Conversations with a four year old …

January 18, 2010 at 5:42 am (4 year olds, Conversations with a 4 year old)

Another conversation courtesy of this cute little four-year old:

Yep, this has NOTHING to do with the Conversation, but might explain alot!

The four year old: Mommy why do we have two eyes?Me: Well, it would probably be hard to see with just one eye so God gave us two.

The four year old: Well the monster has only one eye.

Me: Well, you’re right.  But that’s because monsters are pretend.  So I guess some of them only need one eye.

The four year old: Well no.  He just has one eye because that’s the way God made the ugly mean big blue monster.

Me: Oh.

And that my dear friends is just one example of why some days I feel like I’m going a little crazy!

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How do you get a haircut?

November 20, 2009 at 7:32 am (4 year olds)

Evan’s hair is such a battle for me sometimes. If he has a normal cut then it’s a fight for him to let me brush it in the morning.  I absolutely hate having “that kid” that looks like he just rolled out of bed in the morning & his Mom couldn’t even get it together enough to brush his hair!!  (Note:  That is what I thought before I had kids.  Now I realize that is Mom probably was just choosing to pick her battles & her child’s hair wasn’t the biggest battle of the day!!)

Either way, I like Evan to look clean, put together, well dressed (that does not read nice/expensive clothes, just whatever he wears may he wear it well, etc.).  But for about the last year and a half or more, the easiest solution to this battle has been a buzzed head!!

Evan does great when I take him to a salon for a haircut, but can I just say that it hurts my heart & my CHECKbook to pay $20+ for someone to buzz his head!!!  That’s crazy to me!!  I’ve done the Great Clips thing, the cute little kid places, and even barber/salon shops but when it’s all said & done it’s $20-$25 bucks.  To SHAVE the kids’ head!!!

So my husband’s been shaving it for a while now.  The only difference is that at home – Evan does NOT co-operated. At.  All.  Not even a little bit.  He wiggles, he screams, he whines & he’s a pill.   So our solution for taking it off the top …

Haircut ...

... with Goggles!

This way it doesn’t get in his eyes (because Lord knows he can’t possibly keep them shut for 1 minute!!) and for whatever reason it’s fun to him!!  I think he can embody a character that way!!  He becomes the mean diver in Finding Nemo!

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Conversations with a four year old

August 17, 2009 at 7:30 am (4 year olds, Conversations with a 4 year old)

4 year old: Mom, now that my birthday is over does that mean it’s Christmas now?

Mom: Well Christmas is still a ways off.  We can look at the calendar & I’ll show you.

4 year old: Oh, so we have to be patient for Christmas.

Mom: Yes … very patient for Christmas.  Very, very patient for Christmas

(oh brother!)

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The dinosaur party

August 12, 2009 at 7:56 am (4 year olds, birthdays, dinosaurs, parties)

DSC01384This past weekend we celebrated Evan’s 4th birthday!!  I love birthdays.  I love celebrations.  I love celebrating my kids.  I love giving them birthday parties!!!  In my mind they are always a little better, a little more fun, a little more organized, a little more extravagant than they actually turn out but if I know I’ve done the best I can to give them something that makes them happy & that they possibly can’t forget then I’m happy. 

Evan still talks about his 3rd birthday party.  He got to ride “the horses”.  He doesn’t remember that it rained & we had to all go home early … but he does remember “the horses”!  I hope his 4th birthday is one that he’ll remember next year as well! 

He’s been “into” dinosaurs for a while now so I had plenty of time to prepare.  I decided to go with the “station” concept.  I think organized games & events are great for certain parties & certain ages, but at his age it’s still a birthday party for all – older & younger cousins, friends, grandparents, parents of the friends, etc.  With mixed ages of guests “stations” just seem to make more sense to me.  That way everyone can participate at their own pace & their own time!  When you have ages ranging from 2-8 it seems impossible to get them all to do the same thing – is that possible?!?

So we had four stations setup.  One was the Dinosaur Dig – guests got a hat, a bag, and a brush.  They brushed around in the sand searching for dinosaurs, fossils, and bones!  Super easy – just a leftover swimming pool, some bags of sand, plastic toys & cheap paint brushes.  When we went to the T-Rex Cafe in Orlando earlier this summer, they used brushes with their sand – SO much better than shovels because it wasn’t near as enticing to throw sand with the brushes as with shovels!  I also lucked out & found some wooden puzzle pieces at Michael’s – they were very “fossil” looking.



An even super, super easier station was the “Color-A-Saurus” (clever – huh?) – guests could sit & color to their hearts content!  Every little kid likes to color so I knew this was a “safe” station … even if they didn’t like the others!  It’s also a good ice breaker if anyone in the group is a little shy.


We also had a “Dino Fossil Find“.  We got lucky on another find.  This time at The Dollar Store.  My mom found these little fossil kits, complete with everything you need – an egg & two tiny tools.  There were bones (super tiny) inside that “should have” made a baby dinosaur.  It didn’t exactly work out that way, but it was messy & the kids seemed to enjoy at least breaking the egg & trying to find the treasures inside!!



The fourth station was even easier than the Coloring one.  Evan had a great floor dinosaur puzzle – so we pulled that out from his toy room.  We called this one “Earth Shakes” (pulled straight from The Land Before Time series”). 


And finally, we couldn’t pass this up!!


So that’s the party – part 1.  I figured this post was getting too long to continue with all the food & “other stuff”.  But I’ll post more about that later … because of course you can’t have a party without food!!


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