November 25, 2009 at 7:10 am (1 year olds, Megan)

Megan is now 15 months old.  She tries her best to keep up with her big brother & for the most part he enjoys her tagging along.  Last week, we were with my husband’s family celebrating an early Thanksgiving Dinner with his grandfather.  So there were lots of people around & they were of course all looking at the kids.  Megan was running to catch up with Evan and she fell.  No big deal.  Her mind’s going faster than her little feet can go & she fell.  But to her – such a big deal!!

Megan - November 2009

This isn’t the actual picture.  I just thought it was funny – ha!!  In this picture she’s mad.  On the day she fell … in front of everyone she was NOT mad!  Pepper picked her up & she literally buried her face in his shoulders.  It was the deep cry.  The one that takes your breath away.  She could not catch her breath & she would not look up.  She was so incredibly embarrassed that she had fallen.  Fallen in front of so many people.  Only people who love her, but at that moment nothing matter.  My little 15 month old’s pride was shattered!!! 

Pride that I didn’t even know she had.  Sure she knows to be happy & clap when she does good things, but I guess I always figured that came from seeing all of us clap or jump up & down.  She knows she ‘supposed’ to have good pride.  But how does she know to be embarrassed?  Already?  At 15 months?


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