HANDmade calendars

November 19, 2009 at 8:32 am (random)

Last year, the Sisterchicks got together at my house for the ‘craft of all crafts’.  Honestly – we were crazy!!  We had four adults, and 6 children under the age of 6.  Only one of those children was six.  Three of them were toddlers and two were newborns.  Like I said – we were crazy!!

We were inspired by the Handprint Calenders over at Doodles Place.  We had a good little thing going for a while – about 5 minutes tops!!  And then the kids’ excitement started to wear off.  They were ready to play with toys instead.  But I think the end result was well worth it!!  I ended up printing calendar templates off from Microsoft Word & inserting important family dates.  Then I took it to Kinko’s to have bound.  I added stickers to name each month.

Even with the craziness of putting them together this is probably one of my favorite HANDmade crafts.  I really do love these calendars & I know the grandparents love them as well!!

HANDmade Calendar

January - Snowflake

January - Snowflake

February - Heart

March - Clovers

April - Cross & Sun Rays

May - Flowers

June - Butterfly

July - Fish

August – Sun

September - Apple

October - Pumpkin

November - Turkey

December - Reindeer


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Top ten tuesday – totally random

November 10, 2009 at 7:05 am (random, Top Ten Tuesday)


The RANDOM Edition.  As in, the MOST TOTALLY RANDOM Edition possible!!

1.  I was born exactly 9months after Valentines Day in 1978 – hmmm ….

2.  As a toddler, I walked into the beach backwards.

3.  My first real memory(you know the kind without pictures) is at the age of Kindergarten – I remember shutting myself in the closet of our bedrooom.  My mom was threatening to tell my teacher (Mrs. Bryan) that I wasn’t as good as she thought I was – apparently I was in trouble alot after coming home from school – ha!

4.  I got glasses for the first time during my 4th grade year – with Mrs. Pryor.  She always asked me to read to the class when she stepped out.  I guess that means I was a good student … but why do teachers do that?  Don’t they know the poor student doesn’t want to “tell” on anyone when she comes back!!

5.  I lost a pair of glasses once when they flew off my face during a hayride with our church youth group.  They were ran over & crushed.  I was crushed in fear of telling my parents they’d have to buy me another pair of glasses!

6.  I got braces during middle school – yes, I was the lucky one … glasses & braces at the same time!

7.  I broke another pair of glasses while playing basketball in the 8th grade.  The ball hit me square in the faces & those silly things busted right at the nose!!

8.  I got my first ticket the summer before my senior year of high school.  It wasn’t for speeding, but rather for pulling out & hitting someone – rats!

9.  I came close to a 2nd ticket in 2000, but the officer wished me happy birthday, asked me to slow down & sent me on my way … Thank you Lord for birthdays & nice policemen.

10.  I had Lasik eye surgery in 2004 & finally put an end to my glasses saga.  Absolutely the BEST invention – E.V.E.R!!!!

So, how’s that for random?!

For some more (and hopefully more exciting) Top Ten Tuesday Posts or to link up to your own, visit ohAmanda.com.

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Works for me wednesday – once a month cooking

October 28, 2009 at 8:22 am (random)


After lots of “let’s do this sometime soon”, I did it!

This past Saturday, my sister Staci, Amanda and I got together and took on the September Menu from Once A Month Mom.  The overall outcome:  I think we all agreed that as long as the food tastes good & heats up well then it was definitely a good thing!!! And so far I would have to say that the Once A Month Cooking from Once A Month Mom has “Worked for Me”! It was a long day.  It took a lot of planning.  BUT LOOK AT THE END RESULT!!!


Food, Food, and more Food

Have you ever seen so much food?!?

We were probably on the high end of everything.  It took us about 11hours & we spent a little over $300 (combined).  However it was our first time.  I would definitely imagine we could shave some time & money off that in the future.

