Top ten tuesday … surprises of 2009

December 28, 2009 at 11:18 pm (Top Ten Tuesday)

This is the last Tuesday of 2009.  The last Tuesday of this decade.  So incredibly crazy.  I’m kind of looking forward to saying 2010.  What about you?!?

I know a lot of people like to reflect deeply before a new year, but I’m not that deep.  So, here’s a pretty shallow version of my 2009 reflection.  Also known as a few things I’ve done this past year that have surprised even me!!

1.  Baking a Made-from-Scratch Pumpkin Pie – I didn’t even know there were specific pumpkins to make pumpkin pies with.  Who knew?!  I’ve never even made or had a desire to make a pumpkin pie from a can, so why on earth did I want to try one from scratch??  I have no idea.  But, I’m glad I did.  I used this recipe from Getting Freedom.  It was super easy and tasted pretty darn yummy for my first try!

2.  Attempted a Once A Month Cooking Day – I’ve always been intimidated by freezer cooking.  I’ve always loved the idea, but none the less been intimated for some reason.  But one day of freezer cooking & you’re cured!!  Here’s a recap from my experience with Simply Staci & ohAmanda.  And of course I give all the credit to Ms. Once A Month Mom herself!!!

3.  Homemade Pop Tarts – As in I made homemade Pop Tarts.  Yep, that one definitely surprises me!!!  Why would I make them when I can just buy them at the store?!?  I used this recipe from Once A Month Mom.  It was on a total whim.  I read her post in the morning, realized I had all the ingredients and thought I’d give it a shot.  I liked them better than the kids, but that’s probably because I was trying to make them a tad healthier and used sugar-free jelly and NO icing!!  I’ll have to try the icing & sprinkles next time!

4.  Blogging – I have actually kept up with this thing a little better this year.    I didn’t say any of it was good or interesting, but just a little more frequent.

5.  I signed up for a Blogging Conference – how’s that for trying to keep up with this a little better.  It’s a combination of being excited about attending Blissdom 10 and also being excited about a girls weekend to Nashville!

6.  Became a Pampered Chef Consultant – Yep.  Surprising and not so surprising all in one.  I’m a sucker for those kinds of things.  It was going to be cheaper (in the short run) for me to purchase the Consultant Kit in order to get everything I wanted.   So that’s what I did.  We’ll see how it all works out in the long run!!  But in the mean time (shameless plug to begin), if you’re interested in stocking your kitchen with some awesome products in 2010, you know who to contact!!!  We can have in-real life or online parties!

7.  Losing Weight – Yippee!!!  I’ve needed to do this since before Evan was born.  And then definitely after he was born.  And then really & truly definitely after Megan was born.  And I’m definitely not done.  In fact after this last month I might likely be starting all over again!!  But either way I’m very proud that I actually started a diet and got weight off in 2009.  I should finish the year at 29lbs lighter than I started it.  So I am very happy about that!!  Now it’s on to those last ten pounds (and the extra I gained over the holidays!!).

8.  TwitterI jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in 2009.  And well, I love it.

9.  I let go of my Dining Room – it really broke my heart, but it was time.   We bought this house before we had children.  We really never planned on having children here.  Maybe babies, but not little children with lots of little toys!!  So without a separate play room I had to get rid of the one room we used the least … the dining room!!!  My dining room table has now been replaced with a Dinosaur Table!

10.  My 2010 Goals – one includes running.  That is so surprising to me.  I am NOT a runner.  But for some reason I have a crazy desire to want to be one.  I’ll let you know how that one goes!

So that’s me … 2009 in a nutshell.  What about you?

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  1. staci said,

    I LOVE that little play place!

  2. kathill2006 said,

    Great list! I did several of the same. Wish I’d done the weight one. That has seriously got to go on the 2010 list.

    On another note, I need parchment paper and will only use PC. I’m a snob like that. :) So, add two onto a party that needs a little help in the next month or so. They still make it right. I had a stockpile and haven’t bought it in forever.

  3. Christine said,

    Love your list! I’ve tried making some homemade items (tortillas, bread, etc.) this year which was completely out of character for me. And, I just drafted a blog about running a half-marathon in 2010. I definitely need some accountability. Maybe we can cheer each other on.

    Congratulations on ending 2009 lighter than the 2008…Impressive!

  4. ohamanda said,

    My favorite is that you put you lost your dining room! It *is* cute in there, Mandi! :)

  5. erin said,

    Run with me! Im starting Weight Watchers in a week, and running 4 days a week…on a treadmill, but start witj 5k’s! They are so much fun and usually go to a good cause!

  6. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe said,

    SOOO jealous that you’re goign to Blissdom. It’s just not in the cards this year.

    Yay on the weight loss! I’m actually ending the year the same weight as I began the year, which is acceptable, but I lost 20 lbs then gained it back! ugh!

    Fun recap post – thanks for sharing!

  7. Alicia Klehm said,

    Love your list! I really like the homemade pop tart idea :)
    The dining room is too funny too. It’s amazing how much of the house becomes the kids. We are about to convert our formal living room and possibly dining room into an ‘office’ for Josh. He counts as one of the kids too right?!?..I started running some before I got pregnant this time and can not wait to start again! I really really want to tackle a half marathon in 2010. That would be fun to train together for!

  8. Tricia (Once A Month Mom) said,

    Wow! I made it on two of your top 10’s this week. So honored. :) Sorry I won’t be meeting you at Blissdom. :(

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