The birthday celebrations

November 21, 2008 at 9:00 pm (30, birthdays) (, , , )

Awe – my first post as a 31 (update thanks to Staci’s comment below) 30 year old!  It’s taken me a whole week just to work up the courage!!  I had a great birthday weekend.  I can pretty much sum it up with alot of shopping, alot of eating and two movies in between!

Friday my parents kept the little ones so Pep & I went to Atlantic Station for a little lunch & shopping.  We ate at California Pizza which is a treat for me because he’s not a big fan so it’s one of those restaurants that we very, very rarely go to.  Shopping was just kind of blah – it’s never that fun when you don’t fit into the size you really want and then when you break down and try on the true size you still don’t look good in it!  So I settled for shoes … even that I’ve grown a size, but it’s a little easier on the heart!!  We then saw the new Bond movie – Pep was actually excited to see it, I was just wasting time until our next meal – sushi & seafood at Atlantic Seafood – yummy!!!  Bond was pretty good – I haven’t seen many of the recent ones so I didn’t have any expectations.  We had Fool’s Gold through our Blockbuster account, and that one on the other hand was not so much – not so much at all!!

Saturday we took it easy because the kids were still with my parents … we had a little biscuit at Mr. Smith’s and then did a little more shopping until the UGA Game – had to get home in time for that of course!  This round of shopping was a little more fruitful, so I was feeling good!  Saturday night, my Sisterchicks treated me to Bahama Breeze!!!  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas for “our” 30th birthdays two years ago … since I’m SO much younger than them (heehee) they decided to take me back to the Bahamas … so clever!!!!  We then went on a “Cupcake Tour” in Atlanta.  Unfortunately, we missed one of the stops, so it was a short tour, but YUMMY none the less!!

I know this post would be much better with pictures, but I got a new Camera for my birthday!!!  Good thing – I got a new camera, Bad thing – all the pictures are on it & I haven’t had time to get the new card reader for my computer!

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