Top ten things on my list

July 28, 2009 at 12:41 pm (Top Ten Tuesday)

Or the alternative title – Top Ten Reasons You’re Getting This Lame Excuse for a Blog Post Because I Don’t Have Time to Write Anything Better – but I figured that would be too long – ha!

1.  Working on Invitations for Megan’s 1st Birthday Party – whew, where has the time gone??

2.  Finalizing things for Evan’s 4th Birthday Party – double whew!! 

3.  Finishing laundry & unpacking from last week’s vacation.  Yes, I’ve been home 3 full days and my suit case is still packed!!  That’s one of the down sides to me washing all the clothes before I came home.  If they were dirty, they’d be washed & put up by now!!

4.  Planning a 10 year Anniversary Trip – it will be delayed by a month or so because of our 9th Anniversary present!

5.  Watching the paint dry, literally!  We’re long past due, so I’m super excited that the exterior of our house is being re-painted this week!!

6.  Playing police between siblings!!

7.  Getting excited about painting our kitchen table!  It was a hand-me-down that I planned on having the first few months of moving in this house.  We’ve been here 6 years now!!  I can’t justify the expense of a new table, but a little paint, some elbow grease & help from mom … that I can justify!  Thanks Mom!!

8.  Planning to lose those last 10 lbs!!  I’ve been slack most of this summer, but yet have maintained my original weightloss.  However, I really, really, really, want to get to my goal before our 10-year anniversary.  Just so I know I could put the wedding dress back on if I really wanted too!  I say “planning” because that’s what I have to do.  If I don’t plan right (grocery shopping, meal menus, etc.) then I end up eating whatever!!  I’m stilling using Joy’s LIFE Diet & love it!

9.  Cleaning house – how did it get so messy when no one was here?!?  Oh yeah, I didn’t keep it very clean before leaving!

10.  Working on a better post for next week!!  Sorry all you Top Ten Readers, I’ll plan in advance next time:)

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And the winners are

July 28, 2009 at 8:23 am (contest, giveaways)

Thanks to the good people at MyBlogSpark, I was able to select three winners for the What’s for Dinner Giveaway.  I had every intention of linking the giveaway to different “contest” sites, but the Internet access on the beach was spotty at best & it just never worked out.  But actually, when I came home & read the comments I was really excited because everyone entered I either know IRL, know through blogging/twitterfor a while, or we’ve just started tweeting or reading each others blogs … so, I was happy that either an old friend or a new friend would win!!

I went with the old pick out of a hat method & I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I even took a picture, but my husband has the little uploader thingy that I need to post it & honestly does a picture really tell the truth with something like this anyway?!?  So, you’ll just have to trust me!!!

And the winners are:

 Jessie from the Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie has a great site.  It’s always filled with yummy recipes, pictures of her adorable little girl, book recommendations, budget ideas & fun stuff in between!  She also hosts a Family Recipes carnival every Friday … so if you need good recipes or want to add yours, then be sure to link up to her!!

Brandi at Will Blog for Shoes – with a blog title like that, how can you NOT be intrigued?!?  She writes great posts about her little “Wog” & “Bug” … I’ll let you click over to find out who or what those really are:).  And in her Blogging Manifesto, she’s declared to “offer a giveaway every stinkin’ chance I get.  It’s just WAY fun to me.” … sounds great to me!!  I met her in web world, like Vanderbilt Wife, through my best IRL friend ohAmanda.

and last but certainly not least …

Staci at Simply Staci– yes, I know you could cry foul on this one.  She IS my sister.  But as stated above, I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I can’t take her out even if she followed the rules, just because she is my sister – that would be cheating!!  The funny thing is that she only entered herself with one comment, even though she tweeted & follows & all those other things … I know all that because she’s my sister, but I still ONLY entered her once & she STILL won … she got lucky!  But, if you’re not reading her blog already then you should!  She’s a single gal (she’s holding out for the right one b/c she could definitely get anyone she really wants!!) – she’s gorgeous, talented, incredibly sweet, can bake like a mad women, and writes about all that good stuff!!

