Sleepless in seattle

November 10, 2008 at 8:45 pm (baby girl, newborn) ()

In between stuffy noses, fevers, & ear aches, Megan’s been a very good sleeper.  Of course to me that’s a little relative because Evan was & is anything but a very good sleeper.  But she typically sleeps about 8hrs and then goes back down for another 2.  However last night instead of going down for another 2 she decided to wake up at 2 & not go back down!  It was not a fun night to say the least.  Today – confirmation of what I was afraid the fist in mouth, constant drooling, and pure fussiness meant – today, I felt a baby tooth!!  I mean really, now – this early?  I know it’s possible & probably even common but don’t you get a break this first year at all?? I guess it’s true about forgetting the bad stuff, because I forget how bad Evan’s teething was … and I’m just talking about for me!!  Poor little girl is miserable!!!  So needless to say, I’m off to bed.  To bed I said!

But here’s one recent picture just for fun!


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Our trip to the er

October 10, 2008 at 8:47 pm (baby girl, newborn) (, )

Poor Megan’s been sick off and on recently.  And last night we started back “on” again.  Poor little thing’s had a runny nose, congestion, and the cough that could compete with any 80-year old smoker!!  I took her to our Pediatrician today primarily just because it was Friday.  I honestly didn’t think she’d do or say much more than she has a cold & there’s nothing we can really do but wait it out & make sure it doesn’t get worse. 

When we got to the Dr., the Pediatrician did all the normal stuff while Megan was crying like crazy … and she pretty much said it’s probably nothing but a viral cold BUT because she’s only 7-weeks and her temp has been up & she’s so incredibly upset, I want to get some blood work to rule out any infections.   Thus the beginning of our trip to the ER at Scottish Rite.

The Pediatrician hugs me as I’m leaving her office because I’m crying – not so much because I thought Megan was incredibly sick or that they’d find something wrong, but because my visual of watching Evan being strapped to this enormous machine at just 3 months and have a CT SCAN flashed in my head.  I didn’t want to watch Megan being hooked up to a bunch of scary things.  She was only 7-weeks old and between her having trouble eating and being sick off and on so much, I was sad that she hasn’t been happy to much these first 7-weeks!

Back to the trip to the er … Fortunately Pep had just gotten home & Evan was with my parents so we headed on down.  We get to the hospital & valet the car – yes, I did say VALET … that makes me laugh.  An incredibly nice service, but it felt very funny to tip someone as we checking in!!  We sign all the papers & are taken into the waiting room.  Pep & I look at the packed room & then each other knowing this is going to take a while!   And it will of course feel even longer because Megan can’t eat until AFTER she’s seen!  After just a few minutes two people check with the front desk to see what’s taking so long.  After about 5-10 minutes, the first nurse comes out that we’ve seen and she calls for Megan.  I can feel about 24 sets of eyes staring a hole into us as we walk back … they are not happy that we pop in & are called back before them!!!  She was the youngest patient there so I’m pretty sure that’s why they took us back so quickly.  As soon as we got to a room, the Dr. came in before the nurse even had all her vitals.  You can tell they don’t want to mess around with a 7-week old.  

Urine tests, blood work, and “snot” samplings later we’re back at home knowing that all those tests came back fine and she just has a bad cold (after we got our car back from “valet” of course!).  Which means I’ll probably have another several nights of a restless & unhappy camper, but that’s fine by me because she’s well. 

We were in Room No. 34 of the ER wing.  I heard them paging as high as 48, but of course there’s many more.   Scottish Rite just makes my heart sad.  It makes me happy because it’s great that Atlanta has a true “children’s” hospital, but it makes me sad too.  Sickness in any age is sad, but in children it’s just not fair!!

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