How do you get a haircut?

November 20, 2009 at 7:32 am (4 year olds)

Evan’s hair is such a battle for me sometimes. If he has a normal cut then it’s a fight for him to let me brush it in the morning.  I absolutely hate having “that kid” that looks like he just rolled out of bed in the morning & his Mom couldn’t even get it together enough to brush his hair!!  (Note:  That is what I thought before I had kids.  Now I realize that is Mom probably was just choosing to pick her battles & her child’s hair wasn’t the biggest battle of the day!!)

Either way, I like Evan to look clean, put together, well dressed (that does not read nice/expensive clothes, just whatever he wears may he wear it well, etc.).  But for about the last year and a half or more, the easiest solution to this battle has been a buzzed head!!

Evan does great when I take him to a salon for a haircut, but can I just say that it hurts my heart & my CHECKbook to pay $20+ for someone to buzz his head!!!  That’s crazy to me!!  I’ve done the Great Clips thing, the cute little kid places, and even barber/salon shops but when it’s all said & done it’s $20-$25 bucks.  To SHAVE the kids’ head!!!

So my husband’s been shaving it for a while now.  The only difference is that at home – Evan does NOT co-operated. At.  All.  Not even a little bit.  He wiggles, he screams, he whines & he’s a pill.   So our solution for taking it off the top …

Haircut ...

... with Goggles!

This way it doesn’t get in his eyes (because Lord knows he can’t possibly keep them shut for 1 minute!!) and for whatever reason it’s fun to him!!  I think he can embody a character that way!!  He becomes the mean diver in Finding Nemo!


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