So if you won, then I’ll contact you for an address.   Thanks to everyone for playing along!!


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Blog Hop 09

July 26, 2009 at 10:45 pm (blogging)

blog hop

The twitter & blog worlds are all a buzz about BlogHer ’09.  If you’re here, visiting my blog, then you probably weren’t there.  My guess is that those folks are sifting through their bags of swag, updating their return home travel statuses or tweeting about how they already miss their new best friends!!  And if you have no idea what BlogHer ’09 is even about, that’s ok.  It actually might work in my favor because other wise, you’d probably be reading recaps of anyone that went!!  So with all, I’m glad you’re here!  Thanks for hopping by!

Pensieve … magically delicious has put together this little hop to meet new bloggers.  So, I should technically be giving a little bio of myself so you’ll hopefully come back to visit again.  That’s so hard to do.  I hate bios.  Does anyone actually like writing them???  I think it’s because I honestly think I’m too boring for any of it – twitter, blogs, you name it!  But I just enjoy keeping up with it all … or at least trying my best to keep up with it all!!  I am a stay-at-home-mom to a 3 year old son, Evan and an 11 month old daughter Megan.  We’re heading into August & that’s an exciting time around our household.  We’ll be celebrating Evan’s 4th Birthday, Megan’s 1st Birthday & our 10 year anniversary!!  So, it’s exciting & also very expensive!!

I typically write about family, friends, the little ones, and anything else that might come up … hopefully it’s interesting but I can’t guarantee that!!  I participate in my IRL BFF’s Top Ten Tuesday Carnival each week, I have also just recently started linking up to the Diaper Diaries’ Things I Love Thursday.  So that leaves Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays for just some good old happenings, Conversations with Three Year Olds, or some Quick Questions.  I just got back in town from a week at the beach, so rather than getting my brain & my fingers to type properly, it may be best if you just read here –   This is how it all got started. 

I love finding new blogs, so leave me a comment so I’ll know where to find you!! 

Thanks for hopping by!



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July 24, 2009 at 8:24 am (Evan, Megan)

Growing up & even after getting married, I was not one that dreamed of having babies.  Not because I didn’t want children, but because I was truly scared to death of giving birth.  The thought of being pregnant was fine – but knowing the process of how a baby was born was something totally different.  Throughout my first pregnancy, I literally had to keep reminding myself that we’re all here because of childbirth.  Plenty of women had done it before me & plenty would do it after. 

But once I had one child, I always knew I’d want them to have a brother or sister.  I always “thought” it was because I just didn’t want him to be an only child.  Yes there’s that whole spoiled child factor (no offense if you’re one of those … I know plenty of only-children that are NOT spoiled & I know plenty of children with siblings that ARE spoiled!), but mainly because I grew up one of four children.  My older sister, Staci & my younger twin brothers.  Sure we fought alot, but every family memory I have involves them – both good & bad.  And I couldn’t imagine my childhood any other way. 

Fast forward three years after Evan was born.  We brought Megan home about two weeks after Evan turned three.   I was nervous about how he would react.  I was expecting jealousy and fights for attention.  But instead I was absolutely in awe at how much he truly loved his baby sister.  He had the big brother mentality from day one.  He was protective of her, loving towards her & wanted to give her whatever she wanted or needed.  Instead of getting upset at Megan for crying, he would get upset at me or Pepper for not giving her what she needed.  He’d say “Mommy.  She WANTS her bottle!!”.  He would tell her “it’s alright, we’re almost home” or “it’s alright Mommy’s coming”.  He would hold her hand in the car & he would race to her room when he’d hear her wake up through the monitor.  He would get the biggest grin on his face when he’d see us coming to pick him up at school – not because of me, oh no.  The first person he wanted to see was Megan!

