Wordless Wednesday

May 30, 2007 at 11:51 am (pictures, Wordless Wednesday)


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Wordless Wednesday

May 29, 2007 at 6:26 pm (Wordless Wednesday)

Yes, Yes … I know it’s only Tuesday people.  I’ve been reading friends blogs for long enough to know though about this (or rather is supposed to be … I’ll get to that later) thing called ‘Wordless Wednesday’.  Fast-forward … now it’s ‘later’ & I’m going to get to that ‘is supposed to be’ part.  Why doesn’t someone just go ahead & change the name to Wordy Wednesday – that’s certainly more accurate in my opinion.  Have you seen the novels that come along with some of these pictures?!?!  I’m thinking what any easy day to blog … just post a stinkin’ picture about anything or nothing & you’re done for the day, but for whatever reason most people feel the need to attach words to the ‘wordless’ part.  Granted, I know sometimes the picture is better when you know the story behind it (my friend Amanda‘s for instance are great), but since I’m new to blog-world & therefore never posted anything ‘wordless’ before, I’m going to start tomorrow & see how long I can go! 

 So be sure to check back tomorrow … when I post a picture of my son Evan eating a cob of corn exactly 1 year ago.  Maybe next week I’ll post a current picture (my selection on this computer is a little slim right now), but right now this is the best I can do.  He’s absolutely getting after that cob!!  The leftover pieces on his highchair are greenbeans.  Not just any greenbean though, they’re called ‘Double Luck’ green beans … the absolutely best canned greenbeans this side of the California border (I’m on the East Coast).  If you ever find them be sure to pick up a case load b/c I assure you … you’ll love them!!

 See how easy that was folks … “Wordless” Wednesday … it’s so easy to be “Wordless” on Wednesdays!

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Red, White, & Blue

May 28, 2007 at 10:06 pm (Grandparents, Memorial Day)

James Boyd Brown

I have a great respect for men & women that serve our country – those that were drafted & didn’t have a choice & then those that sign up on their own.   I still get chills when the National Anthem is played or when a big crowd is saying the Pledge of Allegiance all at the same time.  I love when our veterans are honored like this weekend … when standing ovations are given at churches & in parades.  I love when airlines give recognition to soldiers as they’re onboard flights … but I hate to find out when they’re going instead of coming because I know they’re leaving loved ones.   I’m so thankful to each & every individual that has served & is serving because I flat out wouldn’t have the guts to do it, but I absolutely appreciate every freedom their service has given me & my family.  My late grandfather is one of those brave men … I never met him, but still I’m very proud of him.  (And on a side note he looks JUST like by brother Matt – doesn’t he for those of you that know Matt?!).

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This is what it’s come to …

May 27, 2007 at 2:54 am (blogging)

in order to keep up with my friends & family and also have them keep up with me … it’s come to this – this blog. 

I never knew that my best friend got letter head from Quarker Oats to draw on as a child, that my sister‘s had the same checking account for 16 years, that another best friend could paint such cool canvas pictures or another carries a book around with her everywhere.   I never knew that Miss Cindy got her first microwave in 1977 or that Nora got curious george panties for her birthday … I never knew any of this until I read these blogs. 

So this is what it’s come to … in order to keep up with everyone else & everyone keep up with me (assuming I actually keep up with this) … then it’s come to this – this blog!

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