Guilty pleasures

March 8, 2009 at 2:47 pm (tv) (, )

I have a couple tv guilty pleasures.  Television should be somewhat relaxing, afterall you’re just sitting there watching tv.  Howevever shows like 24 & LOST are anything BUT relaxing – you have to think way too much!!  So that’s where shows like AI, Laguna Beach, Dancing with the Stars, etc. come in.

Well last season I got hooked on The Bachelor (actually I guess it was the Bachelorette).  I think it was just one of those things where nothing was on & I caught it late in the season so then I was just curious who the girl picked.  Well she didn’t pick Jason – and I liked him.  So, when I found out he was the next Bachelor – then I got hooked on that season!  I was rooting for Melissa (watched her on one of my other guilty, guilty pleasures Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – lame, I konw!!).  Well if you watched any of this last season then you know how that one all turned out. 

But rumor has it, two of my guilty pleasures are about to be combined!  Drumroll please ….  ‘Bachelor’ Star Melissa Rycroft Joining ‘Dancing’!

I guess we’ll have to tune in tomorrow night to see for sure!


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