The feelings were mutual.  Megan would just look at him in awe & laugh & smile at whatever he did.  Her eyes would follow him around the room just to see where he was going.  She already has a love for dinosaurs, horses & soccer balls because that’s what her brother loves.  If he wasn’t with me to pick her up out of her crib, her head would circle all the way around & she’d point towards the door as if to say “where is he?  let’s go find big brother”. 

I’ve realized the very best part of having more than one child – it’s watching them with each other! 

And now, fast forward to the present.  In just a few weeks, Evan will turn four years old and Megan will turn one.  My days are now often filled with “don’t touch here”, “just please, leave her alone”.  While he’s excited to see Megan grow up and he’ll tell her what “a good girl” she is for standing up all by herself, he’s also starting to fight for a little more for attention, get a little more jealous and definitely get a little more aggresive.  In fact, I’ve had this post in draft status for some time now & decided I’d better put a rush on it before I forget the gentle, sweet relationship they shared the first year!!

So I know their relationship will have its ups & downs over the years and some days will be better than others.  And on those off days, I’ll remember when they played “Peek-a-boo” and made each other (and me) laugh!

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Question of the week

July 22, 2009 at 8:27 am (Questions, random)

So this is totally & completely random but I need your help.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else?

Recently, I’ve purchased the big bulk size container of my laundry detergent.  It’s the one that you don’t pour, but instead push the button & the little valve opens up.  You hold the cup under the valve as the detergent comes out.  Do you have a visual?  I should really go take a picture but sorry, that’s not happening right now!

So, my problem is that my container is the stickiest, nastiest thing – ever!!  I don’t even put the cap back on like you should & it’s still sticky everywhere!!  Does this happen to anyone else or can I just not properly pour it from the big container like a big girl??  Any tips??

At this point, I’d rather have cleanliness over savings so I’m thinking I’ll stick with the containers that won’t break my back!

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Beach memories

July 21, 2009 at 8:19 am (Top Ten Tuesday)

I’m at the beach this week in Florida – yay!!  It’s been a really long time since I’ve been at the beach for an entire week with the opportunity to relax.  The last two times have been only for a few days and with kids in tow.  I have kids in tow but I also have the grandparents, two aunts, one uncle, three cousins and 10-other family best friends!!  So, hopefully there’s enough distraction for the little ones to stay happy and enough hands to give me a little longer shower in the morning and some time to just sit in the sand or by the pool!!

So in honor of Top Ten Tuesday, I’ve come up with ten of my favorite beach memories:

1.  The Brown/Thornton Family Vacations – that’s what I’m on right now.  When we were younger, our family & our family’s best friends all went to Florida each year together.  Originally there were 11 of us.  We’d all stay in one condo and sleep wherever we could find a space long enough for a sleeping bag.  Over the years we’d bring friends and then we started bringing boy/girl friends, husbands, wives & now kids.  Our little group of 11 has now grown to 23.  When I think childhood, summer, or beach … I must think of the Brown/Thornton Family Vacations!

2.  Mission Trip – Our youth group went to Florida after Hurricane Andrew hit the area.  I actually don’t recall ever seeing the beach but it was in Florida so when I think beach, I think Florida and then shortly after think about this Mission Trip.  One thing I specifically remember is bug bites – we slept in giant tents & I remember counting the number of bites on my leg … I was well into the hundreds!!  What can I say … I’m sweet, so bugs like me!

3.  Youth Trips to the beach – I distinctly remember two trips with our youth group – one never happened!  Our youth group took a summer trip to Panama City, but bad storms were moving in.  We made it to a little town called Dothan Alabama (more than half-way there) and had to turn back around because of hurricane warnings.  Another was a Spring Break trip to the Destin area.  We got to stay in Mr. Cathy’s house … as in Truitt Cathy the owner of Chick-fil-a.  Unfortunately, the thing I remember most about this trip was getting burnt to a crisp!!  And then the ride home – painful!

4.  Sunsets on the beach– It’s fun to try and get that perfect sunset picture!   I have two framed pictures from our honeymoon to Jamaica that hang in our dining room … it’s the perfect souvenir!

