Race for the cure

May 14, 2009 at 12:15 pm (sisterchicks) ()

This past weekend was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Atlanta.  For the last three years, I’ve walked with my Sisterchicks & our Moms.  It’s always such a wonderful experience!!  There were 15,000 participants this year – so with that crowd (and especially with this cause) comes alot of excitement & energy.

This is why I walked.


And this is who I walked with.


And this just happens to be two of the cutest little ones that walked with us (my Megan & ohAmanda‘s Asa).


And this is how long it took me to cross the finish line of a 1-mile walk … The 15,000 people, strollers & chit-chatting along the way didn’t exactly work in favor of my time!).


And this is just one example of what organizations like the Susan G. Komen fund are working towards … more Survivors walking through the balloon arch each year!!  This is “our Survivor Kristen‘s Mom  – Glenda”!!


And here’s two happy grandmothers on Mother’s Day weekend!!



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A decade later

April 25, 2009 at 10:01 pm (family, sisterchicks) (, )

It’s been ten years since my Aunt Sandy (Sissy) died from what originally started out as breast cancer.  An entire decade.   That’s crazy to me in so many ways.  Still to this day, I have mixed emotions when someone uses the phrase “beat cancer”.  By absolutely no dis-credit to their personal journey, what they’ve been through, or the fact that they’re still alive – I promise, I’m incredibly happy for anyone that “beats cancer”, but by saying or agreeing that someone “beat cancer”, I feel like I’d also be saying that Sissy lost her battle to cancer and I don’t see it that way at all.  She fought way too hard & put up with way too much for me to say she lost.  I probably have said it from time to time, but inside, I always catch myself & kick myself for doing it.   Maybe it’s just my competitive nature coming out or maybe it’s my spiritual nature knowing that the purpose of her having cancer wasn’t to lose a battle, but to win her eternity.

By Church of God standards she had a “who’s who” of celebrity preachers speak at her funeral service.  I forget which preacher said it, but I’ll never forget one line … “she enjoyed life, she ran out & touched all the bases, but in the end she came home”!  And I think that was true for her.  She was the Aunt that never took anything too seriously.  She went sky diving, traveled, lived at the beach for a while & never seemed to like long standing commitments like marriage, houses, or even jobs for that matter!  Those things kept her too busy from living life! 

But she was always consistent at being a great Aunt.  She never missed our birthdays, graduations or big events.  Even as I write this I can visually see her signature on cards.  It was distinct – long & slender.  I remember one of the last times we all got to hang out.  Just the girls went to “The Swan House” for brunch & then to the mall for a little shopping.  Her mind & memory were so bad at this point that you couldn’t ever be certain if she knew what she was talking about.  As we walked around the mall she was persistent about going to this one store.  Everyone thought it was in one direction, but she was absolutely certain it was in the opposite.  We followed along as she confidently walked in front of us.  She was right.  We were wrong.  I loved that!!  I was so happy for her to be right!  Just a few days after that she entered the hospital for what would be the last time.  I was actually the one that answered the phone at my parents house the day she passed away.  I remember so much about that day.  My Uncle James was on the other end.  I couldn’t get much out other than “ok” and passed the phone off to my Dad. 


And now, a whole decade has passed that she has missed.  I hate cancer.  I hate that fact that my grandparents had to bury their daughter & that my mom no longer has her sister around – her only sibling.  I don’t want anyone to “beat it” because I don’t want anyone to have it!    Once again, I’ll be walking with my Mom, Sister & Sisterchicks at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event in Atlanta on Mother’s Day Weekend. 

I’ll walk in memory of my Aunt – she lived life, she fought hard, she won her battle for eternity!


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Today’s the big day

November 4, 2008 at 9:07 am (sisterchicks) (, )

Today my sisterchicks minus one are coming to my house for a fun get together – crafts, lunch, and certainly a lot of craziness, I’m sure.   We’ll have two “aunts”, three mamas and six little ones!  And in the end hopefully we’ll have a really cute craft – can’t say what it is though because it involves Christmas & presents:).

Oh, and today is also that little thing called “Election Day” – In case you’ve been under a rock for the last two years!  I voted a few weeks ago & got my little “I’m a Georgia Voter Sticker”.  I must say it didn’t feel very real to vote that early & miss all the hoopla, but I’m thankful for my 15-minute line wait, so it was worth it.  I would normally stay up late & watch the predictions.  For the last election, Pep made a fire & we had smores & hot chocolate, not sure what I’ll do for this one.  It’s a little different with a 10 wk old in the house not to mention I’m pretty sick of all the media on this one!  We’ll see!

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A Fickle of a Day

April 7, 2008 at 1:52 pm (Friends, lunch, sisterchicks)

fick·le – –adjective

1. likely to change

And change it did … this morning I was working from home when I received an impromptu call that some bloggy friends were meeting for an impromptu lunch at the Fickle Pickle.  Oh it’s so yummy!! So Staci, Amanda (with Lydia), Becky & I had a yummy lunch of Chicken Salads, Chicken Tortilla Soup and a Chocolate Ginger Cooking … and of course some fried pickles!! 

Ok – so the girls are more than “just” bloggy friends, but I’ve never been able to say that, so I thought I’d use it this once … they all have blogs & are all friends, so it still works:)

The most amazing part that I just realized – we ate an entire meal together & not ONE camera was brought out!!!!  If there’s four of us, usually at least 3 cameras will come out … but today – not ONE!!!

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What did I accomplish?

March 16, 2008 at 8:49 am (cleaning, Easter, sisterchicks, tornado, weekend)

Yesterday was supposed to be a day full of accomplishment –

1.  clean the house (the little guy was spending the night with my parents which means I could actually clean without it getting torn up 2 seconds later).

2.  go grocery shopping (with peace & quiet b/c the little guy was still out with his grandparents)

3.  go fun shopping (Easter baskets, spring clothes, fun, fun)

4.  get my nails done (because I had a gift certificate)

5.  have dinner with the Sisterchicks

But instead, some tornado warnings kept deciding to go off, hail swept through the area and it was not a good day to get outside and do any of that!!

But I did get to:

1.  clean the house

2.  file everything that I’ve been throwing into my ‘I’ll file later b/c I certainly don’t want to do that now bin” – it felt like it was everything since 2007!!!

3.  have dinner with the Sisterchicks:)

 What did you (or did you not) accomplish this weekend?

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