And the winners are

July 28, 2009 at 8:23 am (contest, giveaways)

Thanks to the good people at MyBlogSpark, I was able to select three winners for the What’s for Dinner Giveaway.  I had every intention of linking the giveaway to different “contest” sites, but the Internet access on the beach was spotty at best & it just never worked out.  But actually, when I came home & read the comments I was really excited because everyone entered I either know IRL, know through blogging/twitterfor a while, or we’ve just started tweeting or reading each others blogs … so, I was happy that either an old friend or a new friend would win!!

I went with the old pick out of a hat method & I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I even took a picture, but my husband has the little uploader thingy that I need to post it & honestly does a picture really tell the truth with something like this anyway?!?  So, you’ll just have to trust me!!!

And the winners are:

 Jessie from the Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie has a great site.  It’s always filled with yummy recipes, pictures of her adorable little girl, book recommendations, budget ideas & fun stuff in between!  She also hosts a Family Recipes carnival every Friday … so if you need good recipes or want to add yours, then be sure to link up to her!!

Brandi at Will Blog for Shoes – with a blog title like that, how can you NOT be intrigued?!?  She writes great posts about her little “Wog” & “Bug” … I’ll let you click over to find out who or what those really are:).  And in her Blogging Manifesto, she’s declared to “offer a giveaway every stinkin’ chance I get.  It’s just WAY fun to me.” … sounds great to me!!  I met her in web world, like Vanderbilt Wife, through my best IRL friend ohAmanda.

and last but certainly not least …

Staci at Simply Staci– yes, I know you could cry foul on this one.  She IS my sister.  But as stated above, I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I can’t take her out even if she followed the rules, just because she is my sister – that would be cheating!!  The funny thing is that she only entered herself with one comment, even though she tweeted & follows & all those other things … I know all that because she’s my sister, but I still ONLY entered her once & she STILL won … she got lucky!  But, if you’re not reading her blog already then you should!  She’s a single gal (she’s holding out for the right one b/c she could definitely get anyone she really wants!!) – she’s gorgeous, talented, incredibly sweet, can bake like a mad women, and writes about all that good stuff!!

So if you won, then I’ll contact you for an address.   Thanks to everyone for playing along!!


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What’s for dinner … a giveaway!

July 16, 2009 at 11:22 pm (giveaways)

Recently I was given the opportunity to sample some new dinner kits by Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  Now I love some Italian Pasta, but unfortunately my at-home pasta kit making experiences usually leave much to be desired!  And my husband is incredibly, incredibly picky so if he even sees a box kit he immediately becomes skeptical.  However it was what I was cooking, so he was getting it for dinner … unless of course he decided to make something all by himself!

It’s described as,

With quick and easy preparation, a Romano’s Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites meal is ready to eat in about 20 minutes. 

The dinner kits include everything needed to create a high-quality meal in one box including premium ingredients such as vine-ripened tomatoes, select cooking wines, specialty herbs and 100% semolina pasta.  All you have to do is add one pound of chicken or your choice of proteins such as shrimp or Italian sausage. 

So here’s my verdict:

Quick & Easy Preparation – Check. Check.  It took about 20 minutes, give or take.  Just long enough for some pasta to boil and some chicken to brown!

Everything is Included – Check again.  Now to make it a little less “box like” for the sake of my ever so picky husband, I did take them up on the “Extra Tips” to add some fresh veggies – like broccoli.  Mushrooms would have been good to, but we were out.  My only recommendation would be you might actually need some more pasta.  It was made to feed 3-4, but 4 (especially adults) might be stretching it!  There was plenty of the other contents for our personal taste though.  So if you know your family really likes pasta & it’s going to be your main course, you might want to break into your personal pasta stash or double on the boxes!

So, the overall verdict – It was really yummy & super easy!  Even super picky husband couldn’t find much to grumble about … and he was given a free pass to grumble since I needed to give an honest response for this review!!

So, look for them in the store.  At my grocery store they were with the boxed pasta meal making kits (appropriate, huh?).  We ate the Chicken Alfredo with Linguine, but they also have Garlic & Herb Chicken Penne, Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pasta and Chicken Marsala with Linguine.   I’m looking forward to trying the others as well!

OR – you could try to win a box yourself!  MyBlogSpark is helping to give away one Complimentary Gift Basket to each of THREE of my readers – that means all my readers could win (heeheee)!!  The “What’s For Dinner” gift basket includes samples of all varieties, a colander, serving spoon & even a cute little cheese grater.

Macaroni Grill Gift Image

So, if you want a chance at winning, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Leave me a comment – you can just say hi, but if you need some inspiration why not tell me what your favorite pasta dish is or maybe how often you eat dinner together as a family or maybe what color shirt you’re wearing today … I don’t care!

If you want your name in the hat, more than once then you’ll get an extra chance for each of the following – please leave a separate comment for each entry:

1.  Subscribe to my blog – because that’s what all the big bloggers say (heck, I barely even know how to subscribe so you could probably just lie about this part, but I’d be really sad if I found out)!

2.  Follow me on Twitter @ItsComeToThis – because it’s fun to have followers:)

3.  Tweet about this giveaway – because honestly it gives me an extra spring in my step when I see twitter mentions in my TweetDeck!!

I’ll draw all THREE winners on Saturday, July 25th so you have until Midnight EST & post the winners by Monday, July 27th.

