Super cute, super cheap advent calendars

November 30, 2009 at 10:36 am (Christmas, crafts)

I should begin by saying the ideas for these advent calendars are super cuteMy personal versions however, leave much to be desired!!!

Last year my friend ohAmanda linked up to one of the cutest Advent Calendars EVERthe Dentyne Gum Advent Pocket Calender.  I filed it away mentally as a reminder to make them this year.  They were a little trickier than I thought.  It took me a few extra cuts & folds and I’m still not completely satisfied.  The grandmothers & aunts got the first prototypes pictured below (sorry ladies!) and now that I’ve got the folds right, I’ve got just one day to finish up the ones for Evan’s teachers.  I thought that would be a fun & unexpected gift for the 1st day of December since it’s also his 1st day back at school after the Thanksgiving Break.  For the cost of gum, some leftover cardstock & a pack of stickers you have a fun, unexpected little gift for someone!!

The Gum Advent

Then Amanda once again found another one of the cutest Advent Calendars EVERthe Bubble Wrap Advent Calender.  Evan, like most any other little kid, loves Bubble Wrap … what an awesome idea to incorporate popping the bubbles as part of the Countdown to Christmas!!  This project didn’t cost me a dime!  I already had some bubble wrap from some Christmas shipments that came in.  I used an old frame that I had lying around.  And some extra stickers.  Super Cute & Super Cheap!!

The Bubble Wrap Advent

So, the overall moral of the story … if you’re not following ohAmanda then you should be!!  She does super cute things all the time & if she doesn’t do them, then she finds them for you!!  Thanks my friend!

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