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December 11, 2009 at 11:01 am (Finer Things Friday, Square Peg) (, )

This time of year you hear about so many non-profit organizations in need.  I think it’s safe to say that you can’t make it through the check-out line at the grocery store without being asked if “you’d like to donate a dollar to (fill in the blank)”.  There are so many awesome organizations out there & they are filling so many important & valuable needs.

But have you ever stopped to think about some of the smaller non-profits going on right in your very neighborhood??  I’ve been honored to sit on the Board & be a part of a local Non-Profit for the last three years, Square Peg Ministries.  It operates in “my stomping grounds”.  It benefits kids in my local schools.  Therefore hopefully benefiting my immediate & local area. 

This Holiday Season – or any season for that matter – if you’re lead to give to an organization  – whether it’s your time or your money – I encourage you to consider finding a local non-profit in your area.   And while every organization doing good is worthy, it’s just fun to be part of something making a small difference right in your backyard. 

This year, our small local non-profit has teamed up with a very big coffee chain for a very cool fundraising event.    Starbucks, yes THE Starbucks, has a whole bean fundraising program that allows non-profits to have a custom blended coffee.  How cool is that?!  Someone for the organization sits down with someone at the local Starbucks.  You taste test, create a blend, pass off your logo & go back about a week later to pick up your order.  This isn’t available in all markets, but if you’re looking for a unique fundraising opportunity & one that people will actually enjoy you should see if the Starbucks Whole Bean Fundraising is available in your area.

In the mean time; however, you have an opportunity to try our custom blend – it’s a combination of Pike’s Place and Christmas Blend.  I’ll be giving away one bag of our 1lb whole bean coffee. 


  To enter:

  • Leave a comment here, telling me if there’s a local or national non-profit that’s close to your heart.

For additional entries (come back & leave a comment for each):

This contest will end Wednesday, December 16th at 9pm and the winner will be notified via email.  So enter now!!

Local Non-Profits & Starbucks … it’s one of the Finer Things in Life.

For more Finer Things Friday or to link up to your own, visit Amy @ the Finer Things in Life

Disclosure:  I am on the Board for Square Peg Ministries.  However, Square Peg Ministries did not ask & actually does not even know I’m writing this post.  I am not being compensated by Square Peg or Starbucks in any way.  In fact, I personally paid the entire $13 to Square Peg for this coffee and am giving it away to a reader just because!!  Starbucks was also paid in full and did not provide anything for this giveaway. 



  1. Vanderbilt Wife said,

    I am volunteering tomorrow for an organization very dear to me–Cottage Cove Urban Ministries. I volunteered every week for two years before I had Libbie. They run an after-school program for kids in a lower-class neighborhood in Nashville. Teach them the Bible, help with homework, reading, computer skills, music, a little bit of everything. Tomorrow is their Christmas with Dignity program. They let the parents buy presents for the children at a fraction of their cost. It’s such a great time and I am looking forward to it!


  2. Cheryl said,

    Bought a bag and already drank half of it!!!!! It is SO GOOD and helps a WONDERFUL CAUSE!!!!!! Thanks SQUARE PEG MINISTRIES for ALL YOU DO!!!!!!

  3. angi said,

    United Way does great work in this area

  4. angi said,

    following squarepeg on twitter

  5. angi said,

    following you on twitter

  6. Chrissy said,

    I like supporting the United Way.

  7. Carrie said,

    I have a soft spot in my heart for the Rockford Rescue Mission in northern IL – long time friends of the founders

  8. Post-Modern Jen said,

    I always try to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

  9. Post-Modern Jen said,

    Now following @SquarePegFits on twitter :)

  10. Post-Modern Jen said,

    Following @ItsComeToThis on twitter.

  11. Melissa said,

    I am supporting a local non-profit arts/theater group in my area – a great place that represents the arts.

  12. Melissa said,

    Also…I am a follower.

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  14. Amy @ Finer Things said,

    We try to support our local ministries, also. The local pregnancy crisis center is one I like to donate to.

  15. Karen said,

    I really appreciate the wisdom and insight the New Life ministries have.

  16. Diane L. said,

    I like to support our local YFC Teen Mom’s program. They do amazing work with kids who are dealing with some really tough issues.

  17. Jay said,

    JMJ is a pregnancy center helping woman.

  18. Tatjana said,

    A local non-profit that I support is the Planned Parenthood. Its nice to know there is healthcare for the teenagers seeking help.

  19. Tatjana said,

    I also follow you on twitter.

  20. Teri said,

    I support Changing Winds, a non-profit that helps children and adults on the Rosebud reservation, as well as other reservations. This organization gets coats, gloves, winter clothing and food as well as too many other necessities to even begin to name.
    Here’s a link:
    Changing Winds is a national as well as a local non-profit.

  21. Jody said,

    I am working on getting a bunch of winter clothes, coats and blankets and donataing them to teh Homeless Camps that are located in Columbus, OH. I have been talking to Ken, who works as an out-reach worker in these camps. It is through Columbus neighborhood Health Centers.

    I have already gotten several coats, blankets and several bags and boxes of things to donate.

  22. caroekgphotography said,

    i like to support the susan g.komen foundation.

  23. Heather Ransom said,

    I like to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

  24. Amanda said,

    I volunteer at the local animal shelter every Saturday and many times knowing I will be going there gets me through the week! I also have been very connected to my local food bank wherever I have lived. I think both are wonderful non-profit organizations that exist in every community :)

  25. Amanda said,

    I am now following @SquarePegFits on Twitter (I am @LegalChef18)

  26. Sarah said,

    I support World Vision. Every year, my husband and I (instead of giving gifts to each other) donate money to their Christmas catalog. This year we gave to micro-financing bicycles!

  27. Kathy Linklater said,

    Share Our Selves (SOS) has grown tremendously since I was a kid (my dad was the first treasurer).

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