Top ten tuesday … fashions i just don’t understand

March 31, 2009 at 11:05 am (Top Ten Tuesday) (, )

Ok, so several of these I even participated in at one time or another but that still doesn’t mean I understand them!!  And I will provide the disclaimer that I’m not that trendy, not that fashionable & am in desperate need of some help from “What Not To Wear”, but still …

1.  Make-Up on Men – Mascara! Nailpolish!  Eyeliner!  I mean maybe, MAYBE, if you’re a rock star.  But even then, you need to really BE a rockstar, not a wanna be rockstar!

2.  Skinnny Jeans  – do they look good on anyone?!  And if you have to buy your skinny jeans in anything other than a size 2 then you don’t need skinny jeans!!!  Now my sister would claim that you do need skinny jeans for certain boots … that makes a little sense to me.  But otherwise, I think most people should just stay away from them!!

3.  Skinny Jeans on Men – enough said.

4.  Tank Tops with Scarves – this is actually the one that made me think of this Top Ten List.  A mother dropping off her son at preschool had this on this morning.  Is this in style?  Shouldn’t you just go for one or the other??

5.  Ugg Boots & Dresses – similiar to the aforementioned tank & scarf … isn’t this a total contrast of seasons!  Maybe it’s appropriate right now since it’s Spring but feels like 30 degrees in the mornings.  A lady was wearing this combo at church yesterday … I don’t get it!

6.  Tight Rolled Pants – yes, I participated in this during middle school, maybe elementary … I’m not exactly remembering correctly.  I know it was around for a little while.  I’m sure it will come back in time for Megan or Evan to join in the fad!

7.  Tight Rolled Shirt Sleeves – as if the pants weren’t enough!

8.  Big Shirts – Did you remember wearing T-shirts 3 sizes too big for you??  I unfortunately do!

9.  Shana Sands’ Shoes (note:  this was NOT a halloween outfit!)

Shauna Sand

10.  Help me out – what fashion trends do you just not get?

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Procrastination, busy, lazy or a combo of all?

March 29, 2009 at 10:38 pm (random)

I’m not sure which one it is but for some reason, I feel so behind on a little bit of everything!!!  I still need to visit alot of blogs from the Ultimate Blog Party, still need to comment & thank those that stopped by to visit mine, I need to pay bills for the week, clean, work on some Square Peg stuff, finish up some stuff for Skin Solutions, schedule a dentist appt, get Evan’s haircut, clean some more, purge my inbox, finish my post on how much I love Joy Bauer’s book that i started here, and a bunch of other stuff that’s not incredibly exciting but still must get done!

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Hat happy

March 25, 2009 at 6:35 am (Megan, random)

Look who got their hat & is SO incredibly happy about it!!


I got this one here.  She has some good sales randomly so check her out!!

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Top ten tuesday … things i’m looking forward to

March 24, 2009 at 11:09 am (random, Top Ten Tuesday) ()


It’s officially spring!!  That’s one of my favorite seasons – summers get too hot in the South for me!!  But there’s also so many wonderful things to look forward to & spring just gets me thinking about all of them!!  Here’s a random Top 10 of what I’m looking forward to most:

1.  Shorts – definitely not on me but I love, love, love seeing Evan’s & Megan’s little legs!!!


2.  Vacation!!  – this year we’ll take our first as a family of four.

3.  Evan’s Birthday – we’ll be celebrating F-O-U-R years this August … where has the time gone?!?!


4.  Megan’s Birthday – yet another celebration in August!!  The first birthday party wheels are already spinning!!


5.  10 Year Anniversary – yes, yet AGAIN in August (and actually the same day as Megan’s birthday).  Ten years – yikes!!!  We’re definitely working on a trip for this one!!


6.  Weddings – tis the season for a good wedding!  We’ve had one already & at least one more this season of one of our very best family friends!!   And the cake will of course be from here!

7.  Easter – dresses, hams, deviled eggs, packed churches, Aunt Staci’s annual Egg Hunt, and of course celebrating the death & resurrection of Jesus!!

8.  Swimsuits – DEFINITELY not on me.  But, love them on Megan & Evan.  I’m liking this one from Old Navy for Meggers:).

9.  No School – That’s an easy one, but for me it also means that extra hands are available.  When your Mom, Sister, Brother & Dad all work for the school system, no school means spend-the-nights & play days for the kids!!!

10.  There’s got to be something I’m missing … what’s #10?!?!?


For more Top Ten Tuesday or to link up a post of your own, go to ohAmanda.

