The unexpected company … that wasn’t unexpected at all

December 28, 2009 at 6:42 am (Christmas)

I tend to think that no matter the age, most everyone has a little child in them at Christmas time.  As we get older it’s probably a combination of excitement for giving that one very special gift but maybe also the surprise or excitement of receiving one as well.

I still go to bed Christmas Eve with a little bit more excitement than most any other night of the year. This Christmas Eve was a little different for us.  We had an extended family dinner with my in-laws.  It was nice to see everyone – most of which we hadn’t seen since this same time last year.   However, it was also sad to find out one of the families was going through a really tough time.

We ended up having unexpected company. We invited two of my husband’s younger cousins to spend the night at our house.  We played the Wii, watched a movie, drank Hot Chocolate and just hung out together until early in the morning.   It wasn’t how I had planned our family’s Christmas Eve.  It wasn’t going to be the way I planned our Christmas Morning. 

It was unexpected.

Several years ago, I went to a Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.   I purchased a few things for myself but a lot of things to give away as gifts.  I had given all of them away over the last year or two with the exception of one cute little cosmetic bag.  I had been keeping that one for someone special – but I had no idea who.

Last month we went to a local craft fair. My husband likes to collect unique musical instruments.  He found and bought several unique thumb pianos made from really cool wood and gourds to give as gifts.  He bought one too many.

Earlier this month my husband ordered one “cute little bible” as I like to call them (for a gift for me); however two arrived.  For no apparent reason … it wasn’t even on the order form.

So on Christmas Eve night we had unexpected company.   Two young teenagers would wake up in our home on Christmas Morning.  They wouldn’t be there long as we’d be taking them back to their parents, but still … it was Christmas Morning … a morning that in my opinion all kids and kids at heart should go to bed with a little bit of excitement and anticipation for the next day.

But it was early in the morning after the movie was over and the Hot Chocolate was gone that my husband and I realized our company wasn’t unexpected at all.

That Vera Bradley cosmetic bag that I had held on to would finally be given to ‘someone special’.  That “cute little bible” that just happen to be shipped by mistake would be given to a teenage girl who could be reminded of its promises.  And that unique thumb piano that my husband purchased one too many of would be given to a teenage boy who loved music and could use a reminder that someone loved him.

We all woke up under unexpected circumstances this Christmas morning … but I think God was in the details.   And none of it was unexpected to him!



  1. ohamanda said,

    Awesome story, Mandi! That’s just how God works—thru you!

  2. Beth (A Mom's Life) said,

    I love this! This is a great example of God at work in the smallest details.

  3. Musings of a Housewife said,

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. april said,

    Thanks for the beautiful story. What an encouragement!

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