Procrastination at its worst

May 11, 2009 at 10:14 am (baby girl, Megan, painting) (, )

Tomorrow will be exactly 9 months – NINE months since I wrote this post.  In it, I wrote:

I still need artwork & window treatments, but this is probably all that will be done before she comes home.  The big “moon” above her bed is still up for debate.  The plan was to put her monogram inside, but that’s hard to do without a name!!  Right now I don’t like it, so we’ll have to see what it looks like after the monogram & then it will either stay or go. 

NINE MONTHS!  That’s long enough to carry a child full-term or to complete an entire grade in school, but apparently it’s not long enough to buy artwork & window treatments – much less hang them!  And it’s not long enough to get rid of the big moon that I still don’t like – monogram or not.  Because you guessed it, this is what her room still looks like:

My goodness, my baby girl will be ONE in just three months.  At this rate, she’s going to outgrow her room before I get it finished!!  And let’s not even get started talking about framed pictures & baby books.  Because if we did, I’d have to admit that she’s only in one framed picture in the entire house & that her baby book is a far cry from a baby book. 

So, please help me feel better & tell me what you procrastinate with (especially if it’s as long as I!!), or just leave me some comment love & tell me I’m horrible for still not finishing her room!!!

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Not That Excited!

July 22, 2007 at 2:52 am (painting, Pepper)

As in Pep wasn’t that excited about the paint job (see previous post – My Break).   His actual words were, “If I were on a While You Were Out type show, I’d have to say I’m disappointed” … ouch!  I think it was in the delivery.  I should have given him the heads up that I repainted it, instead he went downstairs to look at the bathroom we’ve been finishing off & low and behold the whole downstairs is a completely different color!  The basement has always been his domain … I don’t clean it, barely decorate it, and barely even go down there, so he certainly didn’t have any idea I’d spend the whole weekend down there!!  Anyhow, he’s already said this morning that it’s growing on him.  So either he feels badly or it really is … the verdict is still out on that one:) 

 So … which one do you like better?!?!?!




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My “Break”

July 16, 2007 at 1:22 am (breaks, painting, weekend)

We just past the half-way point on Pep’s 2-week out of town status … basically he’ll be home in another week.  I guess that’s good news … one more week is certainly better than two, but one week is still a long way off when it’s already been one whole week – whew! 

This weekend my parents took Evan so I could have a little ‘break’.  However, instead of sitting around eating bon-bons & watching Oprah I chose to paint the entire basement!  I had been tired of the look & color for a while now, but at the same time I (primarly my ever talented and gracious sister Staci) had worked so hard on painting the basement the first time I hated to wash it all away with a new color.  We did this really cool ‘leathered’ look to the room, but the light never hit it just right – in fact it always hit it a little strange & made the walls look messy instead of leathery!   So I think I was just ready for a change.  Pep didn’t want me to repaint (probably b/c he knows I’m not a good painter & it would look messier if I tried to repaint it … which unfortunately he’s right to some extent), so I didn’t tell him & still haven’t … I think it’s best to just show it to him when he gets home as opposed to breaking that news over the phone!!  

Honestly he won’t care as long as he’s the one that didn’t have to paint it, so that’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do it this weekend he was gone, but the stinky part is that b/c I haven’t told him he truly thinks I’ve been sitting around eating bon-bons & watching Oprah this whole weekend while Evan’s been at my parents.  Every time I talked to him on the phone this weekend, I was hot, sweaty, tired, had sore hands & had paint all over me (I know you shouldn’t have sore hands or paint all over you, but remember … I’m not a good painter) & he kept saying “I’m so glad you took Evan to your parents … I hope you’re enjoying your “break”!!! 

He was being sincere & trying to be sweet, but it made me want to puke:)

Hope you’re weekend was a little “break”!

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