Chocolate Cravings

March 24, 2008 at 4:08 pm (Uncategorized)

I honestly don’t get many true ‘cravings’.  I’ve never made Pep drive to the Varisty at 10pm or made nightly dashes to the local Chinese Restaurant.  In the early stages I did want alot of fried okra with Evan, but that was about it.  I guess I dn’t think it’s fair to blame it on pregnancy because I like food in general, so it doesn’t really matter what I’m eating … I’m happy with any of it – pregnant or not. 

Well yesterday I was wanting some chocolate – really, really, really badly.  I had just talked Pep into swinging through Dairy Queen b/c it was coming up down the street – but apparently they’re closed on Sundays (or maybe it was just Easter Sunday, I don’t know).  So no Peanut Buster Parfait for me!!  Then as we were outside planting (ok I was watching) our new trees, the Ice-Cream Truck drove by … I haven’t seen the ice-cream truck in years, but knew this was my redemption for Dairy Queen being closed – wrong!  I ran inside to get my money – He was ‘supposed’ to come back around … but NEVER did!  I was shot down twice for chocolate ice-cream!!!

So today I took matters into my own hands & enjoyed a little piece of heaven … every last bite:


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Weekend Wrap Up

March 23, 2008 at 4:00 pm (Easter, Easter Sunday, Egg Hunt, family, weekend)

This has been such a nice weekend – the weather has been absolutely beautiful & we had a lot of good family & friend time … the perfect weekend to celebrate the ultimate gift that we’ve ever been given.   Church was incredibly, incredibly croweded this morning, but I like it that way because it usually brings a sense of good excitement (and alot more crying babies and talking toddlers in the sanctuary – I definitely don’t like that part).  I’m always pulling for Pastors to knock one out of the park on a day like Easter Sunday.  For some it’s the one opportunity out of the entire year that they’ll hear the love of Jesus & what he did for us … as long as they hit those points then I’m pretty happy.  I remember sitting at one service one year, just hoping that he was going to come around to that point … I was beginning to doubt it but he finally got there!  This was our first Easter at our new church & I really enjoyed it!

 Yesterday we had a yummy lunch & fun at my parents house (I’ll have to post later with pictures).  Of course, Aunt Staci came through again with a fun egg hunt for the kids.  She’s such a teacher because she always has instructions for her egg hunts!!!  Today we had lunch with some out of town friends after church (Mexican – you know the standard Easter dinner).  After lunch we planted two new trees in the yard (Pep said they were a deal of a lifetime – they looked dead to me) and now we’re getting ready to head over to his parents for some Seafood Jumbo (the other standard Easter dinner).

 All good things must come to end though soon … it will be Monday AM in less than 12 hours:(.

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Blue or Pink?

March 19, 2008 at 7:49 am (little one on the way, pregnancy, pregnant)

Four more weeks and I should know.  That is if the little one on the way is cooperating!  Yesterday I heard the heart beat – 145 beats & got the next Ultrasound date – yipee!  I remember finding out Evan’s gender.  I just wanted to know from the Ultrasound Lady if she was sure … as in “can I paint the room blue sure”?  I can hardly tell enough about those pictures to recognize the head, much less a little thing like ‘that’.

But April 16th is the day … no yellow & green for me:)

Oh & on a side note – can you believe I actually got in & OUT of my appointment yesterday BEFORE my appointment time?!?!  That has got to be a first.  I showed up about 30 minutes early just because it worked out that way so I thought I’d give it a try.  This goes agains the Code of Dr Offices, so I know I’m in for it next time!!

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Have you noticed??

March 18, 2008 at 11:24 am (The Biggest Loser, tv, weight loss)

The Biggest Loser is on tonight!  I’ve been more hooked this season than in the past for some reason.  But I must say I’m not that happy about two things:

1.  The Twist – If I were a player (still in the game of course) oh I would hate that twist!!!  How stinky that you have to try & beat the same person – again!!

2.  Last week’s ending – I’ve always loved how TBL actually kicks the person off the same night – no “tune in next week for the exciting conclusion” … until last week!  Ugh!!!

Now for two questions:

1.  Have you noticed that the guy contestants now leave their shirts on?  What is up with that?  When they were 300lbs they took them off and now that they’re 200lbs they cover up.  Granted many of them need to get toned up before they should take their shirts off, but why was it ok at 300 and not at 200???

