Operation Christmas Child

November 4, 2009 at 9:59 pm (Christmas)

BloggersCareButtonFor the last two years, we have participated in Operation Christmas Child through Evan’s school.

Out of complete honesty both years have consisted of me going shopping at the stores, me packaging the boxes, me wrapping the boxes, me sticking the money in, me sealing the envelope, and me carrying the box to his classroom.  I know I mentioned it to him each year … that we were taking a present so some other children that didn’t have much – so that they would have a Christmas present to open, but I honestly didn’t expect him to get that much out of it.  And even more honestly I probably didn’t try to hard either.

I’m hoping this year will be different.  He’s four now.  He knows that Christmas is getting closer.  He’s already started telling me what he wants to get.  I’m hoping this year he’ll start getting a better understanding & even an excitement about what he wants to give.  He’s always been very excited to give gifts to Megan or his Dad, a grandparent or a friend.   But he has absolutely no idea that he has so much compared to so many other children throughout the world … or even down the street!!  His little world is shattered if he can’t get a toy every time we go into a store.

So this year, we’ll go shopping together.  We’ll pack the box up together.  We’ll wrap the box together (or maybe I’ll wrap & he’ll stick a bow on it), we’ll seal our envelope of money together, and together we’ll carry the boxes into his classroom.  Then at his school they’ll have a big drop-off celebration for all the boxes collected.

Sarah at Real Life is hosting an Operation Christmas Child Carnival.  You can link up & we can share about past Operation Christmas Child experiences or plans for this upcoming drive.  Plus there’s even prizes … and Veggie Tales at that!

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  1. ohamanda said,

    Awesome, Mandi. We should have had a packing party! Lydia did hers yesterday and LOVED it.

  2. Amy @ The Q Family said,

    I loved to this with my kids as well. We did it the past 2 years too. We always had packing party so even when my kids weren’t that involved in shopping, they had fun packing it (with our helps) with their friends.

  3. Operation Christmas Child Carnival and Contest! | Real Life said,

    […] Mandi @ Its come to this Get your free Mcklinky here… […]

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