Through the eyes of a three year old

August 11, 2008 at 6:30 pm (2008, 3 year olds, Olympics) ()

Ok, so he hasn’t even been a three year old for a full week yet, but still he’s three.

We’ve been watching some of the Olympics – are you??  Women’s gymnastics is my favorite.  I still remember watching the women win GOLD when ATL hosted in 1996 – I was on vacation with the family in FL.  I can also get into some swimming & soccer.  And then there’s Bob Costas … I love all his “stories” each night.  I can pretty much root for anyone after he gives their background story.

So back to the three year old – in between catching the events that I enjoy, by default you usually end up seeing some others along the way.  Most of which he’s never seen before (some of which I haven’t or can’t even comprehend why they’re Olympic sports anyways)!!  So in his mind he has these questions and concerns:

Beach Volleyball:  “But why don’t they have their shoes on.  They need to have their shoes on so they don’t get hurt.  And what is all that writing on their swimsuit?”

Women’s Gymnastics:  “But where are there pants?  Why don’t they have their pants on?”

Fencing:  “What are they wearing?”  (Can’t answer that one exactly – I think they look pretty silly too & I DEFINITELY don’t understand that “sport”)

Can’t wait to see what questions come out of sync. swimming or power walking!

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It’s a Party!

March 8, 2008 at 9:37 am (2008, blogging, Ultimate Party Blog)

Or so that’s what I hear.  I love hosting parties, although I don’t think I’m that particularly good at it and since I’ve never hosted one online before there’s absolutely no telling how this one will come off!  My guess is probably not that good – afterall, I really don’t even know what this is all about but I was called out challenged to participate.

My name is Mandi.  I live in GA with my husband, two-year old son and little baby on the way.  The baby on the way actually still lives in me, but technically since I’m in GA then so is he (or she) … I’m thinking it’s boy #2, but that’s just a hunch.  I’ll know for sure soon enough.


After our son was born I tried to continue working but that got tough.  I enjoyed my job with a User Research Firm in ATL, but not enough to get over the ‘torn’ feeling I had.  So after a year I resigned.  I enjoyed being at home but in some wierd way still missed working.  After a year at home, I went back to work at the same company in a contract role of very part-time position that’s of course ended up more non-part time than part-time.  But with Spring Break & Summer Vacations approaching, that time is coming to end.  I’ll then be back full-time with the little guy & getting ready for the new one on the way.

I started this blog originally because my girlfriends (Sisterchicks – see below) all had a blog and our 20+ daily emails to each other went to zero because there was no need to email anymore – they had all already blogged about it.  So for me to keep up with my Sisterchicks “it came to this“.   

I normally end up blogging about really important & incredibly interesting topics (read with complete sarcasim).  Unfortunately I rarely blog about anything important or interesting.  And since my camera’s been on the brink recently the posts are even more boring than needed.  Here’s a link or two to my favorite, better, interesting, better among the worst posts, just to give you a better idea of who I am:

 Big News – well this is the one where I announced some Big News.

My Little … Celebrity – this one I just like because of the picture:)

The Great Eight – this one was just fun for me to write & ‘relive’.

The the Picture behind the Picture – this one just makes me smile.

So that’s scary – I just summed up the best of the worst into four posts … I’m sure you’ll be back for more!!!

So enough about me … let’s get to the prizes.  So since I have to narrow it down to three, my top picks would be … 

1.  The Baby Candy T-Shirt from Baby Candy (because of the little one on the way)

2.  The $50 Gift Certificate from Paperlicious (because who wouldn’t want that)

3.  The Blog Makeover from Shauna (because my blog could certainly use a makeover).

But of course I’d also be really happy with these too: 

4.  The $23 Cash from Kristin at An Ordinary Life (because it’s cash … what a better way to celebrate her Birthday)!

5.  Chocolate – (enough said) – by The Chocolistas.

 So thanks for stopping by … happy party hopping!

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008 at 9:50 am (2008, Atlanta Falcons, blogging, football season, Georgia Bulldogs, luggage, New Year, preschool)

So maybe this post should more appropriately be titled “Happy New Post”!  I know, I know it’s been a little while – in this case “a little while” may also be defined as nearly 4 months!  But one, I don’t think I’ve had anything interesting to say & two even if I have I don’t think I’ve had the time to say it.  And so I must also go ahead & apologize because this post will likely be no different … not much to say that is! 

 So let’s see if I can recap a little:
1.  In case you were wondering, the little guy did get some “luggage on wheels“.  He’s so proud to wheel that thing into school every morning.

2.  Football season is coming to a close – definitely NOT a good year for the Falcons.  The Dawgs did pretty good though with some fun wins and are playing in the Sugar Bowl tonight.

3.  My New Favorite Product broke when the little guy decided to pull it from the shelf onto the tile floor, but I still love it!

4.  My weekend project took a better turn when the “after” finally grew on Pep.

5.  To work.  That was the answer.  I ended up going back to work & I’m still there.  It was originally supposed to be a 3 month contract, but I can’t really complain since I work from home most of the time … so for now it’s a good fit still.

In more current news:

We had a great Thanksgiving, a fun Christmas & a rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party (not really so much on that last part, but we did watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Party).  It was mellow, but nice.  Check out Staci’s blog for all the details (I’m sure she’ll post soon).

 So, here’s to 2008!  Check back sometime before May and I’m sure I’ll have at least one more post for you to enjoy:)

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