2.  Have you noticed that the girls still take their’s off?  Why do they and the guys don’t?

Not earth shattering questions by any means, but I am curious!

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Drab to Fab!

March 17, 2008 at 7:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Monday.  Enough said.  It’s almost always a stinky day.  Today mine was.  No particular reason why, but it was just one of those days.  UNTIL … I came across this wonderful email from Stephanie at Twist and Shout letting me know I won Prize Number 27 from the Ultimate Blog Party!!!  How fun is that!!!  Won’t the new little one on the way look cool in this ….

Thank you Twist & Shout & Ultimate Blog Party!!!

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What did I accomplish?

March 16, 2008 at 8:49 am (cleaning, Easter, sisterchicks, tornado, weekend)

Yesterday was supposed to be a day full of accomplishment –

1.  clean the house (the little guy was spending the night with my parents which means I could actually clean without it getting torn up 2 seconds later).

2.  go grocery shopping (with peace & quiet b/c the little guy was still out with his grandparents)

3.  go fun shopping (Easter baskets, spring clothes, fun, fun)

4.  get my nails done (because I had a gift certificate)

5.  have dinner with the Sisterchicks

But instead, some tornado warnings kept deciding to go off, hail swept through the area and it was not a good day to get outside and do any of that!!

But I did get to:

1.  clean the house

2.  file everything that I’ve been throwing into my ‘I’ll file later b/c I certainly don’t want to do that now bin” – it felt like it was everything since 2007!!!

3.  have dinner with the Sisterchicks:)

 What did you (or did you not) accomplish this weekend?

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It’s a Party!

March 8, 2008 at 9:37 am (2008, blogging, Ultimate Party Blog)

Or so that’s what I hear.  I love hosting parties, although I don’t think I’m that particularly good at it and since I’ve never hosted one online before there’s absolutely no telling how this one will come off!  My guess is probably not that good – afterall, I really don’t even know what this is all about but I was called out challenged to participate.

My name is Mandi.  I live in GA with my husband, two-year old son and little baby on the way.  The baby on the way actually still lives in me, but technically since I’m in GA then so is he (or she) … I’m thinking it’s boy #2, but that’s just a hunch.  I’ll know for sure soon enough.


After our son was born I tried to continue working but that got tough.  I enjoyed my job with a User Research Firm in ATL, but not enough to get over the ‘torn’ feeling I had.  So after a year I resigned.  I enjoyed being at home but in some wierd way still missed working.  After a year at home, I went back to work at the same company in a contract role of very part-time position that’s of course ended up more non-part time than part-time.  But with Spring Break & Summer Vacations approaching, that time is coming to end.  I’ll then be back full-time with the little guy & getting ready for the new one on the way.

I started this blog originally because my girlfriends (Sisterchicks – see below) all had a blog and our 20+ daily emails to each other went to zero because there was no need to email anymore – they had all already blogged about it.  So for me to keep up with my Sisterchicks “it came to this“.   

I normally end up blogging about really important & incredibly interesting topics (read with complete sarcasim).  Unfortunately I rarely blog about anything important or interesting.  And since my camera’s been on the brink recently the posts are even more boring than needed.  Here’s a link or two to my favorite, better, interesting, better among the worst posts, just to give you a better idea of who I am:

 Big News – well this is the one where I announced some Big News.

My Little … Celebrity – this one I just like because of the picture:)

The Great Eight – this one was just fun for me to write & ‘relive’.

The the Picture behind the Picture – this one just makes me smile.

So that’s scary – I just summed up the best of the worst into four posts … I’m sure you’ll be back for more!!!

So enough about me … let’s get to the prizes.  So since I have to narrow it down to three, my top picks would be … 

1.  The Baby Candy T-Shirt from Baby Candy (because of the little one on the way)

2.  The $50 Gift Certificate from Paperlicious (because who wouldn’t want that)

3.  The Blog Makeover from Shauna (because my blog could certainly use a makeover).

But of course I’d also be really happy with these too: 

4.  The $23 Cash from Kristin at An Ordinary Life (because it’s cash … what a better way to celebrate her Birthday)!

5.  Chocolate – (enough said) – by The Chocolistas.

 So thanks for stopping by … happy party hopping!

