Things i love thursday … my kitchen spritzer

January 21, 2010 at 7:56 am (Cooking, Pampered Chef, Things I Love Thursday)

Kitchen Spritzer ~ Pampered Chef

pro⋅pel⋅lant [pruhpeluhnt] Show IPA  


1. a propelling agent.
2. the charge of explosive used to propel the projectile from a gun.
3. a substance, usually a mixture of fuel and oxidizer, for propelling a rocket.
4. a compressed inert gas that serves to dispense the contents of an aerosol container when the pressure is released.
So all that sounds fine & dandy to me until I think about a can of Cooking Spray.   Because yes, “propellant” is an ingredient in our Cooking Sprays.  It’s listed on the can in my pantry.  It fits definition #4 ~ a compressed inert gas that serves to dispense the contents of an aerosol container when the pressure is released. 
Sometime last year, I started using just a regular water spritzer (sorry for the lack of terminology, but think hair salon) filled with Olive Oil to spray any pots/pans before cooking.  It worked ok.  But it sprayed more in clumps rather than a nice mist that the aerosol containers give. 
Fast forward to October when I hosted a Pampered Chef Party & I noticed this fine little thingy (pictured above) in their catalog.  It’s a Kitchen SpritzerIt uses a pump handle ~ not aerosol ~ to give a mist!!  It’s refillable so I just pour our olive oil in, pump several pumps, and spray!!  I love it!!  It really works just as good as the aerosol container minus the “compressed inert gas to dispense the contents” … yuck! 

In full disclosure ~ I am a Pampered Chef Consultant, but I promise that has nothing to do with why I love this product and definitely not why I’m blogging about it!  In fact, I’m not going to tell you if you’re interested to come shop with me … but I will say if you’re interested in the Spritzer then you should find a rep in your area!!  And, just as a friendly FYI, next month is Stoneware month (which I’ve become a once hated, now loving Stoneware kind of girl) … it’s a great time to host a Cooking Party or a Catalog/Online Party because people love their Stoneware … which means you could rack up some host rewards!!



  1. Cheryl said,

    Remind me to get one of those when you order something next time. I’m SURE I need it because I use all those “spray oils” and they certainly sound “YUKY”!!! By the way, that little paring knife is FANTASTIC!!!!! I know I am scheduled for a party sometime the first of this year, but get me one of those spritzers on your next order – please.

  2. Beth (A Mom's Life) said,

    Ooooohhh! I’ll have to keep this on my list of things to get for the next time I go to a PC party!

  3. The Diaper Diaries said,

    I used to have one of these but have no idea what has become of it. Now I am totally grossed out by my PAM.

  4. christinesatterfield said,

    I have really been wanting one of these! I should have known Pampered Chef would have a good one! This is definitely going to be added to my wish list….

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