The sisterchicks do christmas

December 18, 2009 at 6:26 am (Christmas, Finer Things Friday, random)

This past Saturday, we had our 10th Annual Sisterchick Christmas Party.  10 Years we’ve been getting together for Christmas!!  These are my very best girlfriends – some of them date back to diapers!!  Seriously.  I wore diapers when I first met ohAmanda and her family.  And now we’re changing diapers on our babies … crazy!!

Since we’ve been having an “official” Sisterchick Christmas Party for 10 years now, we’re pretty good at planning them.  In fact, I think next year’s is already half-way planned!!

Anyways.  Back to this year.

We always have the party at someone’s house.   My husband asked very sarcastically “why don’t y’all go out or something?”  Um (I said very sarcastically) because where would we go that we could spend one hour eating and five hours opening presents and taking pictures?!?!

Christmas 1999

Sometimes getting the date is the hardest part. It’s tough to do and there’s only six of us.  But the key is to plan a date early in the year & know that everyone can make it.  If someone says they can’t come, then we’ve been known to drive 2.5 hours to meet them in a different state!!!  We can’t have a Sisterchick Christmas Party without one of the Sisterchicks!

We can’t just have a get-together for Christmas.  Everything must be planned.  And everything is always theme-based.

Food theme – This is the fun part!!  We’ve had mexican, fondue, chili, soups & salads, pizza, casseroles, and more.  This year we had breakfast for dinner … YUM!

Gift theme – We each bring one big gift.  Sometimes we play steal the gift.  The last several years we’ve drawn names.  Our themes are always silly.  In honor of our 10th Anniversary, our gift theme was numbers.  Our gift somehow had to represent a number(s).  All six of us had a different spin on it.  It’s so fun to see how we each interpret the theme every year.  Explanation of this will require an entirely big & long post … maybe over the holidays!

This year we even threw in an Attire theme –  We’ve never done this before.  But this year, it just seemed appropriate to all agree to PJs since we were having breakfast.  Plus we usually hang out til after mid-night so it made for a comfortable evening & easy to hop right in bed!

Christmas 2009

It’s important to always take lots of pictures:

Pictures of pictures

Add a game or two:

"The" Prize

And have lots of deserts

served on the floor:)

These aren’t just my girlfriends … these are my Sisterchicks!

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