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G-E-O-R-G-E!!!!! (sayeth the Man in the Yellow Hat)

March 6, 2008 at 3:34 pm (2year olds, Curious George)

Curious George is a popular show in our household.  Actually not really popular with our entire household but definitely with one little 2-yr old.  I like George.  Evan LOVES George.  George can be educational at times, but primarily George is just curious so that means he gets in trouble alot.  Since Evan copies e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g that he sees that means he gets in a trouble alot … for copying George.   And unfortunately the ‘disclaimer’ at the end of each episode – “George is a monkey, so he can do things that you can’t do” doesn’t exactly cover it for a 2-yr old. 

For instance, George can jump on furniture – Evan cannot.  George can spill juice on the carpet – Evan cannot.  George can spill his food – Evan cannot.  Actually Evan ‘can’ do all those things (has tried them all plus more) but he just gets in trouble.  He’s quick to inform me though that he’s doing it “just like George”:).

 There is one thing though that I do let him get away with.  George can run around his house naked – Evan can too!

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March 4, 2008 at 2:47 pm (3 year olds, playground, tv)

Evan needed to get some energy out, but it’s either been freezing, super windy and/or raining here the last few days (Saturday & Sunday excluded – it was gorgeous) so I decided to take him to the nearest (and cleanest) fast food joint with an indoor playground – this happened to be a newly remodeled/reopened Burger King.  It’s one of those where you can actually sit & eat in the playground room, not like the ones where there’s just one bench (so that probably made no sense, but if it did it will help explain this story better). 

So we’re sitting there – eating lunch – in the playground room – with all the other moms & children doing the same thing.  The mother/daughter duo behind me is eating lunch & the girl starts whining.  She of course wants to go on the playground (afterall, she’s in the playground room).  This girl was no older than 3 – she couldn’t have been.  Even if she was super small for her age, she could have only been 3-1/2 at the most.  So she’s whining & her conversation with her mom goes like this:

Mom:  “you’re not going on the playground” (even though I’m torturing you by sitting right next to it).

Mom:  “Do you know why you’re not going on the playground? Do you remember what you did last night after mommy went to bed?”

Girl:  whiney, whiney

Mom:  “You got up, turned on your lights AND your TV & watched television all night”

Now I do give the mom props because she held her word & the whiney girl didn’t get to play on the playground – but is it just me or is it super crazy that a 3 year old has a TV in her room?!?!  I mean is that normal?  I didn’t think I had to worry about that one until at least elementary school.  That’s crazy to me!!!

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Thank you Jesus for the eggs.

March 2, 2008 at 3:47 pm (2year olds, Egg Hunt, weekend)

Yesterday we were supposed to go to an Easter Egg Hunt with my sister Staci at Nora’s parents house .  Evan had spent the night with my mom & dad (his Gami & Papa) so we went to their house to pick him up.  Unfortunately right before we got there he got sick to his stomach.  He had been sick on Wednesday but not another ‘episode’ until that Saturday AM – crazy!  So needless to say we didn’t take him to the Egg Hunt:(.

 We stayed at my parents for a while partly because we didn’t want to drive with the chance of another ‘episode’ and partly because it was my mom’s birthday & we were supposed to have a birthday dinner that evening.  Of course it’s hard to keep a two year old down – the second he thinks he’s feeling better he wants to run around again and this time was no different. 

My parents lost 6 or 7 huge pine trees in the storms early this week … it was crazy (more like a miracle) how they all fell without falling on the house!! Even my Dad’s squirrel feeder was standing up practically in the middle of all the downed trees not even touched.  So my Dad & brothers – Matt & Clint – were cutting the trees up & hauling everything off in their trucks.  Evan got to ride once or twice in the back of the trucks.

Aunt Staci came back from the Egg Hunt with a goody bag for Evan – full of stickers, coloring sheets, & eggs filled with candy!!!  He had alot of fun with that!

So after lunch we decided to ride on home & let the little guy get some sleep.  That night as I was laying Evan down, I started his prayer & he finished with this:

 Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Mommie & Daddie & Papa & Gami & Aunt Staci & Uncle Matt, Uncle Clint & Uncle Matt’s Truck & Uncle Clint’s Truck.  And thank you Jesus for the eggs.


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