5.  The beaches of Carlsbad, CA – we visited some friends in Carlsbad several years ago.  They live in an adorable little house directly across the street from the beach.  Their deck patio has a terrific view.  It was November so we didn’t get in the water, but sitting on the patio & then walking across the street to the beach sure did make this GA girl dream about being a CA girl!

6.  New Year’s Eve on the beach– Several years ago, we went with another couple to Destin over the New Year’s holiday.  We had a bonfire on the beach & shot fireworks at midnight.  Plus we celebrated Eastern Time because of our home in Atlanta & “Florida time” too, so it was double the fun!  It was a great way to ring in the New Year! 

7.  The beaches of the Bahamas– On THE cruise with my Sisterchicks we went to the Atlantis Resort & hung out on their beach for a while – long enough to get some cute pictures and a little wet.  When you’re with your Sisterchicks … everything is the best!

8.  The beaches with Megan & Evan – it doesn’t matter what beach it is, it’s just fun to watch them.  Megan loves to eat it and Evan loves to be buried in it! 

9.  Walks on the Beach – again, it doesn’t matter which beach it is, I love walks at night. 

10.  The beaches in Hawaii– In 2003 we went on a family trip to Hawaii.  The beaches are absolutely the most perfect I’ve ever seen!!   We hung out a while on the beaches of Kaui which were calm, quiet, and just surrounded by complete beauty!!  We also stayed on the beaches of Honolulu.  Totally different – extremely crowded and the views consisted of alot of high-rises, but it was Hawaii so high-rise or not … it was all good!! 

For more Top Ten Tuesday lists or to link up to your own, visit

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Conversations with a three year old

July 20, 2009 at 8:00 am (3 year olds, Evan)

I’m pulling this one out of the memory bank before I forget about it & let it slip away!  And before said three year old turns four!!

Scene:  After three year old has taken a bath, brushed his teeth & had his hair brushed (which around our house the hair brushing part is called “getting handsome”), he goes for a walk with his mom

Mom:  It’s windy tonight isn’t it.

Three year old:  Yes.  It is windy tonight.

Three year old:  Mom (said with complete aggravation)!  The wind is blowing my handsome away!!

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What’s for dinner … a giveaway!

July 16, 2009 at 11:22 pm (giveaways)

Recently I was given the opportunity to sample some new dinner kits by Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  Now I love some Italian Pasta, but unfortunately my at-home pasta kit making experiences usually leave much to be desired!  And my husband is incredibly, incredibly picky so if he even sees a box kit he immediately becomes skeptical.  However it was what I was cooking, so he was getting it for dinner … unless of course he decided to make something all by himself!

It’s described as,

With quick and easy preparation, a Romano’s Macaroni Grill Restaurant Favorites meal is ready to eat in about 20 minutes. 

The dinner kits include everything needed to create a high-quality meal in one box including premium ingredients such as vine-ripened tomatoes, select cooking wines, specialty herbs and 100% semolina pasta.  All you have to do is add one pound of chicken or your choice of proteins such as shrimp or Italian sausage. 

So here’s my verdict:

Quick & Easy Preparation – Check. Check.  It took about 20 minutes, give or take.  Just long enough for some pasta to boil and some chicken to brown!

Everything is Included – Check again.  Now to make it a little less “box like” for the sake of my ever so picky husband, I did take them up on the “Extra Tips” to add some fresh veggies – like broccoli.  Mushrooms would have been good to, but we were out.  My only recommendation would be you might actually need some more pasta.  It was made to feed 3-4, but 4 (especially adults) might be stretching it!  There was plenty of the other contents for our personal taste though.  So if you know your family really likes pasta & it’s going to be your main course, you might want to break into your personal pasta stash or double on the boxes!

So, the overall verdict – It was really yummy & super easy!  Even super picky husband couldn’t find much to grumble about … and he was given a free pass to grumble since I needed to give an honest response for this review!!

