The Celebration

April 18, 2008 at 11:23 pm (birthdays) (, )

So last week our family was honoring my husband’s brother – Jeremy.  And as I said, I had the pleasure of planning a fun night:)

Basically I just wanted everyone to have fun & for the cousins to learn a little more about their Uncle along the way.  So it was all about 1985 – the year Uncle J-Bird was born … 23 years ago! 

The first clue was 23 crackers for each of the boys … the boys know that crackers means feeding the ducks!!!  There is a really nice lake at the cemetary so we went to feed the ducks & take our birthday balloons & flowers.  I also pulled out 23 green & blue balloons.  We had a balloon release … the boys didn’t understand why we were actually telling them they could let it go.  I wasn’t sure how the release would come across, but my mother-in-law said that was her favorite part:).

Next I gave the boys a box with 23 tokens (of course they couldn’t see they were tokens – they could only shake the box & “guess” what was inside).  I gave instructions to travel North on the Highway & to call me (we were in two cars) when they had their first guess.  It took several guesses, but they finally realized we were going to Chuck E. Cheese!!!  The boys had a blast & so did the adults too … there was no rhyme or reason for picking Chuck E. Cheese; other than the fact that we could eat & have fun all at once + the boys didn’t have to sit still at the dinner table:)

After we spent ALOT more than 23 tokens, I gave everyone a bag of SourPatch Kids – they were introduced in 1985 – and said something else was introduced in 1985 as well & we were going to play “23 Questions” to find out where location #3 was.  I think we got to Question #8 or 9 & they realized we were going to Dairy Queen!!  The Blizzard was introduced in 1985 + I’m pregnant & love some good ice-cream!!

We wrapped up our night at Dairy Queen (around 10:30pm) and before leaving I gave each of the boys 23, 1 Dollar Bills … it was their money to either save or spend, but whatever they did with it they had to think of the fun we had & of their Uncle Jeremy. 

Overall, it was a good night … we were definitely missing the Guest of Honor but a good night still.  Please keep the family in your thoughts this week, especially my sister-in-law Rebekah …  April 23rd will be 5 years since loosing Jeremy and also her 28th birthday.


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