Sneak peak giveaway

March 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm (blogging, giveaways, weight loss) (, )

I’m so excited!  I was starting a Draft for the Ultimate Blog Party earlier this week & wanted to have a giveaway.  Because let’s face it – the UBP is fun & a great way to meet bloggers, but like any other party it’s all about the door prizes!!!  I wanted to giveaway something that any woman would LOVE to win.  The first thing that came to mind was an easy way to lose 20 lbs!  And I have the secret – and no, I’m not going all OPRAH crazy on you! 

I, like many other Americans, made the most popular resolution of all time – to lose weight!  And on January 4th I started a diet plan that’s really been working.  I’ve never dieted before.  Notice I didn’t say “I’ve never needed to diet before” … oh no, no, no.  Just that I’ve never chosen to actually do it.  I’m not good at giving up stuff – I think that’s why I never started drinking or smoking.  If I had to give up chocolate like someone trying to kick a smoking or drinking habit I would seriously go into withdrawals & shocks!!!  I also go back to my childhood.  There were SO many things that I gave up on.  Piano, Flute, Basketball, Cheerleading, Ballet, and the list goes on!  So to this day I can do a little bit of alot but not one thing can I do incredibly well – seriously!!  In some alot of ways, I’m scared to start something new because I absolutely HATE the thought of failure!!  Diets included. 

So once I decided this was the year, I looked into a couple options.  And I got really lucky.  I picked the right book & the right plan.  It was well written, super easy to follow – no counting involved!!!  And had great recipes & common sense for a life plan. 

And the result?  Eight weeks into it & I lost 20 lbs!!  Yipee! 

So back to the giveaway & why I’m so excited.  I wish I could say that myself & my blog were so popular that this company contacted me … but that’s just not true.   So instead, I contacted the company & asked if they’d be interested in me giving a copy of the book away on their behalf.  And they said yes!  

SO – come back on Friday for the UBP to find out what it is & for you chance to win!!

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Have you noticed??

March 18, 2008 at 11:24 am (The Biggest Loser, tv, weight loss)

The Biggest Loser is on tonight!  I’ve been more hooked this season than in the past for some reason.  But I must say I’m not that happy about two things:

1.  The Twist – If I were a player (still in the game of course) oh I would hate that twist!!!  How stinky that you have to try & beat the same person – again!!

2.  Last week’s ending – I’ve always loved how TBL actually kicks the person off the same night – no “tune in next week for the exciting conclusion” … until last week!  Ugh!!!

Now for two questions:

1.  Have you noticed that the guy contestants now leave their shirts on?  What is up with that?  When they were 300lbs they took them off and now that they’re 200lbs they cover up.  Granted many of them need to get toned up before they should take their shirts off, but why was it ok at 300 and not at 200???

2.  Have you noticed that the girls still take their’s off?  Why do they and the guys don’t?

Not earth shattering questions by any means, but I am curious!

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64oz of H20 & 5 Servings of Veggies

July 17, 2007 at 1:27 am (diet, veggies, water, weight loss)

I meet with some girls in the neighborhood once a week … we’re all trying to loose some weight so we’re accountability partners basically.  We weigh in each week, keep track of the scales, what we’re doing etc. etc.  We all had hit a little rut for a few weeks so we decided to add a ‘healthy challanege’ each week.  Last week we were to drink the recommended 64oz of water each day … I thought I drank a good bit of water, but when you keep track I thought I was going to puke (I’ve used that word twice this week in posts) b/c I was so sick of it.  I use to love water & that’d be all I drink, but I’m out of that phase right now.  Each day I forced the final 64 ounces down though!!  This week we’re adding a concentration on the recommended servings of veggies — I know I’m not going to do too good on this one either since I have no reason to cook each night this week, but really … who gets that many servings in??  I think if I complete this challange then between forcing down the water & veggies along with all the extra trips to the bathroom b/c of all the water … I basically won’t have time to do much else!

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