A couple reasons, in my opinion (not trying to speak for ohAmanda or Simply Staci) that helped make this “Work for Me”:

The Extra Person – The way I understood everything, the Once A Month “guidelines” are really intended for 2 people.  However, we used threeThis helped us on time – although it took a long time, it no doubt would have taken a lot longer without that third person.   Amanda was “Person A”, Staci was “Person B” and I was the human dish washer!!  It’s not like you have time to run the dishes & I don’t know who in this world would have the amount of dishes & utensils needed to pull the day off, so an extra “human dish washer” worked out well.  It also helped with expenses.  When it was all said & done, I spent $116 for over 18 meals (plus about $15 on some Ziploc Freezer Bags & Baking Trays).  And I promise you we will not feel a shortage of food by splitting it among three people!!  For starters, the meals are designed for 2 families of four.  Amanda & I each have our husbands, a toddler & a one-year old … so in terms of “eating” our families aren’t considered “of four”.  My sister is single so between all that we have PLENTY of food!!!

Table/Counter Space – My kitchen is not huge by any means, but I would say that I definitely have a fair amount of counter space & it definitely helped.  I even brought up an extra 6′ folding table that I had & we got alot of use out of that.  By the end of the night we had food lining up around the floor & on the fireplace!!

The Food Processor – Amanda borrowed her Dad’s Cuisinart Processor.  Very early on we realized she should have borrowed her Dad too (he’s awesome in the kitchen!!), but since she forgot him the Processor would have to do … and it did!  Chicken, Apples, Pears, Veggies … chop, chop, chop!  Amanda also had her smaller prep one & it got used as well!

The Electric Griddle – My husband uses this all the time for big breakfast meals, but I’m not a huge fan … too much clean up for me:)  But we were flippin Silver Dollar Pear Pancakes like crazy woman (a whole other post all by itself) with that thing!  But it gave us alot more room to keep working on the stove.

The Whole ProgramA Menu, Instructions, A Grocery List how could that not work for me!! Sure, Montery Jack Cheese wasn’t on the grocery list(unless all three of us just looked over it every time) & we had to make a midnight run, but my goodness have you seen everything that is done for you!!   Tricia even checked in on us via Twitter to make sure we were ok … how sweet is that!!

It’s Already Done I have so much food … AND it’s ready to eat (we’ve already enjoyed several items) or give away (I already gave two dishes to my parents because they watched the kiddos so I could pull the day off)!  And they loved both their meals!!

Ready to pull out of the freezer:)

Ready & Waiting!

So, there’s lots more I could say about it and hopefully ohAmanda & Simply Staci will post on it soon too!  But for now that’s just a brief synopsis of our Once a Month Cooking Day & why it worked for me!

Thanks Once A Month Mom!!!!

For more Works-for-Me Wednesday Posts or to link up to your own, visit We Are That Family!

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Top ten tuesday – halloween costumes

October 27, 2009 at 2:25 pm (random)

top-ten-tuesday It’s the week of Halloween.  And honestly, I only get excited for Halloween for two reasons.  One – It’s one day away from November.  Which means it’s 15 days away from my birthday, 20-something days away from Thanksgiving, and less than 2 months away from Christmas.  To me, Halloween means the real holidays are officially here!!!  Number  two – I get to dress my kids up!  I was never that into dressing up throughout my teenage/young adult years but I love thinking about the kids’ costumes!

So in honor of Top Ten Tuesday, here are my Top Ten (ok maybe I can only think of ten so they all made the list – but what’s the difference?) Halloween Costumes!

1. My first halloween costume memory is only because of pictures … I was dressed as a cookie monster.

2. My second, is once again because of pictures … we did something (a church carnival probably) with OhAmanda that year, and basically every year after that.  Amanda & I were sweet angels or fairies … I forget exactly.  But I remember that we were pretty, sweet, & cute.  My sister on the otherhand was a witch – hahaha … guess she drew the short straw:)  I have one picture stuck in my head that I cannot find but her face is NOT happy about being that witch.  Staci or Amanda, do you have a copy??

