Top ten tuesday … the to-do list

February 1, 2010 at 9:06 pm (Blissdom 10, blogging, random, Top Ten Tuesday)


Going out of town is always so much work.  But almost always well worth it!

And this out of town trip, is definitely worth it.  On SO many levels!!! Girl time, no-kiddo time, blogging time … oh it’s going to be fun!!

But there’s so many things I need to do before leaving at 1pm on Thursday.  So this one is likely more for my benefit than yours, but maybe you can help me if I’m forgetting anything!!  And I can help you, if you’re forgetting something too!

1.  Remove pictures off my camera –  I’m horrible at doing that, but I want a fresh clean memory stick!!

2.  Pay bills –  Blah, blah, blah.  Ugh.  I hate paying bills!!

3.  Pack my bags – which also means figuring out what I’m going to take, leave, wear, not wear, etc.  The packing is the easy part!!  It’s all the deciding that isn’t!!

4.  Pack bags for the kids – they’ll be spending the night with my parents one night & then with Pepper the other two.   But Lord knows what they’d be wearing or not wearing if I didn’t get all that organized before leaving!!

5.  Get some dinners ready – I think they’ll only be home for dinner one of the nights I’m out, but still, it makes me feel better knowing I’ve left some of their favorites ready in the fridge.  That probably means Chicken Casserole & Chicken Pot Pie!

6.  Try to get my new site finished – yep, you read that right.  I’ve been working (not really me, but rather someone’s been working on my behalf!) on a new site for a little while now & my goal is to have it ready tomorrow.  I was going to wait until after Blissdom, and then went back & forth on what to do.  So we’ll see!   Lots of blogrolls & widgets still to change over.  But I’m excited!!

7.  Set up my poken – Eeek.  I haven’t even opened it!

8.  Look at the Agenda one more time – I need to remind myself of where I’m supposed to be, what classes I want to take, who I want to hear speak, etc. etc. etc.

9.  Think about all the random stuff – Camera Charger, Laptop Charger, Phone Charger, Blog Cards, Chewing Gum, Spending Money, Pillow, Notepads … what else??

10.  Try to remember everything I’m forgetting – Can you help me??



  1. oh amanda {impress your kids} said,

    So glad you made ME a list! I haven’t done ONE thing.

  2. Kathy said,

    Oh and the jealousy begins. I knew it would hit soon and…yep, here it is.

    You guys are going to have so much fun! I can’t wait to follow everyone on Twitter and “hear” all about it when you get back on the blogs.

    And a new site – that’s SO exciting!! Can’t wait to see it.

  3. Janna said,

    Hello! I’ll be there too, but need to follow your to do list also.

    I set up my poken a little. The instructions didn’t actually match what I needed to do but I have a mac so maybe that’s part of it?

    Hmmm what are we forgetting? That no matter what we forget we’ll have a great time:) Bring your smile!

  4. erica mueller said,

    I am loving that everyone is posting lists. hehe I’m new to this conference thing and I am picking up pointers all over the place.


    And, see you Thursday!

  5. Melissa@Simply Mel said,

    Congrats! How fun! And some of the things on your list I have to do…just because!!

    Enjoy yourself. You deserve it

  6. christinesatterfield said,

    Oh, I can’t wait to see your new site!

    You have chargers for all your gadgets listed but what about the gadgets themselves (laptop, phone, etc.) Of course those are obvious things but I usually forgot what’s most obvious :-)

    I’m so thankful I’m not traveling out of town for this conference but I still feel like I’m spending a lot of time packing/getting ready. I’ll be single parenting so I’m packing up and taking the baby to family every day…makes me tired just thinking about it!

  7. adjunctmom said,

    How about pack some comfortable shoes. Cute shoes are great, but most conferences are better with comfortable shoes.

    Just a boring suggestion from someone who is feeling a little jealousy that y’all will be having fun and I will be taking a screaming baby to yet another doctor’s appointment. Sigh.

    • It's Come To This said,

      No that’s a great suggestion actually. Must admit I’m torn b/c I love wearing cute shoes but I have lived in flats for the last couple of years chasing the kids around … at least flats are cute these days!!!

      So sorry you’ve got a sick one:( Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!! And maybe we’ll see each other at Blissdom 11:)

  8. Allison said,

    I’m the same way about removing photos from my camera’s card. My husband always yells at me. I’ve missed so many photos yelling “hold on, I have to delete some photos off this thing first”.

  9. Krista said,

    I have to say, I’m not feeling very sorry for you! I am SOOOO jealous that all of you ladies are going to Blissdom! I’m DEFINITELY going next year – so take GOOD notes!!

    • It's Come To This said,

      You’re right!!! You shouldn’t feel bad for me at all. Wish you were able to come … looking forward to next year already:)

  10. Allison said,

    Preparing for a trip is SO stressful. At least you gt to relax and have some much needed free time.

    Oh, what is a poken?

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