Works for me wednesday … backwards edition

January 6, 2010 at 12:28 am (Questions, Works for Me Wednesday)

Kristen, over at We are THAT family, is a hosting a “backwards edition” of her weekly Works for Me Wednesday link-up.

I’m excited about this!  I don’t have to be brilliant this week, whew!  (KIDDING!)

But you do!  (not kidding this time because I could really use the help … no pressure).

So my question is (and sorry that this is geared towards bloggers!), how do you prepare your posts?

For instance, do you start them with pen & paper?

Do you type them directly into your WordPress,  blogger, etc.?

Do you use just a Word Document or similar?

And what about pictures?

Do you edit them in something else?

If you “copyright – or fake copyright” them, what program do you do that in?

I’ve really enjoyed using Picnik and it’s super easy & cool, but I just hate the extra steps.  Sometimes I dread the process of adding pictures so much that by the time I actually finish writing the text, I’ll just skip the whole picture part … and that’s, well just boring!

I know the whole process of posting isn’t going to be quick & easy, nor should it. But I’m just curious if I’m not taking advantage of either a really awesome site, a super cool feature of WordPress or just a process that I haven’t thought of!

So thanks in advance (remember, no pressure!).

If you’d like to help others or link up your own question, visit We Are THAT Family!


  1. Pineapple Princess said,

    I just found your blog. You sure have great content! It’s been fun reading tonight.
    Happy 2010 to you!

  2. nafyboocs said,

    I keep a small notebook where I write out ideas and I also keep some ideas in Evernote so that I can update them from my iPhone no matter where I am, but still access them from my computer when I’m ready to start writing.

    When I actually start writing the post I usually start writing in WordPress. There have been times where I’ve started in Word, but I typically reserve that for longer posts.

    For photo editing I have Corel on my laptop. I have a Picnik subscription I won, but it feels like it takes forever to upload, edit and save the pictures on there. It drives me crazy so I stopped using it.

    • It's Come To This said,

      That sounds like an awesome iPhone app!! I haven’t ever used Corel, but have heard good things about it! Thanks for stopping by & for the ideas!

  3. Musings of a Housewife said,

    I just type them right into WordPress and save and edit till it’s ready to post. Then there are no formatting issues. I sometimes jot notes down on paper if I have a brilliant idea for a post and I’m not at my puter. :-)

    As far as photos, I do edit them first and resize them so they aren’t so huge and taking up room on my server. I use Photoshop Elements to resize, crop, and apply a copyright watermark.

    Hope that helps! Thanks for your kind comment on Amanda’s blog today.

  4. Kaye said,

    I jot down ideas for series that I do so that I can make them consistent and have one place to glance at each topic covered/idea. When I type them, I usually just do it straight into blogger, but have used Word before for longer posts or those things that I wanted to keep (in addition to having it on my blog) and then just pasted it in later. I do like that Word can catch my grammatical errors while blogger only catches spelling.

    Good luck!

    • It's Come To This said,

      You’re right about Word …. it’s nice that it catches grammatical errors too. I’ve found that WP will catch some but only the basic. Thanks for stopping by & helping me out with some tips!

  5. ohamanda said,

    I never use WORD b/c it doesn’t cut/paste well. I just keep editing in WP. I’ve gotten to the point now where I can’t write on paper. *sigh*

    And yeah, picnik is slow. It’s kinda getting on my nerves, too. But it is nice to be able to find your blogged pictures easily and have the html quickly, etc. etc. I *do* have PSE like Jo-Lynne. But it slows my computer way down and I don’t use it often.

    Brilliant, right? Sorry.

    • It's Come To This said,

      I hate that Word doesn’t cut/paste good … I’ve done it anyways in a pinch, but it never looks good!!!

      Hey, can you be my test for a second – are you getting this response as an email?? If so, can you just email me back. I’m just curious how this Thread works. I just installed it the other day. Thanks!!

  6. Christine said,

    This is such a great question and I’ve loved reading the comments. Seems like I pretty much do what the others have said. I type directly into blogger. For longer posts I’ve typed directly into word so I can see the entire post as I’m typing but there are major formatting issues when I do that. Not sure if that’s an issue with wordpress (which, by the way, I would love to switch to). I use iPhoto for pictures but also have photoshop which I plan to use more.

    • It's Come To This said,

      Yep, unfortunately WP has the same formatting issues as it sounds like blogger does. Why can’t they all just get along:)

  7. harper said,

    Nothing useful about posts, but I LOVE Photoscape. It’s freeware for photo editing. I also use it to shrink the size of my photos, which is really handy for photos I’m going to post. It’s very easy to use and takes little time to download.

  8. staci @ teaching money to kids said,

    i hate the copy and past conversion, too. But some of my posts have been published in other sources, and thats the easiest format for me to track and save. Otherwise I just type right into the blogger.
    I also hate that I can’t choose the order that my blogs get published.
    And why can’t I cut and paste with in my blog. i don’t know. Is it worth it to try to swtich to wordpress or something?
    I have my idea list on paper, and I have written posts on paper when I couldn’t get to my computer, but otherwise paper seems so slow these days…

    • It's Come To This said,

      Unfortunately WP has the same cut/paste issue as it sounds like Blogger has, so I wouldn’t change if that’s the only thing you’re hoping for:) I like WP alot though … not that familiar with Blogger to compare though. Thanks for stopping by & helping me out:)

  9. wholesomewomanhood said,

    I also just keep editing in WordPress. If I think of ideas throughout the day I’ll jot something down on a piece of paper so I don’t forget my good ideas. :-)

    ~ Carrie ~

  10. Erin @ Closing Time said,

    I never, ever start with pencil and paper. I’m such a slow writer it would take me all day. I just type straight into WordPress. However, I probably should type my posts in Word so that I have them in a backup location. That just seems like too much work. (Oops, now you know how lazy I am!)

    Most of the photos I use are from (a free stock photo site), so they don’t have to be edited. For the few photos I use, I do some simple editing in iPhoto. I don’t bother to “copyright” them…they aren’t good enough for anyone to want to steal anyway (and I don’t use family photos on my blog at all).

    I don’t know that this has really been helpful…I hope you find a simpler way! :)

    • It's Come To This said,

      But you know I’m lazy too b/c I asked the question about an easier way!!! Thanks for the photo tips!!! And thanks for stopping by:)

  11. Michelle said,

    Stopping by from WFMW!

    I’m on Blogger so I just type directly into that, but I also keep a word file on folder on my desktop that I have a list of topics I want to cover. I find when I’m inspired by something, but not so inspired that OMG I have to write this post right now! I’ll jot a note on that document to come back to it later. I also tag stuff in my Google Reader if I read an inspirational post or news article that makes me think. One of my goals this year is to be more proactive about planning my posts instead of just deciding right then what to write about.

    • It's Come To This said,

      You know I have not ever looked at that Tag feature of Google Reader, but I really should!! Thanks for the reminder & thanks for stopping by!!

  12. Dee said,

    I type right into blogger for now… but I have started some posts in an email from my phone. Hehe…

    Instead of typing things up in Microsoft Word on your desktop/laptop to copy/paste over I would recommend using WordPad. It has no formatting setup so it’s actually used for programming alot. I use that for programming stuff that I can at least and then copy/paste over if I need to from there. Works well for me.

    As for the pictures… Sigh… I hope you get a good suggestion because I am struggling with the time consuming part of that as well. Almost too frustrating to post a pix.

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