3. My memories skip until after I got married to my husband.  His name is Pepper, so as you can imagine, people think it’s funny & original to call me salt.  Side note:  If you ever meet someone named Pepper, it’s NOT funny or original to call his wife Salt).   So, Halloween 2000 that’s what we were – Salt & Pepper:)  OH, how I wish I could find a picture.  I basically looked like the Morton’s Salt Can.  I wraped blue fabric around a hula hoop & wore it like a dress.  I used cut-out sticky felt letters & wrote the logo, barcode, etc.   My husband just wore blue jeans & a black shirt.  We wrote “& Pepper” on his shirt.  We were officially … “Salt & Pepper” :)

4. 2005 was Evan’s first Halloween.  He was just 2 months old & all I ever heard was “oh my goodness he looks so much like his daddy”!!  At two months old I had no intention on dressing him up.  However, I found this adorable “little pepper” bunting costume & couldn’t pass it up!

Evan ~ Little Pepper ~ 2005

Evan ~ Little Pepper ~ 2005

5. In 2006 Evan was into everything, including Curious George … he was our own little Monkey!  I found this costume at Old Navy.  I love home-made, put together costumes, but Old Navy has some really, really cute ones!!

Evan ~ Our Little Monkey ~ 2006

Evan ~ Our Little Monkey ~ 2006

6. In 2007 Evan was all into Zebras!  However in our household they’re simply called “Stripes“.   Old Navy once again came to my rescue & Supplied this cute little costumer!


Stripes ~ Evan 2007

7. Then in 2008, Evan was all about cowboys & horses.  So of all random places, I found this costume at Cracker Barrel random, yes!  He still wants to fit in it today but his belly pops out & the pants looks like he’s ready for the great flood, but he loves it!  Not sure why this is the best picture I could find!


Evan The Cowboy ~ 2008

8. For Megan’s first Halloween in 2008, all I could manage to get her in was a little hat.  So she was the “carrot top” to Evan’s Horse.


Megan The Carrot ~ 2008

9. Well now it’s 2009 & Evan is still into any & all things horses & bullriding.  So he’ll be a Bullriding Cowboy! I don’t have his “official” Halloween Picture ready yet, but just to get you excited … check this out!  A friend of my husband’s MADE this for Evan’s birthday this past year!  It’s mounted on a spring & it swivels back & forth, side to side.  It even has a bell that rings!  Evan (and Megan too) LOVES it!!  Minus the demon eyes, I love it too:)


Evan The Bull Rider

10. Megan will be supporting big sister & dress up like a Cowgirl … plus the girl LOVES shoes & she’s got a really cute pair of boots that she hates to take off!

So if you’ll be dressing up, what will you or your kiddos be for Halloween?  Or what are some of your personal favorites from year’s past?

For more Top Ten Tuesday lists or to link up to your own, visit ohAmanda.com.

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The bandit will strike again

October 26, 2009 at 10:48 am (random)

Today is Monday.  That means tomorrow is Tuesday.  Which means … this Top Ten Tuesday-only blogger chick will strike again!!  I think that’s about the only thing I’ve posted the entire month of October!!  Maybe I like lists!!

There’s plenty to blog about.  I’ve been at T-ball games with Evan, did our first Once A Month Cooking with ohAmanda & my sister, hosted a Pampered Chef Party, have had plenty of play-ground days, hosted a Pumpkin Party for the kiddos … and all other sorts of stuff.  The problem is sitting down to actually write the posts.  I guess if I want to be a blogger I’m going to have to work on that!!

But never fear, tomorrow is Tuesday so “I’ll be back!”

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Dazed and confused

September 10, 2009 at 10:26 pm (random)

After my 2-week blogging hiatus and now a short week because of Labor Day weekend, I am totally out of it!!  I saw The Diaper Diaries’Things I Love Thursday” post & I thought she had her baby over the weekend & hadn’t posted since last week because surely, it couldn’t be Thursday already!!  I was wrong.  It’s Thursday.  And tomorrow will be Friday – waahoo!!!