So, look for them in the store.  At my grocery store they were with the boxed pasta meal making kits (appropriate, huh?).  We ate the Chicken Alfredo with Linguine, but they also have Garlic & Herb Chicken Penne, Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pasta and Chicken Marsala with Linguine.   I’m looking forward to trying the others as well!

OR – you could try to win a box yourself!  MyBlogSpark is helping to give away one Complimentary Gift Basket to each of THREE of my readers – that means all my readers could win (heeheee)!!  The “What’s For Dinner” gift basket includes samples of all varieties, a colander, serving spoon & even a cute little cheese grater.

Macaroni Grill Gift Image

So, if you want a chance at winning, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Leave me a comment – you can just say hi, but if you need some inspiration why not tell me what your favorite pasta dish is or maybe how often you eat dinner together as a family or maybe what color shirt you’re wearing today … I don’t care!

If you want your name in the hat, more than once then you’ll get an extra chance for each of the following – please leave a separate comment for each entry:

1.  Subscribe to my blog – because that’s what all the big bloggers say (heck, I barely even know how to subscribe so you could probably just lie about this part, but I’d be really sad if I found out)!

2.  Follow me on Twitter @ItsComeToThis – because it’s fun to have followers:)

3.  Tweet about this giveaway – because honestly it gives me an extra spring in my step when I see twitter mentions in my TweetDeck!!

I’ll draw all THREE winners on Saturday, July 25th so you have until Midnight EST & post the winners by Monday, July 27th.

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Skinny cow love

July 16, 2009 at 10:43 am (Things I Love Thursday) ()

My Products

Can I just say that these little treats of heaven (aka The Skinny Cow) are the perfect, guilt-free ending to a day!!  Right now, I’m loving, loving, loving, the Sandwich Cookies – yummy!!  At only 140 calories per sandwich, they fit into my Joy LIFE Diet and I’m a happy girl.

So that’s something I love on this fine Thursday.  For more Things You Love Thursday or to link up to your own, visit The Diaper Diaries.

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Ten things to disinfect

July 14, 2009 at 9:08 am (Top Ten Tuesday)

Doesn’t that title pull you in?!?!

I’ve been a mad woman with my Lysol spray & Clorox wipes the last few days!  On Monday our 3yo Evan was sick.  His came & went in about 12 hours.  Then on Thursday our daughter Megan got sick.  Her’s lasted about 4 days, went away for about 23 hours & has now come back!!  What is up with being sick in the middle of summer??  It stinks anytime of the year, but at least it feels “right” to be sick in the winter! 

I’ve realized sickness or not, there’s just certain things you should disinfect on a VERY regular basis.

1.  Telephones – House phones are bad, but oh how I remember phones at work … wipe me clean, please!!

2.  Keyboards & the Mouse – I’m sure you’ve read the horror stories about things “found” on those buttons – eww!

3.  Door handles – yep, those can get nasty.

4.  Faucets – since they’re used before cleaning your dirty hands, it stands to believe that they’re pretty yucky!

5.  Toys – in house they go in hands, in mouths, and who knows where else in between so yep, they need a good wipe down!

6.  Fridge Door Handles – For some reason, I think about washing my hands AFTER I pull everything out.

7.  Remote Controls – That’s just gross to think about.  Plus right now they’re Megan’s favorite chew toy!

8.  Toothbrushes– ok so no, I don’t spray these … but definitely throw them out & start all over!

9.  Carseats– After about 20 hours of fever & vomit-free, I thought for sure Megan was well enough to go pick up big brother from grandmother’s house.  Um, she decided that she wasn’t – while she was strapped in the car seat!!  I have cleaned parts of that thing I didn’t even know existed!!

10. Steering Wheel & Gear Changer Thingy – I always think about that after pumping gas, but especially thought about it after cleaning up previously mentioned #9!!

I have two more (the trash can & the iPod), but it’s a Top Ten Tuesday, kind of day … not twelve!

So what is one of the top things that gives you the willies & must be sprayed?!?!    For more Top Ten Tuesday or to link up to one of your own, visit

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