How it came to this

In order to keep up with my friends & family and also have them keep up with me … it’s come to thisthis blog

I never knew that my best friend got letterhead from Quarker Oats to draw on as a child, that my sister’s had the same checking account for 16 years, that another best friend could paint such cool canvas pictures or another carries a book around with her everywhere.   I never knew that Miss Cindy got her first microwave in 1977 or that Nora got curious george panties for her birthday … I never knew any of this (about my best friends & family) until I read these blogs. 

So this is what it’s come to … in order to keep up with everyone else & everyone keep up with me (assuming I actually keep up with this) … then it’s come to thisthis blog!

I live in the Atlanta area with my husband and two young children.  My husband isn’t into all “this”.  He thinks blogs, facebook & twitter are all crazy because “who really cares” & if they do actually care, then they’re probably stalking me & I’m giving them too much information.  It’s fine by me.  This way, I don’t have to worry about him reading anything I post or tweet!!  He has music, sports & fishing and I have blogs & tweets … it’s a perfect 10-year match!  But out of respect I actually rarely mention his name & more times than not I won’t include posts about him.  He’s not even looking & I still won’t spill any bad beans!!

You will catch me blogging about my little onesthey consume my life, so without them there’s not much to talk about.  Evan is 4 & Megan is one.  She made her entrance into the world on our 9th wedding anniversary. 

In my former life (not reincarnated, but just before kids), I earned a Business Marketing Degree & worked for a User-Research Firm out of Atlanta.  I really enjoyed the company I worked with & the line of work so I’m doing my best to get involved with Product Reviews & Campaigns.  It at least fuels my brain in between dirty diapers & play time.

I love Jesus with all my heart & love a good political discussion, but I promise I won’t preach or open an all out debate on here unless it’s something I’m super passionate about.  Unless you spell it out just perfectly, important things like this may not be read how I’d like for them to be read.  So I prefer to keep it light instead!

And you’ll definitely hear about my Sisterchicks.  We’re a group of six girls that have basically grown up together.  We get together as much as we can and between the six of us, one of us is bound to be blogging about US!

That’s probably me in a nutshell for now.  It’s unfortunate, I couldn’t make myself sound any better than this!!  Hopefully you’ll catch something that’s worth coming back for & if not, wlll I’ll work on spinning myself a little better!


  1. Courtney@Booksnboys said,

    I love your “about me” section. I will definitely be coming back to read more :)

  2. Blog Hop 09 « it’s come to this … said,

    […] my brain & my fingers to type properly, it may be best if you just read here –   This is how it all got […]

  3. Hillary@ The Other Mama said,

    I’m so glad you weren’t reincarnated from Research Firm employee to mommy. That would make for an odd move up in the (next) world. ;)

  4. edie said,

    Can’t wait to meet you at Blissdom! Email me and I’ll give you my cell number so I can meet up with you there—-or just look for me—-I’ll be the one hugging and kissing everyone with the Tammy Faye eyes and far too many accessories!
    edie (see, I’m huggin’ already)

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