I do … again!

August 21, 2009 at 7:01 am (anniversary, Pepper, wedding)


Today my husband and I are celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary!! I’ve been blogging a little over two years now, so here’s a post from our Eighth Anniversary.  And then of course the big Ninth Anniversary.  Honestly, I’m no more excited about the “10th” than I was the “7th”.  What I’m most excited about is still being in a happy marriage.  Still being in happy marriage to someone that I would actually marry again today!!

Recently our pastor spoke briefly about “co-existing” relationships.  He pointed out that the county we live in has the highest divorce rate in surrounding metro cities of our state.  We also have the highest average income & housing prices – those probably help with the divorce statistic!  I NEVER want our marriage to be about the two of us co-existing!  Sure, I want each of us to have our separate hobbies, interests & free-time.  But on a whole, I want both of us to be in our marriage … to be a part of it.  Not to only love each other, but to be in love with each other!  I am not naive enough to think everything will always be peachy & perfect.  There’s definitely been times these past 10 years that it hasn’t, but I’m so thankful that I still love (and still like) the person that’s going through all of it with me!

The sappy line from Jerry Maguire, “you complete me”, has always been just that to me – sappy!  Earlier this summer, we were at our good friend’s wedding & the groom’s father was giving a speech.  He said marriage isn’t about giving 50/50.  If we each only bring 50% to the relationship it won’t be as strong as it can be.  We’ll be missing something.  We each must bring 100% … that’s the only way it will work.   And I believe that.  If we bring 50% we might co-exist & make it so we can say “Happy 20th Anniversary”, but I want more than to co-exist.

On my 11th, 15th, 20th … or whatever the number is … I want to be in a happy marriage.  I want to be in a happy marriage to someone that I would actually marry again that day!

pamHappy Anniversary Babe … I love you!!

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The Great Eight Anniversary!

August 21, 2007 at 6:35 pm (anniversary, Pepper, wedding)

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It’s been 8 years today since Pep & I said our “I-do’s”. We’ve known each other & been together for almost 13 years!!! That’s crazy to me because that’s almost 1/2 my life!!! I think a birthday or an anniversary of anything has alot to do with reflection … looking back on what makes a specific day special, important or significant & looking forward about how to make today a significant day of it’s own.

So when I look back over the last eight years, I see that like everyone else we’ve had some really good times, done some really cool things, gone on some really great vacations, taken some pretty crazy risks & of course had our share of heartache along the way.

We’ve gone parasailing, snorkeling, rock-climbing, hiked through a rain forest & taken tours by canoe, helicopter & even 4-wheelers! We’ve traveled to some awesome place – Jamaica for our Honeymoon, the Bahamas, a couple skiing trips to Colorado, our West Coast Adventure from San Diego to Beverly Hills/LA/Hollywood, a cruise of the Hawaiian Islands (thanks Mom & Dad), Mexico, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, a couple trips to FL, and even the great state of North Dakota (thanks Alicia & Josh)!

Between the 2 of us, we’ve had 9 jobs … which I’m not sure how that’s even mathmatically possible since two of those jobs we each had for 4.5/5 years!! We’ve had 6 house (only 2 of which we’ve lived in … that’s the “risk” referenced above)!

Along the way we’ve lost an aunt, two grandmothers, a grandfather and a brother. But we’ve also been blessed by a now 2year old little boy that birngs his own little set of adventures for us to share!!

So it’s our anniversary, a day to reflect on an important day that happened in our past but like any other day to stop & think about how today will become significant in our future (and no Staci … even though I may look like it, I’m not pregnant:)!

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