Top ten tuesday … got milk?

January 19, 2010 at 9:10 am (Megan, Top Ten Tuesday)

Well, I’ve got milk in the fridge (three different kinds no less) and A LOT of milk related questions.  Can you help?? When Megan was an infant I had to start her on Lacto-Free Formula because of spitting up & just overall an inability to digest milk on its own.  Now honestly, I don’t really know if it was the Lacto-Free that worked or if it was just timing.  But her tummy was happier on Lacto-Free so that’s what we used. 

 Fast-forward to a year & I asked her pediatrician about which milk to use.  She suggested we start with regular Whole, Cow’s milk and just see how she does.  That’s what we did.  And for about five months, things were fine. 

Until last week.  For no clear reason she started throwing up. Of course I backed off all milk-based products and after about a day to a day & a half of holding food down I gave her a cup of milk.  Twenty minutes later … sick to her stomach again.  This happened again & so I stopped giving her milk.  I’ve given her some glasses of Organic Fat-Free milk the last couple of days & she’s held that down without any problems, but she doesn’t exactly need to be on a Fat-Free Diet!!! 

So, that’s the background.  *Whew* Now on to the questions. 

1. Is Lacto-Free an issue that could come & go? 

2. What is Soy Milk

 3. Is Lacto-Free Milk basically cow milk but without the Lacto??  And how in this world do they get the Lacto out? 

4. But Soy Milk is Lacto-Free … right? 

5. So how is Lacto-Free different from Soy Milk which is different from Cow’s Milk

6. If I give her Soy Milk do I also need to give her Vit D supplements?  Or does it have enough Vitamin D already? 

7. What about Lacto-Free Milk?  Does that have enough Vit D for her? 

8. What in this world is Silk Milk?? 

9. Why are there so many kinds of milk?? When did this happen?? 

10. Any kind of milk I’m missing that I should consider? 

So no pressure or anything, but it is for this little cutie!! 

Megan ~ December 2009

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And obviously, I’m not looking for an answer to every one of these questions, but if you do know anything about what I should be feeding Megan that would be appreciated!!



  1. Calie said,

    I can’t answer all of your questions, but I can tell you that my youngest didn’t do well with milk either. His was more of congestion issue than a stomach issue, but around 18 months we stopped giving him milk. He was really great about eating his veggies so I wasn’t worried about his Vitamin D. Now, at 2, he’s a little more picky. I give him almond milk and a calcium/vitamin D supplement from Nature’s Sunshine called Sunshine Heroes. He’s healthy and his pediatrician has been on board with this plan, which seems to work for us. My sister’s little boy just turned 1 and can’t seem to digest milk. She’s using Rick Milk and packing his meals with lots of Vitamin D rich foods. Good Luck!

    • It's Come To This said,

      Oh wow – more milk: Almond & Rick!! But all good advice. Megan is actually great at eating her veggies too, so maybe I don’t have to be as worried about the D as I thought! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!!

  2. Carolyn said,

    Our youngest (who is now grown) also had difficulty digesting milk, and we kept her on a soy-based formula until she was 2. Every time I’d try whole milk her diapers looked like they were full of cottage cheese (gross, I know). Then we were told to try Sweet Acidophilus milk, and she tolerated it just fine. Might be worth a shot.

    • It's Come To This said,

      I have never heard of the ‘sweet milk’ … I seriously did not know there were so many things out there!!! Thanks so much for stopping by & for sharing your experience!! I will definitely have to look into that!

  3. ohamanda said,

    I’m in the middle of cleaning (yes, I had to check the internet as a reward to myself) so I don’t have time to answer all your questions (not like I have the answers…) ANYWAY: go search Jo-Lynne’s blog. She just did a big post about milk…or dm her @dcrmom



    • It's Come To This said,

      Oh thanks! I almost always catch her posts but I definitely don’t remember that one … I’ll check it out!!

