Top ten tuesday – every ornament has a story

December 1, 2009 at 9:36 am (Christmas, family, Top Ten Tuesday)

While I don’t enjoy the work of getting the house decorated for the holidays, I do love the result !!  It’s just fun to have a house decorated for a specific season!!  One of the best parts of the actual work, is dragging the boxes down from the attic and opening each one every year.  Seriously – it’s like the first gift of the season!! So many memories are unpacked with each box opened.

And I think the ornaments are the most special.  It’s as if every ornament has its own little story. Most bring good memories, a few bring sad.

So, here’s my Top Ten Ornament Stories.

1.  The Musical Note – This one’s for my husband.  He loves music.  I wouldn’t have been something I would have picked out.  And to be honest, when he picked it out (yes, HE picked it out) I was not that excited.  But, I’ve grown to love that little musical note because it’s him.

The Musical Note

2.  The Angel – My mother in law gave this angel ornament to both my husband & his sister several years after my brother-in-law died.  Each year I hang it next to Pepper’s stocking on the mantle garland.  I don’t know if he “gets it or not”, but just my little way of thinking his angel is especially with him during this tough season.

The Angel

3.  The Santa Claus – This is one of my childhood ornaments.  I’m almost certain one of my Great Aunts made this for me when I was a baby.

The Santa Claus

4.  The Evan Sled – One of my husband’s friends gave this to Pepper for Evan’s 1st Christmas.  It’s proudly hung on the tree for the last 5 years!

The "Evan" Sled

5.  The Foam Star – *Sigh* I love crafts made by Evan, but I also love having a pretty Christmas Tree.  One day I’ll have to devote an entire tree to the “kids’ crafts”, but for now that one little foam star is just perfect.

The Foam Star

6.  The Sisterchick ChicStaci gave these to all of us last year.  It hangs proudly & reminds me of the girlfriends I love so much!!

The Sisterchick One

7.  The Cool One – I LOVE this one – I just happen to come across these at a tiny little store in town.  Unfortunately it was in January and they only had three left!!  I love them & their rustic look!

The Cool One

8.  The Soccer Cleats – I found this ornament at Target.  It was the first Christmas we would be celebrating after my husband’s brother died.  Jeremy played soccer for his highschool team & he was known for his red soccer cleats.  He wore a size 13 at 18 years old!  Those red shoes definitely stood out on the field – they were huge!!  We laughed because if you set his shoes on my forearm (from my elbow to my hand) they would hang OVER my fingertips … that’s a big old foot!!  It took about 5 different Targets to find three of these ornaments that weren’t broken, but now everyone in the family has one.  It’s a cheap old ornament but it hangs right at eye level in the front of our Christmas Tree each year.

The Soccer Cleats

9. The Beautiful One – My Sisterchick Kristen gave this to me a long time ago.  I don’t even remember how long it’s been.  She bought it while she was in China one year.  Isn’t it beautiful!!!!  It even has it’s only tiny little storage box.  I absolutely adore this ornament … and my friend that gave it to me too:)

The Beautiful One

10.  The Other One – That’s an exciting name, isn’t it?!?  I found these shortly after I found “The Cool Ones”.  Since the store only had three of  those I needed something with a similar look & feel to make anything work.  I do love the little rustic snowflake though that hangs off each star.

The Other One

So those are my ornament stories.  What are some of your favorite ornament stories?

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  1. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe said,

    wonderful! I love the stories that go with Christmas ornaments. Reminds me, I have a funny story that I’ll have to blog about!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. ohamanda said,

    Beautiful stories, Mandi! I have my chickie up and the beautiful ball from Kristen, too! :)

  3. Christine said,

    Oh, I love going down memory lane when decorating for Christmas! Unfortunately, I haven’t put up a tree for a few years since I live in a teeny tiny place….so, I’ve kind of missed out. Oh, well. It was nice to read your stories!

  4. Janna said,

    Thanks for sharing some bittersweet memories.

    My 3yo, Will, broke two ornaments before we even started decorating the tree and has almost knocked it down twice! This year’s tree is now only decorated with the many photo cards we receive each year. At least they don’t break…maybe next year!

    Thanks for sharing from your heart!

  5. Melissa@Simply Mel said,

    Great ornament stories! I love the soccer cleats. one. How special! And how awesome that you have special ornaments from your friends. What a blessing that is! You’ll have these wonderful stories to share with your kids as they get older and I”m sure you’ll end up with more special ornaments with stories as the years go on. Ornaments made by your grandchildren?? lol I’m sure you don’t want to think about that yet!

  6. Susan Shay said,

    My family tree is the same. Each ornament has a story. I say a prayer for each person it brings to mind as I decorate. (I have a soccer ball that opens to show Santa playing soccer from when my boys were little and played. I always pray for their long-suffering coaches!LOL)
    Thanks for the smile!

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