Top ten tuesday – totally random

November 10, 2009 at 7:05 am (random, Top Ten Tuesday)


The RANDOM Edition.  As in, the MOST TOTALLY RANDOM Edition possible!!

1.  I was born exactly 9months after Valentines Day in 1978 – hmmm ….

2.  As a toddler, I walked into the beach backwards.

3.  My first real memory(you know the kind without pictures) is at the age of Kindergarten – I remember shutting myself in the closet of our bedrooom.  My mom was threatening to tell my teacher (Mrs. Bryan) that I wasn’t as good as she thought I was – apparently I was in trouble alot after coming home from school – ha!

4.  I got glasses for the first time during my 4th grade year – with Mrs. Pryor.  She always asked me to read to the class when she stepped out.  I guess that means I was a good student … but why do teachers do that?  Don’t they know the poor student doesn’t want to “tell” on anyone when she comes back!!

5.  I lost a pair of glasses once when they flew off my face during a hayride with our church youth group.  They were ran over & crushed.  I was crushed in fear of telling my parents they’d have to buy me another pair of glasses!

6.  I got braces during middle school – yes, I was the lucky one … glasses & braces at the same time!

7.  I broke another pair of glasses while playing basketball in the 8th grade.  The ball hit me square in the faces & those silly things busted right at the nose!!

8.  I got my first ticket the summer before my senior year of high school.  It wasn’t for speeding, but rather for pulling out & hitting someone – rats!

9.  I came close to a 2nd ticket in 2000, but the officer wished me happy birthday, asked me to slow down & sent me on my way … Thank you Lord for birthdays & nice policemen.

10.  I had Lasik eye surgery in 2004 & finally put an end to my glasses saga.  Absolutely the BEST invention – E.V.E.R!!!!

So, how’s that for random?!

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  1. ohamanda said,

    I still love the glasses out of the hayride story. They were mangled!!


  2. Will Blog For Shoes said,

    I hate wearing my glasses, so I just don’t. Isn’t that just horrible?! I really need Lasik!!

    BTW, I LOVE random!

  3. Carolyn said,

    Great list! Glad the lasik surgery worked for you. I had it several years ago and then 2 more enhancements. Back in bifocals. It was a huge waste of several thousand dollars for me.

  4. staci said,

    Ouch! Mom was harsh. Don’t remember that one.

    Ms. Pryor…ugh. I didn’t know you had her too. But my question is…why the heck is she leaving the room?!?!

    I remember the hayride story and the first ticket!! Pulling out of the BP :)

  5. Janna said,

    So about Lasik…
    How blind were you (strength of your glasses/contacts)?
    I am contemplating it only because at the tender age of 39 and after 31 years with glasses/contacts, my vision is still getting worse (-8.25 and counting). I correct very easily to 20/15 with contacts but if my astigmatism gets worse, I am really going to look into the surgery.

    I love random lists, btw!

  6. Cheryl said,

    I don’t remember the “closet” thing either!!! (I’m not harsh!) I don’t even remember the hayride/glasses thing! (so I’m guessing dad and I really didn’t get upset about that either!) I DO REMEMBER the 1st ticket and didn’t hear about the “near 2nd” ticket! I LOVE the “backward beach walk” and I NEVER even thought about the fact that you were born 9 months after Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!!


  7. Krista said,

    This is super fun randomness! Poor thing, all those glasses problems AND braces. Feeling your pain! But thank GAWD for Lasik! Had mine done 3 years ago = FAB-U-LOUS!

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