Luggage on Wheels

September 6, 2007 at 2:13 pm (2year olds, luggage, preschool, travel)

So earlier in the summer my friend Cindy told us about the pain & struggles of using luggage without wheels … basically all the reasons that luggage on wheels is such a beautiful thing!  But to my little guy, luggage on wheels is just the cool thing to do.  Here’s a visual for you:

 Tuesday, the first day of the little guy’s MMO/Preschool thingy (I’m not sure what to call it still), he asked where his wheels were … what kind of a question is that – I wasn’t sure & I didn’t get it.  Then today after I pick him up he’s carrying his cool lunch box & slowly walking behind me.  I turn around to tell him to speed up a little but instead I start laughing out loud … he is hunched over DRAGGING his lunch box on the ground.  He wanted wheels!!!  I told him through my laughter that he didn’t have wheels & of course he wanted to know why not!  It may not be funny to you, but it made me laugh so hard … how observant!  He saw older boys & girls wheeling their bags around so he wanted to know where his were. 

His cool lunch box probably has tears in the bottom b/c he wanted to ‘roll’ it out all the way to the car:)  I wish so bad I had my camera!!!

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First Day!

September 5, 2007 at 8:03 pm (2year olds, first day, preschool)

I know you’re probably tired of “little guy” stories by now, but what can I say – he makes up most moments of my life!! One of those moments was this week – his first day at MMO (Mother’s Morning Out, Pre-Preschool, whatever you want to call it)!

We had open house last week & he got to meet his teachers, see his classroom, play for a little while (with me still there) and just get comfortable with the place. He remembered all of that as we were driving into the parking lot & he was all smiles … he was excited to play with the train tracks & of course go outside on the playground. He was walking down the halls carrying his bag & really excited, until …

we turned the corner & I saw that his classroom door was closed (not a good sign for 2-year olds). I had a feeling this meant that at least one was crying &/or trying to escape. That one happened to be more than 1 (at least 3 or 4, but I think I lost track). That’s about the time that the “domino effect” hit the little guy & he too joined in on the crying action!! We said our short & sweet bye-byes & out I went.

When I picked him up, he didn’t see me at first but I saw him. He was happy, playing with toys & with other children … then he saw me. And then he started crying again – relief I guess, that I came back.

On the way home, he talked all about the playground & tracing his hand (you lay it flat … that’s what he kept telling me).

This is a picture of the ride home. Tomorrow is day 2 … only time will tell!

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It’s like filling a cup from the water fountain!

September 5, 2007 at 1:18 pm (2year olds, Labor Day, road trips, vacations)

So earlier I posted that we were taking a Road Trip! We got in town after 9pm that Friday night because of the Labor Day Traffic, so our friend’s daughter was already in bed. Here’s a picture of the little guy & her the next morning after they saw each other for the first time … Evan was obviously a bit more excited than she was!!!

The drive to Charlotte was just a straight shot, nice & easy. And it would have been very uneventful had we not heard the little words “peepee mommy” as we were passing through little unfamiliar towns! Pep got the great idea to let him pee in a cup … why I listened to him I have no idea!!!! I’m usually more adament about something like that, but maybe it was because the little guy had to go so bad he started crying & we weren’t seeing any signs for the next exit, so I gave in. I was trying to keep safety in mind & didn’t want to unbuckle him, but let me just tell you, it was like filling a cup from the water fountain!!! The more peepee that went in the cup, the more that came out!!! Needless to say, we finally came to a great exit about 2 miles after the “water fountain” incident where we spent more time than we would have in the first place b/c we had peepee all over his seat!!!!

Our friends were great hosts & we had a lot of fun just hanging out. We went to a great park with water fountains & sprays for the kids, we had some great local food at Cabo Fish Taco along with some home-smoked ribs that were very yummy!!

The ride back was far less uneventful than the ride up … which was perfect!

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It’s not good Mommy!

September 5, 2007 at 1:06 pm (2year olds)

Those were the words I heard this morning as I was making up the bed and the little guy was downstairs playing.  “It’s not good Mommy” … as in what I say to him when he’s done something (minor) that he shouldn’t have done – “Son, that’s not good”.  So this morning, he decided to go ahead & tell me himself.  And some people think little ones don’t know what they’re doing … well he knew that he was coloring on something other than paper & he also knew that it wasn’t good!!Fortunately, this time, it was just one of his toys!

Just this week, he’s also started telling me … “you be ugly mommy” & “you be nice mommy” as in when I tell him, “Son, that’s not nice, that’s very ugly”!  I guess this is only the beginning of him repeating everything we say & do!!  Those are the times that make it hard not to laugh:)

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