Conversations with a four year old

December 13, 2009 at 11:17 pm (Conversations with a 4 year old)

On Saturday afternoon we were all sitting in the family room watching a movie together.  Megan was walking around & she picked up one of my Willow Tree figures – it’s a family of three.  Mom & Dad are holding a little baby.  She brought it over to me & I noticed some red markings on the faces.

So, I asked …

Me:  Evan, why is there red crayon on this?

4 yr old:  Well, I colored their faces so they could see their baby.  They couldn’t see their baby before.

Rule #1 - We only color on paper.

How can you argue with that?!?

Linking up to Tiny Talk Tuesday.



  1. Myra said,

    Such a clever response! :) Love it! :)

  2. Staci said,

    I love how logical he is. Gonna be a scientist!

  3. Cheryl said,

    That’s our “little Evan”! Such a SMART LITTLE BOY!!! How Precious!!!!

  4. Janna said,

    That is sweet!

  5. Melissa@Simply Mel said,

    Super sweet! What a smart little boy! And I absolutely ADORE Willow Tree figures. One day I hope to have a hutch or a shelf big enough to collect all of them. I think they make perfect gifts.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Mary@notbefore7 said,

    Oh My! A little 4 year old in my house had a hard time with that rule too :)

    Of course, this mistake was entirely adorable…LOL…hope you got it off. I love Willowtree figurines!

    Happy TTT and welcome!

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