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Soccer – game two

March 22, 2009 at 9:36 pm (3 year olds, Evan, soccer) ()

 Evan’s game last weekend got rained out, so this past Saturday he had game number two.   He had alot of fun …

… picking up rocks …


… rolling on the ground …


… and playing with the grass …


He did actually score one goal (and rather fairly too – at least he didn’t kick or steal from any of his team mates to do it!!)  … our cameras, of course missed that!   Can’t wait to see what next week has in store!


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Welcome to the party

March 20, 2009 at 10:19 am (blogging, Ultimate Blog Party) (, )

I love a good party – both throwing them & going to them!  But the Ultimate Blog Party is the best of both worlds …

          1.  You can go to multiple parties at once.

          2.  You don’t have to worry about what to wear.

          3.  You don’t have to worry about eating too much.

          4.  No worries about driving home too late.

          5.  And best of all – NO clean-up involved!!!

 Now if this were a “real-life” party, you’d be making a trip to Atlanta & I’d be cleaning up toys from my 3 year old son – Evan, bottles from my 7 mth old daughter – Megan & dishes that rarely find their way to the dishwasher from my husband!


I’d probably greet you with a hug because I tend to hug my friends hello!


I’d of course offer you something really yummy to eat.  And then we’d chit-chat for a bit.  Since you can’t talk back right now, I guess I’ll do all the talking.  My name is Mandi & I live in Georgia with my husband & two young children.  I have the joy (sometimes more & sometimes less) of staying at home with them.  I typically blog about my children, my family, my sisterchicks & a little of this/a little of that.

I started this blog originally because of my girlfriends … aka … Sisterchicks.



All (but one of) my Sisterchicks had a blog and so in order to know what was going on in their lives & for them to know what was going on in my life “It Came To This“. 

I know you’ve got a lot of party hopping to do, but before you leave we certainly don’t want to forget the door prizes!!!

I’m number 116 on the list.  You most definitely want to check it out!!  I wrote a longer post about it here.  And if you’re looking to shed some pounds, I think you’ll like it as much as I have!   After having my second child, I was ready to lose some weight!!  And I was really lucky to find a wonderful LIFE plan – Joy’s LIFE Diet:  Four Steps to Thin Forever!  It’s writen so well that it’s easy to follow & the results start quickly so you want to keep following it!!  Since January 4th, I’ve lost 20lbs … and going:). 

So, be sure to leave a comment at the UBP Post for your chance to win #116 … and also, leave a comment here *just in case* I happen to have another copy to give away;).  Plus, I’d love to hear from you so I can visit your party too!

Happy Party Hopping!

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Sneak peak giveaway

March 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm (blogging, giveaways, weight loss) (, )

I’m so excited!  I was starting a Draft for the Ultimate Blog Party earlier this week & wanted to have a giveaway.  Because let’s face it – the UBP is fun & a great way to meet bloggers, but like any other party it’s all about the door prizes!!!  I wanted to giveaway something that any woman would LOVE to win.  The first thing that came to mind was an easy way to lose 20 lbs!  And I have the secret – and no, I’m not going all OPRAH crazy on you! 

I, like many other Americans, made the most popular resolution of all time – to lose weight!  And on January 4th I started a diet plan that’s really been working.  I’ve never dieted before.  Notice I didn’t say “I’ve never needed to diet before” … oh no, no, no.  Just that I’ve never chosen to actually do it.  I’m not good at giving up stuff – I think that’s why I never started drinking or smoking.  If I had to give up chocolate like someone trying to kick a smoking or drinking habit I would seriously go into withdrawals & shocks!!!  I also go back to my childhood.  There were SO many things that I gave up on.  Piano, Flute, Basketball, Cheerleading, Ballet, and the list goes on!  So to this day I can do a little bit of alot but not one thing can I do incredibly well – seriously!!  In some alot of ways, I’m scared to start something new because I absolutely HATE the thought of failure!!  Diets included. 

So once I decided this was the year, I looked into a couple options.  And I got really lucky.  I picked the right book & the right plan.  It was well written, super easy to follow – no counting involved!!!  And had great recipes & common sense for a life plan. 

And the result?  Eight weeks into it & I lost 20 lbs!!  Yipee! 

So back to the giveaway & why I’m so excited.  I wish I could say that myself & my blog were so popular that this company contacted me … but that’s just not true.   So instead, I contacted the company & asked if they’d be interested in me giving a copy of the book away on their behalf.  And they said yes!  

SO – come back on Friday for the UBP to find out what it is & for you chance to win!!