Evan’s been enjoying his first week back in preschool.  And so have I!!  I think we both do a little better with a little break during the week!!  And this weekend he has his first T-Ball game.  That should be interesting.  Our soccer season earlier this year was more about a lesson on rocks & dirt than playing soccer, but oh well.  I’m always up for some 9am humor! 

If the other kids are anything like my son, I think I’ll wear a helmet myself … you have no idea where that ball or bat will go!!!

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Party chips

August 19, 2009 at 7:53 am (random)


Here’s a scene for you.

You’re getting ready to host a party.

You’ve made all the dips.

You’ve purchased all the chips.

You put your dips in a cute little bowl & displayed them ever so nicely.

You find a great bowl to hold your chips.

You open up the bag.

You pour the chips out.  And are left with the teeny tiny pieces & crumbs all at the top of the bowl?!?

Is that how it usually happens for you?  Or is that just me?

So I doubt this is some extravagant-never-heard-of-before-news, but as I was pouring chips into a bowl for this party, I realized the solution ….

Open the BOTTOM of the bag!

That’s where all the crumbs are so they’ll go in the bottom of the bowl!!

The result:  Pretty, Un-broken chips at the top … proudly on display!!

And yes folks … from here on out, that “Works for Me“!

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Happy birthday evan!

August 6, 2009 at 7:38 am (random)

Today I’ll be busy … celebrating this little guy:

Happy 4th Birthday!!  I love celebrating you everyday, but will especially enjoy this 1st day as a 4 year old!

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It’s a full on party!

August 4, 2009 at 9:35 pm (random)

I’m in full-on birthday/celebration mode.  And if you don’t see me for a while, it’s because I’m in it full-on until the end of the month!! 

Before I got married, there was no birthday celebration in our family during the month of August.  In fact, my family had that spread out very nice & neatly.  We pretty much had one celebration a month.  My Dad kicked it off in September, Sister in October, Me in November, Christmas in December, my twin brothers in January, my Husband in February & my Mom in MarchNice & Neat.   Then we got married in August.   Mainly because the chapel became available, but still I was excited that it fit into our “nice & neat” monthly celebrations – now we just kicked it off a month earlier!

But fast-forward ten years later & August has became party central!!!  We’ll celebrate Evan’s 4th birthday this Thursday.  Then Megan decided to share her August birthday with our Anniversary.  Throw in a nephew in between those two dates, several best friends along the way & it becomes a very busy, very expensive month!! 

So please make me feel better … can you one up me???  Do you have a crazy month or week?! 

My husband was giving the run down to a friend the other day, but poor thing definitely had one up on us – she said she had the ultimate scenario … three children.  One child was born on New Year’s.  One child was born on Valentine’s & one child was born on their anniversary … what are the chances!!!!

Right now I’m in the “in between” phase of having a lot of fun & going crazy getting ready for this weekend’s big Dinosaur Birthday Party … because really, would you expect anything else than a Dinosaur Party!!!


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Question of the week

July 22, 2009 at 8:27 am (Questions, random)

So this is totally & completely random but I need your help.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is it just me or does this happen to anyone else?

Recently, I’ve purchased the big bulk size container of my laundry detergent.  It’s the one that you don’t pour, but instead push the button & the little valve opens up.  You hold the cup under the valve as the detergent comes out.  Do you have a visual?  I should really go take a picture but sorry, that’s not happening right now!

So, my problem is that my container is the stickiest, nastiest thing – ever!!  I don’t even put the cap back on like you should & it’s still sticky everywhere!!  Does this happen to anyone else or can I just not properly pour it from the big container like a big girl??  Any tips??

At this point, I’d rather have cleanliness over savings so I’m thinking I’ll stick with the containers that won’t break my back!

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