was not so much – not so much at all!!

Saturday we took it easy because the kids were still with my parents … we had a little biscuit at Mr. Smith’s and then did a little more shopping until the UGA Game – had to get home in time for that of course!  This round of shopping was a little more fruitful, so I was feeling good!  Saturday night, my Sisterchicks treated me to Bahama Breeze!!!  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas for “our” 30th birthdays two years ago … since I’m SO much younger than them (heehee) they decided to take me back to the Bahamas … so clever!!!!  We then went on a “Cupcake Tour” in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, we missed one of the stops, so it was a short tour, but YUMMY none the less!!

I know this post would be much better with pictures, but I got a new Camera for my birthday!!!  Good thing – I got a new camera, Bad thing – all the pictures are on it & I haven’t had time to get the new card reader for my computer!

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What not to wear

November 14, 2008 at 10:30 am (birthdays) (, )

Somewhere between the first pregnancy 4 years ago & now being a full-time stay at home mom, I’ve lost all sense of fashion.  Or maybe I never had much to begin with, but when you don’t have much & then you loose whatever little bit you had you end up in trouble!!  I think it’s a little bit of not wanting to buy my current (not new – but current) size, knowing that I’m just running around town with no real place to go anyways, and/or the strong chance that I’ll get a little drool or spit up on me, that I just don’t put too much effort towards it – fashion that is.  And I love a little Target every now & then, but it’s a problem when you realize that all of your shirts are also coming from the same place that you buy your milk & bread!!  Don’t hate – I’m not hating Target here, but think about it!!

Some days I can so picture the “what not to wear” crew filming me get Evan out of the car in the same old ragedy jeans I wore the last three days with my fleece jacket & ugly tennis shoes.  I’m definitely a candidate for the show, but I would be scared to death – they’d make me cry for sure!! 

So today’s my birthday & I want something fun to wear for a dinner date with Pep tonight & girls night out tomorrow … Lord knows I don’t need to shop in my closet!!


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Farewell twenties

November 13, 2008 at 11:17 am (birthdays)

For the past two years I’ve been able to remind my 30-year old friends that I’m not yet 30.  Amanda got tired of it, so for my birthday last year she gave me a countdown calendar.  Each day reminded me how many (or few) days were left until the big 3-0.  Today it just shows one more day …

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Happy Birthday Evan!

August 6, 2008 at 7:58 am (3 year olds, birthdays)

August 6, 2005 – 8lbs. 3oz. – 21.5 inches – 11:45am

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Pony party

August 4, 2008 at 8:48 pm (3 year olds, birthdays)

We had Evan’s birthday party this past weekend.  He’ll be three on Wednesday!!  He is all about horses & ponies these days & wants to ride them all the time.  We pass about 10 pastures on the way to his Gami & Papa’s house every Friday and another 10 on the way to his Nana & Pop’s house every Monday.  Which always leaves me explaining that “no buddy, I’m sorry but we can’t ride those horses” followed by a game of 20 Questions!

So even though it was hot & miserable, I knew the little guy would be in heaven if he could ride horses for his birthday.   He had a blast!!  We managed to get in the pony rides, some time on the playground, and a quicky & lovely tune of “Happy Birthday” before the downpour came:(.  We had to scour for cover to eat sandwiches & run to cars between breaks in the rain, but all in all it was a fun time.


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The Celebration

April 18, 2008 at 11:23 pm (birthdays) (, )

So last week our family was honoring my husband’s brother – Jeremy.  And as I said, I had the pleasure of planning a fun night:)

Basically I just wanted everyone to have fun & for the cousins to learn a little more about their Uncle along the way.  So it was all about 1985 – the year Uncle J-Bird was born … 23 years ago! 

The first clue was 23 crackers for each of the boys … the boys know that crackers means feeding the ducks!!!  There is a really nice lake at the cemetary so we went to feed the ducks & take our birthday balloons & flowers.  I also pulled out 23 green & blue balloons.  We had a balloon release … the boys didn’t understand why we were actually telling them they could let it go.  I wasn’t sure how the release would come across, but my mother-in-law said that was her favorite part:).

Next I gave the boys a box with 23 tokens (of course they couldn’t see they were tokens – they could only shake the box & “guess” what was inside).  I gave instructions to travel North on the Highway & to call me (we were in two cars) when they had their first guess.  It took several guesses, but they finally realized we were going to Chuck E. Cheese!!!  The boys had a blast & so did the adults too … there was no rhyme or reason for picking Chuck E. Cheese; other than the fact that we could eat & have fun all at once + the boys didn’t have to sit still at the dinner table:)

After we spent ALOT more than 23 tokens, I gave everyone a bag of SourPatch Kids – they were introduced in 1985 – and said something else was introduced in 1985 as well & we were going to play “23 Questions” to find out where location #3 was.  I think we got to Question #8 or 9 & they realized we were going to Dairy Queen!!  The Blizzard was introduced in 1985 + I’m pregnant & love some good ice-cream!!

We wrapped up our night at Dairy Queen (around 10:30pm) and before leaving I gave each of the boys 23, 1 Dollar Bills … it was their money to either save or spend, but whatever they did with it they had to think of the fun we had & of their Uncle Jeremy. 

Overall, it was a good night … we were definitely missing the Guest of Honor but a good night still.  Please keep the family in your thoughts this week, especially my sister-in-law Rebekah …  April 23rd will be 5 years since loosing Jeremy and also her 28th birthday.

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Happy Birthday Jeremy!

April 11, 2008 at 12:53 pm (birthdays, family)

Today our family is honoring my husband’s brother – Jeremy!  He would be turning 23 years old, but went home to be with the Lord almost 5 years ago … so he’s partying in Heaven instead!  So far, every year the family has been able to be together on his birthday to celebrate his life, so we’re keeping that tradition going and this year, I’ve planned the festivities!!  I hate that Evan nor our nephew were able to know their Uncle in person so I do my best to make sure he’s able to know him through memories.  It’s a secret for the family, so I can’t go into details now but the main goal is just for everyone to have fun:)

Happy Birthday Jeremy – we love you & miss you!!

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