Things i love thursday – Disney on Ice

September 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm (Things I Love Thursday)

tilt I love Disney.

I love Ice.

I love Atlanta.

And I love give-a-ways!

If you’re in the Atlanta area, and are interested in winning FOUR Free Tickets to DISNEY on ICE in Atlanta, then you should visit Square Peg Ministries!  This is an organization that is close to my heart.  It’s a non-profit that works with at-risk children in the North Atlanta area.  These children are typically “square pegs” trying to fit into a round “hole”.  They are hosting a giveaway through Friday, October 2nd at 12 Midnight & right now entries are low!!

*NOTE:  If you’re in the Atlanta area & don’t win tickets, be sure to use Coupon Code “MOM” when ordering through for the following discounts:  Purchase a 4-pack of tickets for only $44 for weekday shows OR receive $4 off weekend tickets!

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Top ten – the most mundane

September 21, 2009 at 10:34 pm (Top Ten Tuesday)

top-ten-tuesday It really stinks that everything on this list is  important, because otherwise I’d likely never do them again!!!  Sometimes routine is good, but mundane is just plain boring.
So here’s the Top Ten Most Mundane:
1.  Brushing my teeth – I of course love the clean feeling but I’ve found that I can’t multi-task while I brush my teeth.  And I think that’s the most frustrating part!  My husband can walk around & accomplish something else at the same time but I just turn into a big slobbery mess so I stand there.  It feels like a waste of time even though it’s actually accomplishing something!
2.  Showering – This starts the mundane cycle each morning.
3.  Drying my Hair – I want to regrow my hair out but the thought of standing under the dryer always makes me reconsider!
4.  Getting Ready (hair/make-up) – I’m so uncreative in this department.  I do the same thing every morning.  Same colors, same style.  Maybe I need to mix it up a bit.
5.  Laundry – the never ending cycle!
6.  Unloading the dishes – I can handle the loading part, but the unloading is so much of a chore for some reason!
7.  Bathing the Kids – I must confess I get off the hook on this one alot.  My husband normally takes over that role to give me a little breathing room at the end of the day.  But I really look forward to when they can bath themselves … or do I?  Can I really trust Evan to clean himself?!?
8.  Washing my face – Why can’t it just wash itself some nights!!!
9.  Sweeping – I could sweep ten times a day (and probably do sometimes) and there would still be more to sweep!!
10.  Sleep – Ok, not every night.  But some nights it’s more of a hassle to sleep.  There’s so much I could accomplish during those 8 hours that everyone is in bed!
So, are you the same way?  Am I alone?  What mundane chore did I miss?

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Conversations with a four year old

September 21, 2009 at 9:45 am (Conversations with a 4 year old)

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The grass is always greener

September 17, 2009 at 10:17 pm (life)

… on the other side.

But what about when you’re on the fence?  Is there a saying for that?  I guess it’s just “on the fence” right?

My posts have been very sporadic recently.  I’d love to say that I’ve been super busy doing super cool things or traveling to super wonderful places, but I haven’t done any of that.  In fact it’s been just the opposite & it’s been draining on me.  I feel so blah right now.  I have several blog drafts open right now & they’re all just blah.  I hate to whine so I just haven’t posted anything.  But I figured it out tonight.

I went shopping without any kids.  Helped get everyone in PJs and Megan in the bed and then took off for about an hour and a half (woohoo – girl gone wild!).  I hit TJ Maxx.   I was going to keep myself away from baby clothes & the HomeGoods section.  My goal was to buy something for myself.  Something besides a shirt from Old Navy.  I tried clothes on, some actually looked good & alot didn’t.  But I didn’t buy anything.  I came home & told my husband I was too blah to shop.  He made me sit down & talk because if I’m too blah to shop then something’s wrong.

So I told him I figured it out.

I want to be skinny (and buy skinnier clothes – thus the reason I didn’t buy anything tonight).  BUT I really want a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen.

I want to spend money on clothes for me & buy what fits, what makes me look & feel good.  BUT I really want to pay off my credit card.

I want to work again or maybe not work but I want to have a good reason to get showered & dressed nice each morning.  BUT I really want to stay home with my kids.

I want long hair again just to see if I’d like it.  BUT my hair is short right now so that’s not happening overnight.

I want to repaint the kitchen.  BUT I have no idea what color.

I’m on the fence.  I’m a little blah.  So that’s where I’ve been.  Hopefully I won’t stay here long … it’s just a little funk.  Maybe I’ll change my hair color or something!

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Dazed and confused

September 10, 2009 at 10:26 pm (random)

After my 2-week blogging hiatus and now a short week because of Labor Day weekend, I am totally out of it!!  I saw The Diaper Diaries’Things I Love Thursday” post & I thought she had her baby over the weekend & hadn’t posted since last week because surely, it couldn’t be Thursday already!!  I was wrong.  It’s Thursday.  And tomorrow will be Friday – waahoo!!!

Evan’s been enjoying his first week back in preschool.  And so have I!!  I think we both do a little better with a little break during the week!!  And this weekend he has his first T-Ball game.  That should be interesting.  Our soccer season earlier this year was more about a lesson on rocks & dirt than playing soccer, but oh well.  I’m always up for some 9am humor! 

If the other kids are anything like my son, I think I’ll wear a helmet myself … you have no idea where that ball or bat will go!!!

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Since you’ve been gone

September 8, 2009 at 11:06 am (Top Ten Tuesday)

top-ten-tuesday Actually it’s more like “Since I’ve Been Gone”, but Kelly Clarkson’s song got stuck in my head so I went with her version as the title!

It’s been two weeks since my last post, so in honor of Top Ten Tuesday I thought I’d share the ten reasons why I’ve been gone & what I’ve been up to (don’t hold your breath – it’s not that exciting)!

1.  Our home computer was on the brink!  Apparently we blew the entire power supply box, so after getting that replaced & being told that we have the dustiest computer he’s ever seen (really, you need to unscrew the box covers & dust these things?!!?) we’re back up & running!

2.  We took a day trip to Lake Hartwell, SC for a surprise birthday party of a dear family friend.  I didn’t get in the water, but took a great boat ride and enjoyed the friends & company.

3.  Made dinners with some of my Sisterchicks  for one of our Sisterchicks.

4.  Megan became a teenager.  Really.  She’s wants shoes on her feet 24/7, she loves “talking” on the phone and she constantly wants my rings!  But she also still likes to eat her feet:)

Megan - September 2009

Megan - September 2009

5.  Went shopping with some of my Sisterchicks.

6.  Evan went to another Rodeo (he tries to catch as many of those as possible)!

Evan - September 2009

Evan - September 2009

7.  We celebrated Labor Day by celebrating my Dad’s birthday – Happy 59th Dad!

8.  I started a mission to lose those last 10 lbs.

9.  Evan started school – yahoo!!!

1st Day of School - 2009

1st Day of School - 2009

10.  I spent the least amount of time online since before college!

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