March 4, 2008 at 2:47 pm (3 year olds, playground, tv)

Evan needed to get some energy out, but it’s either been freezing, super windy and/or raining here the last few days (Saturday & Sunday excluded – it was gorgeous) so I decided to take him to the nearest (and cleanest) fast food joint with an indoor playground – this happened to be a newly remodeled/reopened Burger King.  It’s one of those where you can actually sit & eat in the playground room, not like the ones where there’s just one bench (so that probably made no sense, but if it did it will help explain this story better). 

So we’re sitting there – eating lunch – in the playground room – with all the other moms & children doing the same thing.  The mother/daughter duo behind me is eating lunch & the girl starts whining.  She of course wants to go on the playground (afterall, she’s in the playground room).  This girl was no older than 3 – she couldn’t have been.  Even if she was super small for her age, she could have only been 3-1/2 at the most.  So she’s whining & her conversation with her mom goes like this:

Mom:  “you’re not going on the playground” (even though I’m torturing you by sitting right next to it).

Mom:  “Do you know why you’re not going on the playground? Do you remember what you did last night after mommy went to bed?”

Girl:  whiney, whiney

Mom:  “You got up, turned on your lights AND your TV & watched television all night”

Now I do give the mom props because she held her word & the whiney girl didn’t get to play on the playground – but is it just me or is it super crazy that a 3 year old has a TV in her room?!?!  I mean is that normal?  I didn’t think I had to worry about that one until at least elementary school.  That’s crazy to me!!!

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