Feeding the ducks

January 8, 2010 at 9:16 am (Christmas, family, Finer Things Friday)

On any special holiday and just random days throughout the year, we make it a point to go “feed the ducks“.   Unfortunately for our family there’s a back-story to that.  It means we’re visiting my brother-in-law’s grave site.  (It always stinks to summarize it like that … I won’t fill in all the details in this post, but you can click here or here to understand what that means us.)Anyhow, I managed to snap some really cute pictures.  The ducks were HUNGRY on this particular day!!  

Before The Bite


A little too hungry!! They snapped at Evan’s finger when he didn’t give them bread quick enough!!  

After The Bite


So Many Ducks

 Each Christmas, we take a new ornament to hang on Jeremy’s tree.  This year we went with something that both Megan & Evan love!


The Dinosaur Ornament

Because every little tree needs a dinosaur ornament!  Holidays are always tough when you’ve lost someone close. We’ve done this every year since Evan was a baby.   I really hope it’s a tradition they learn to respect and love.   We want Uncle Jeremy to be a part of there lives even though he’s not here with us.  I know Pepper hates having to celebrate Christmas with his brother like this, but at the same time I know he appreciates the tradition as well.


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  1. Lisa@blessedwithgrace said,

    It’s great you can turn a difficult situation into something that still creates a good memory for your children.

  2. Amy @ Finer Things said,

    Those traditions are tough. We don’t visit my brother’s grave site nearly enough, but you’re right…. our children need to know him.

    • It's Come To This said,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! It’s definitely not a fun place to visit. I’m thankful this place has a lake & the ducks because it makes the overall visit a little more enjoyable for the little ones. I just know that he would be a big part of their lives if he were still here.

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