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My old navy steal of a deal

March 17, 2009 at 10:39 pm (deals & bargains, Megan, shopping)

I love a good bargain!  I found this coat at Old Navy over the weekend for Megan – it will be perfect for all of next year – complete with hood & fleece lining!  I’m not normally a fan of fake fur – actually I hate anything that is hair or resembles hair if it’s not on someone’s head – but that’s a whole other post!  It goes back to about 4th grade!!!  But if the price is right, I figure I’ll get over it. 


Regular Price:  $42

Sale Price #1:  $32

Sale Price #2:  $19

Final Sale Price:  $4.99

+ 30% COUPON = $3.49 … The price was right, so I got over the fur!

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Top ten tuesday … things i want to buy

March 17, 2009 at 7:58 am (Top Ten Tuesday)



1.  Hair Bows for Megan – we only have a couple for her right now.  She has hair, but not “good for bows hair” – not yet anyways.  I’m so NOT an accessory person – I love them, but just don’t know how to do them & pull them off.  My sister is the queen, so I’m hoping to make her proud with Ms. Megan.  


All White Gerbera Daisy with white cotton headband rhinestone bling

2.  Easter Dress for Megan – so many possibilities.  But I’m pretty laid back so I think more casual than fussy-dressy.  I just bought this one at Old Navy this weekend – with help from the aforementioned sister.  Not necessarily for Easter, but who knows it may end up being so.  It was $14.50 – on sale for $10 – but only $7 after my 30% off coupon!!  The funniest thing to me … it has slip pockets.  Slip pockets.  As in not for decoration, but to actually use – that cracks me up!!!

3.  Hats for Megan – I actually have one of these on order in a nice Springy look, but I also need to find some cute sun hats.

Reserved Listing for mlholcombe458

4.  Couch for the family room – Unfortuately this will end up far down on the list, but I can dream – can’t I?  At this moment (and any moment that company walks through the door) a throw is covering our once nice Leather Loveseat because it has a H.U.G.E slash down the back of the seat.   Just wear & tear – that happened WAY too quickly.  I would love a nice small-size sectional.  This one’s too big for the room, but I like the lines.

Cindy Crawford Home Metropolis Hydra Left 3 Pc Sectional

5.  Dining Table for the kitchen.  We moved into our house 6 years ago.  I thought our current kitchen table would only be with us for a couple of months, maybe a year at most.  It was a hand-me-down from my grandparents!  Old enough to be antique, but not cute enough to be vintage!  So 6 years later, we’re still eating on it every night.   I definitely want it to extend to six or eight.  I want it in black – or a dark wood, preferrably round – maybe rectangle.  Oh it will take me forever to decide.  But I definitely don’t want a glass top or cloth seats.  I just want one that looks like something I might buy, but I’m torn on what that is right now. 

 Aris Pedestal Dining Table, 45" diam., Antique White

6.  Mechanical Bull for Evan – He would absolutely LOVE to come home to one of these.

7.  New Bedding for the Master Bedroom – but I can’t find a picture of anything I really want!!  I want simple.  I want spring-like.  Maybe that’s my mission to find good bedding this week.  Any suggestions??

8. A New Laptop for me – I always had one for work that I used for everything and I miss my little laptop:(.


9.  Lots & Lots of this … Oh how I love Easter Chocolate – ok fine, any chocolate!  It just doesn’t seeem wrong to eat Chocolate around Easter!  You can order these personalized from Hershey’s or attempt to make them yourself! 

10.  And these in honor of my Sisterchicks



For more Top Ten Tuesdays or to link to one of your own … go here.

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Soccer mom

March 13, 2009 at 10:00 am (Evan, soccer)

I’ve officially become a soccer mom.  I think it’s more by default than definition.  Last Saturday, Evan had his first soccer game!  He’s only 3 years old.  One parent described it as “hearding CAT” (not cattle – CAT).  I think that was a pretty good comparison! 

It all started with him NOT wanting to go & pitching the biggest fit ever (or at least of that day) because his jersey was too big.  Yes – his jersery. was too big.  You would have thought it was the end of the world!  We finally made it into the car & on our way. 

Evan was the child that ended up knocking down OUR team’s star player.  Twice.  He also ran onto both adjorning fields before the game was over.  Making that a grand total of three fields that he played on in one hour.  But he did score one goal – after he stole it from another player on his team right at the goal!! 

So yes – he was ‘that’ child.  And we were ‘those’ parents that were apologizing to the other parents of the kids he knocked down, stole the ball from, pushed, etc. etc. 

Who knows what this week will bring!  But here’s a few pictures to sum up Week 1:






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