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January 12, 2010 at 1:21 am (life, life with two, Top Ten Tuesday)

Usually my posts focus on what’ s going in my life, in that moment.  I decided I’d switch it up a bit & let you know The Top Ten Things I used to be or have … you know, before becoming a wife & mother!!

I used to have a …

1.  Dining Room – I know I’ve talked about this before, but it still saddens me!!  My dining room is now a toy room.  I had my Great-Great-Aunt’s antique table from a really, really long time ago & it’s been replaced by a Dinosaur Table.  Oh lovely!!. 

2.  Guest Room – Our little 3-bedroom house was purchased with the plan of only having one child in it.  We had no intentions of staying here longer than about 5 years, but that little “housing bubble” kind of messed up our plans!!  We don’t have company a lot, but when we do I would really love to offer a guest room instead of a sofa!!

3.  Career – It wasn’t a long career by any means, but I had one!!

and I used to be …

4. Organized – I once was pretty good at that.  Everything had its place.  I could find papers.  I didn’t misplace our Passports, random checks or Social Security Cards.  Some where along the way of becoming responsible for all my things, two little ones, AND a husband … I’ve become totally & completely UNorganized!!!  Mandi (she totally spells her name right!) at Organizing Your Way is hosting 31 Days of Organizing for a Better 2010.  She has some great tips & I’ve got to start putting some in place!!

5.  Clean – I still take showers, wash my hair, brush my teeth & all that good stuff.  But please don’t make me tell you the last time I mopped our floors or Lord help us even changed the sheets!!

6.  Size 4 – Yep.  I was one of these back in the day.  I actually remember being a little pissed off when my husband bought me a size 8 pair of pants one year.   Now I’m elated to be in a size 8!!

7.  a Slow Eater – This sounds crazy, I know.  And honestly I’ve never been good at eating my food slowly.  But I feel like I hoard my food in five minutes flat.  I think it’s just because I know that as soon as Megan or Evan are done then it’s going to get crazy and I’ll never get to finish so I just eat like I’m on the Dixie Speedway (I don’t even know if that’s the right reference … but I mean FAST)!

a Volunteer – Oh I feel badly about this one, but I still haven’t gotten plugged in & started volunteering at our church.  Part of it is likely excuses but part of it is also just logistics.  Megan does horrible in the church nursery (or anywhere for that matter) and honestly I feel bad enough that the Nursery workers have to keep her for an hour.  I couldn’t imagine doing that to them for 2 hours!!!

9.  a Traveler – Pepper & I were married for 6 years before we had Evan.  And that was part of the plan.  We knew it’d get harder & harder to take vacations after we started having kids & we were right.  It’s like night & day the amount of vacations we went on during our first six years of marriage to the past four!!

10.  Completely Unaware of how Wonderful (and difficult) this could be – Sure I miss all the above & sure some days are really (really, really, really) tough.  But I love my Megan, Evan & Pepper too much to worry too much about not having or being any of the above!!

So that’s me pre-who I am now in a nutshell!!
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  1. ohamanda said,

    Such a great post, Mandi! Isn’t Motherhood unbelievable?!!

  2. Simply Mel said,

    Great post! Totally agree with #10 however I totally hear you..

    #4- Have you heard about the book The House That Cleans Itself by Mindy Starns Clark? I haven’t read it myself but am ordering it online. My sister is reading it and she said it’s amazing. She said the author teaches you great ways to stay organized etc but how to adapt it to fit your lifestyle and behavior and not some canned professional organizer ideas. Sounds really neat and I can’t wait to read it.

    #5 Totally relate to the mopping and changing sheets thing. Also add on dusting and cleaning the fridge! lol

    6# Don’t even get me started…. I was never a size 4. I have, however been a size 6 at some point and miss that number terribly. I remember getting so upset with I hit double digits pants size. I’d give anything to get back to a 10!

    • It's Come To This said,

      Thanks for the suggestion on #4 … I’ll have to check into that! And I actually washed my sheets last night b/c I was a tad embarrassed after scheduling this post – ha!! Maybe that’s the trick:)

  3. Janna said,

    I’ve never in my life (unless you count toddlerhood) been a single digit size!

    As for #8, I had the same issue with my second child. We eventually worked out a scenario where my husband could keep him while I volunteered. This worked for us because of our church set-up: two services, no adult Sunday school. There’s hope, however, because when Will turned two, he became the easiest child EVER to go to class! Go figure.

    Oh, and we waited six years, too. Six years and 18 days. My last international trip was to Italy when I was 3 months pregnant with Andrew. One day, we will travel like that with the kids!

  4. Christine said,

    A career. I hear you on that! I haven’t had to fill out paperwork at a doctor’s office yet but I’m wondering what SAHM’s put as “occupation”? Why do they ask that anyway?!

    And a slow eater. I used the be the slowest eater! But, for some reason I scarf all my food now. I don’t even taste it. Guess it just comes with the territory!

  5. Will Blog for Shoes said,

    Love it! I spend way too much time mourning some of the things I “WAS”! But never, ever was I a slow eater!!!

  6. vanessa said,

    Okay, so after having met your TWICE at Amanda’s, I finally put two and two together and realized that you are the Mandy of this blog. :) (Before I was a mother, I was much smarter and more aware!)

    This list made me laugh because I identify so much with it–I too, long for a guest room and a dining room that I could use! Great post.

  7. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe said,

    I totally understand about not being a slow eater anymore. I have wolfed down too many meals to count b/c a bottom needed wiping, etc, etc. I feel ya!

    Great list! Thanks for sharing!

  8. The Diaper Diaries said,

    Great list and I can relate to almost all of them. But I agree completely. Totally worth it!!

  9. Real Life Sarah said,

    Oh, I love this! I totally used to be a pretty organized, a good budget person, and I TOTALLY used to be able to do a split and a triple pirouette!

  10. Your Life Your Blog: Search Box | Real Life said,

    […] Mandi @ Its come to this (in my former life!) […]

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