Conversations with a four year old

November 9, 2009 at 7:09 am (Conversations with a 4 year old)

I’m celebrating a birthday later this week, so today I had this conversation with “the four year old”:

4 year old: Mommy can I come to your birthday party?

Me: Of course!!  I’d love for you to come to my birthday party?  Guess what?  I am going to be Thirty-ONE.  Can you believe it?

4 year old: Yep, I can.  And guess what, you’ll be ONE just like Megan and Asa.

Me: Ah thanks Evan.  But I’m a little older than Megan or Asa.

4 year old: That’s ok.  I love birthday parties!

Well … at least he’s not old enough to tell me I’m old yet!


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  1. Cheryl said,

    How Sweet!!!!!!!

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