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Sneak peak giveaway

March 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm (blogging, giveaways, weight loss) (, )

I’m so excited!  I was starting a Draft for the Ultimate Blog Party earlier this week & wanted to have a giveaway.  Because let’s face it – the UBP is fun & a great way to meet bloggers, but like any other party it’s all about the door prizes!!!  I wanted to giveaway something that any woman would LOVE to win.  The first thing that came to mind was an easy way to lose 20 lbs!  And I have the secret – and no, I’m not going all OPRAH crazy on you! 

I, like many other Americans, made the most popular resolution of all time – to lose weight!  And on January 4th I started a diet plan that’s really been working.  I’ve never dieted before.  Notice I didn’t say “I’ve never needed to diet before” … oh no, no, no.  Just that I’ve never chosen to actually do it.  I’m not good at giving up stuff – I think that’s why I never started drinking or smoking.  If I had to give up chocolate like someone trying to kick a smoking or drinking habit I would seriously go into withdrawals & shocks!!!  I also go back to my childhood.  There were SO many things that I gave up on.  Piano, Flute, Basketball, Cheerleading, Ballet, and the list goes on!  So to this day I can do a little bit of alot but not one thing can I do incredibly well – seriously!!  In some alot of ways, I’m scared to start something new because I absolutely HATE the thought of failure!!  Diets included. 

So once I decided this was the year, I looked into a couple options.  And I got really lucky.  I picked the right book & the right plan.  It was well written, super easy to follow – no counting involved!!!  And had great recipes & common sense for a life plan. 

And the result?  Eight weeks into it & I lost 20 lbs!!  Yipee! 

So back to the giveaway & why I’m so excited.  I wish I could say that myself & my blog were so popular that this company contacted me … but that’s just not true.   So instead, I contacted the company & asked if they’d be interested in me giving a copy of the book away on their behalf.  And they said yes!  

SO – come back on Friday for the UBP to find out what it is & for you chance to win!!

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And the winner is …

November 4, 2008 at 9:12 am (giveaways)

I’m a little late, I know.  But the winner of my giveaway is …. Carol, from “Another Day in Paradise”.  Carol – I’ll send you an email to get your snail mail.  Congratulations!! 

And thanks for all the love entries!

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It’s a giveaway

October 28, 2008 at 8:40 pm (giveaways) (, )

I love giving stuff away … wether it’s cleaning out my house to the Salvation Army, wrapping something up in a nice little package for a friend or family’s gift, or to complete strangers in a Bloggy Giveaway because I love to “feel the love” … I pretend each of you comment because you actually like & enjoy my blog – not my giveaway!  Stupid, I know!

So, on to the Giveaway – this year, I’m stealing an idea of my sister’s.  I went to the Atlanta Vera Bradley Outlet Sale with her last year & racked up on a lot of good things.  I had never owned VB before then.  And actually ended up only keeping a couple items.  But the deals were incredible so I stocked up!  Lucky for you!!  So here’s what I’m giving away – a Vera Bradley Black Microfiber wallet.  It has a coin pocket & opens up to hold cash (if anyone has any these days), cards, ID, etc.:

So are you a VB fanatic or do you just happen to have a couple pieces here & there like me??  Leave me a comment & let me know how many pieces you have (approximation will work just fine … I’m not coming to your house to check)!!

I’ll draw a winner on November 1st … oh & if you are a VB fanatic – go to Staci’s giveaway too!

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Blush, blush

August 2, 2008 at 10:07 am (blogging, contest, giveaways) ()

I just reached my biggest blogging reward since starting this thing … I was one of WordPress’ growing blogs of the day!!!  I reached to number eight!!!  How fun is that??  Of course, I have a “feeling” a little thing called the Bloggy Giveaway had something to do with it!!  But it still sort of counts – right?!?

I guess reality will set back in next week when I’m back down to my six regular readers – thanks for keeping me in business you guys!!!

But either way, it’s been alot of fun!  So on to the good part – I read Staci’s post this morning & used the same random number generator to select the winner … and the winnner of my giveaway is Stephanie.  She has a super cute family & just by reading a little bit of her blog I can tell that soccer & instruments are in their household so those are two things our homes have in common!  Not that I’m good at either of those, though.   Congrats!

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July 30, 2008 at 9:47 pm (blogging, giveaways) ()

So I’m a little late jumping into the carnival, but better late than never!!  Especially when it involves winning free stuff!!!  I’m choosing this as the giveaway for two reasons – one I really do love this product and two I don’t have my camera right now to upload any pictures of anything else!!

So without further waiting … I offer the Terra Cotta Body Buffer by Gilden Tree.  You know the little annoying bumps you may get from time to time on your arms or maybe your legs?  So if you don’t know what I’m talking about this may not be for you, but if you do then you should want this!!  It’s basically a terra cotta loofa to “help exfoliate & smoothe dry skin”.  It’s a gentle scrubber for the entire body & is simply used as you shower. 

Terra Cotta Body Buffer&trade

So … just leave me a comment – you can tell me why you need it if you want or I don’t care just say hello … I know the real reason you’re here is because we’re all trying to hit as many of these giveaways as possible & increase our chances in winning something – anything!!!  But I promise, if you win this, you’ll actually use it & enjoy it!

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