What’s in the make-up bag?

January 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm (Things I Love Thursday) (, , , )

What's in the bag?

When I think of my make-up routine, I think:

“boring”, and
totally inadequate.

Seriously.  I have the same face every morning! And I don’t think I’m very good at putting any of it together or any of it on!!

Case in point:  On my WEDDING day, I forgot to put on lipstick.  And NO ONE said anything!!  Either because a) they are totally not use to seeing me in lipstick and so they didn’t know I wasn’t missing any or b) they just figured I never wear any so maybe I didn’t want to that day either.  But HELLO!!  It was my wedding!  According to my pictures, I should have had some lipstick on!!! But, obviously, ten years later & I’ve moved on … sort of.

So while, I may be boring in my personal selection, I really do LOVE the little bit of make-up I use.

I have it narrowed down to 3 items. Yes 3.  Do you hate me?  Or think I’m just insane (and Staci, you can’t answer that!!)?

1.  La Bella Donna Pressed Mineral Foundation – I’ve become a firm believer of good ingredients in skincare.  But you can’t stop there.   If I’m going to use good ingredients in my cleansers & moisturizer then I don’t want to ruin it by putting not-so-good ingredients on the first thing that hits my skin.  This brand doesn’t have any FD&C dyes, oil, talc, alcohol or fragrance.   Plus it has Titanium Dioxide which is a natural / non-chemical sun block (SPF 20).  (Can you tell I’ve heard that &/or said that on more than one occasion?  I think I’ve said before that my sister-in-law has an all-natural skincare business so she teaches me, and I listen!)

2.  La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights – this is a quad compact of compressed minerals – I use the colors as eye-shadow and as a bronzer/blush.   I love it because of all the same reasons I do the Mineral Foundation, but also because it feels like I’m multi-tasking!!

3.  Cover Girl Mascara – Yep, just the good old kind from the drug store.  Because I can’t find any natural Mascara that IS waterproof.  And I’m not going to mess around with non-waterproof mascara!!

Of course I have a couple of other little goodies in there, like tweezers, a couple of make-up brushes, a buki brush (which I love, love, love!), and a sample or two of lipsticks that I thought I might actually use but never did!  But in my everyday make-up bag … that’s it!

So, what’s in your wallet, oops wrong saying.  What’s in your Make-Up Bag?  The girls at Chic-Critique want to know!



  1. Phoebe @ GettingFreedom said,

    I’m a makeup minimalist, too!

    I have eye shadow (2 kinds, shades of black and shades of brown), mascara and powder. I have crazy naturally rosy cheeks that are sometimes out of control, I only use the powder to cover up the redness.

    Oh, and my fave moisturizer of all time, Oil of Olay.

  2. ClassyFabSarah said,

    I too wear the same make-up every. single. day.

    Sometimes I feel like it’s boring, but most of the time I’m just used to it. I’m consistent!

    Thanks for participating!!

    • It's Come To This said,

      “Consistent” … I like that much better than boring!! That’s what I’ll start referring my routine to:)

  3. Cheryl said,

    I need to try some of that foundation and lights. I also need some more cleanser and moisturizer (if I forget to tell you later) Thanks – mom

  4. Heather Erbe said,

    I wish I could say I’m a minimalist but I’m not. I’m Mary Kay all the way. I love their Mineral foundation, Mineral blushes and Mineral eye shadows. I also use their mascara on a daily basis. I wear lipstick occasionally and you might have guessed it’s mary kay.

    • It's Come To This said,

      Alot of times I wish I wasn’t so much of a minimalist … I think it’d be more fun to be girly, girly:)

  5. christinesatterfield said,

    No lipstick on your wedding day! Yeah, and you’re definitely over it. Ha! You’re not alone though. Anytime there are a lot of pictures taken, there seems to be something wrong with me! Actually, not just when pictures are taken. Pretty much every day. Either a hem is out, there’s a rip somewhere, something doesn’t match, wrong shoes…whatever. I think that’s how God tries to keep me humble.

  6. Lisa said,

    I forgot lipstick on my wedding day, too. And that was after my hair stylist reminded me. No one said anything, but, like yours, my pictures revealed that I desperately needed it!

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