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Most Random Picture Ever!!

This time next week I’ll be at Blissdom ’10 with 499 other women!!  I know I’ve talked about it alot this month, and I still have a week to go, plus recaps of the weekend so if you’re not into all the Blissdom talk, I’m so sorry!!  But stick with me … please!!

But just as excited as I am about meeting a bunch of new, wonderful women I am thrilled with who I am going with!!  On Thursday afternoon I’ll be hitting the road with 3 women that “I love”!

My sister, Simply Staci, will be picking me up.  I typically just call her Staci!!  We had plenty of fights growing up, but I love hanging out with her now & am so blessed to have her as my sister.  And my kids are incredibly blessed to have her as their Aunt (Oh – and on a completely different note, her students are so lucky to have her as their Science Teacher … Teacher of the Year at her school!!)

Then we’ll be meeting up with ohAmanda.  I usually leave off the ‘oh’ when talking to her!  I’ve known her since diapers – seriously!!  She was probably out of them, but I wasn’t it.  I was like 2 years old when our families started going to the same church.  We’ve worked together, played together, ministered together, and now we’re both married, parenting, blogging & tweeting together.

And we’ll be meeting at The Violet Fig‘s house.  And yep, you guessed we usually don’t go around calling her the Fig either!  We typically just stick to Becky!  Becky’s family was really smart when they moved from Florida to Georgia & started coming to the same church that myself, Staci & Amanda went to:)  She came to us in the 6th grade!  And I’m so glad she did!!  She passionate, fun & keeps me on my toes:)

We’ll be really sad that our other girls Kristen and Mandy won’t be with us, but we’re hoping Harry will make us feel better – heehee!

But these five girls are my best friends.  We have litterally ‘grown up’ together in every sense of what that means.  We can laugh together, cry together, talk or not talk at all … and still be able to finish each other’s sentences.  So, while I’m super excited to be at a conference with 499 wonderful women, I’m even more excited that three of them will be my Sisterchicks!

Oh – And if you’re thinking this is the MOST RANDOM PICTURE EVER … you’re right!  So much so, that I named it that!! Normally there’s 6 of us in a group shot, so in order to get just four of us … you get random!!



  1. Becky said,

    What a crazy picture! We were all so skinny! Of course, I thought I was huge there, because you were all pre-kid and beanpoles, but now I’d love to be that size! Love this post- and I love you too, Mandi!

    • It's Come To This said,

      I hear you!! This is actually a pair of jeans that I got back into … that was a great feeling! And then they ripped in the knee:(

      Love you too!!! Very excited about next weekend & our road trip!!

  2. oh amanda {impress your kids} said,

    SO SWEET, Mandi! I have tears in my eyes.

    (and no I’m not crying b/c I look like a complete moron. BUT I DO.)

    • It's Come To This said,

      I know it’s a crazypicture … but seriuosly, finding just one of us specific four … hard to find!!!

  3. Will Blog for Shoes said,

    You girls are so lucky! I know youl have so much fun next weekend!


  4. christinesatterfield said,

    How fun to be traveling and blogging with your best friends! NONE of my best friends are into blogging at all. Really any kind of technology which is pretty sad. Can’t wait to meet some people next week who actually are into it!

  5. angi said,

    sounds like great bunch of ladies I love each of you blogs

  6. staci said,

    Well who’s getting sentimental all of a sudden?!?! Very sweet Minky ;)

  7. Amy @ Finer Things said,

    I’m all about the Blissdom talk. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

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