      And yes – I use online as a reward too:)

  4. Janna said,

    I am ZERO help in the milk department (although I did know about all of the different milks – one trip to Earth Fare or Whole Foods can give one an education in milk products!) but I do know that if your child eats vegetables and is outside in the sunshine for at least 15 minutes a day, Vit D should not be an issue.

    Good luck! :0)

  5. adjunctmom said,

    I think there some sort of binder that gets the lactose out of milk, but I”m not sure. I know, great help I was.

    I hate to ask it as it adds yet another kind of milk to the list, but have you considered goat’s milk?

    • It's Come To This said,

      Well you knew enough to confirm one of my concerns about Lacto-Free!!

      And goat-milk … yet another kind of milk … oh my!! Thanks for stopping by & sharing your experience!!

  6. ohamanda said,

    OK. Here’s all I know:

    SOY is milk from soybeans. Maybe soy-bean-juice would be a better term. ;) Silk is just a brand name of soymilk.

    We drink soy mainly b/c remember when I had that weird allergy w/my tongue swelling and all that? I did one of those allergy diets and decided I was allergic to dairy (not lactose-intolerant…but allergic). So, I started on soy. Then when Lydia was weaned, I just stuck with soy. I had read a lot about how milk (especially non-organic, low-fat and/or with horomones in it) was hard to digest.

    I am NOT remotely an expert and don’t really know if soy is the best alternative. I know lots of people drink almond milk (Daddy’s new dietitian told him this was the best…) or rice milk, too.

    Oh, but back to allergies coming and going. I *do* believe that. With my weird swelling-thing–I haven’t had that in probably a year. It comes and goes. I feel like it’s building up and then suddenly explodes. I’ll go off dairy for awhile and then it will be fine even when I pick dairy back up.

    And not that this means anything but lacto-free milk seems frightening. How can that be good for you?!! How do they make lacto-free milk?!

    I doubt that helps. I’d look thru some whole-food blogs and see what you can find.
    Poor Megan!

    • It's Come To This said,

      Look at you with all the milk info!! No, I’ve been kinda wierded-out by Lacto-Free Milk. It was fine as a formula b/c that stuff’s fake anyway – ha! But with milk, it just seems rather strange & scary, so I agree with you there. I had been leaning towards Soy, but hadn’t thought of Almond. Thanks for the tips!!!

  7. Becky said,

    From what I’ve read, I would avoid soy milk and go with something like almond milk, only because soy in general is kind of controvertial. Here’s an article that I found with a google search. There are tons more going both ways, of course. Basically, you need to read the labels and see what else is in the soy milk, if you choose that.

    • It's Come To This said,

      Well actually Soy milk was short lived for us … she spit up her first cup of it!!! On to something else, I guess:)

      • Mandi @ Organizing Your Way said,

        If she’s allergic to milk, then it’s most likely the milk protein that she’s allergic too, and she could ALSO be allergic to the protein in soy. I would get her allergy tested just because if she is actually allergic to milk, you’ll want to avoid it even as a hidden ingredient in other foods because exposure can make it worse whereas she could grow out if it if you avoid it.

        Also, milk protein builds up in the system, so is it possible that she’s been having more foods with dairy ingredients in the past few weeks?

        As for what to give her, we usually do soy from 1 yr — 18 mo, but then, honestly, we drink water. Well, I might drink sweet tea, soda and coffee along with my water, but my girls drink water. Only water. I’m not a nutritionist, but I think as long as you’re giving her healthy fats — for example, from avocados or by cooking her food in olive oil or coconut oil — it’s fine. It has been for my girls anyway!

        • It's Come To This said,

          Thanks Mandi! That is all really helpful! We’ve been contemplating allergy testing b/c she does have other issues – asthma related symptoms, excema, etc. But I honestly didn’t think about making it worse vs. holding off and seeing if she’ll grow out of it. Fortunately she is a water girl so that helps. I’m really just worried about milk for one cup a day – she’s a creature of habit & loves a cup of milk before bed … you know like points at the fridge & cupboard until we grab them:)

          Thanks for your insight!!

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