Top ten tuesday – all about pumpkins

November 3, 2009 at 8:20 am (Top Ten Tuesday)


So many good & fun things come from the pumpkin!!  Which makes this time of year just wonderful!!

Top Ten things Pumpkins are Good For (in my humble opinion anyways):

1.  Painting Them – Last month I had some of the Sisterchicks over and their kiddos for a little Pumpkin Painting Party. Our’s didn’t turn out near as cute as this, but it was messy & loud so that usually means also alot of fun!

2.  Carving Them – We didn’t carve one this year but it’s amazing to me what some people can do with a pumpkin & a knife!

3.  Watching Them – Why “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” of course.

charlie brown

The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

4.  Roasting the Seeds & Eating Them – Yummy!

5.  Using them in RecipesMuffins, Brownies, Bars, Cookies you name it!  Amy at The Finer Things in Life put together any AWESOME list of 100 recipes … if you’re still in the pumpkin mood like I am, you should definitely check it out!!!

6.  Baking Them – I made my first homemade “from a real pumpkin” pumpkin pie this year!!  And it was all eaten up so either my friends were really nice or they actually liked it!!  For the recipe that I used, visit “Getting Freedom“.

7.  Growing Them – 1725 Pound GIANT Pumpkin … is that possible without Photoshop?!?!

8.  Taking Pictures with Them – We do it every year … do you?!?!


Halloween 2007

But I totally forgot to get the pumpkin in it this year!!!  How could I do that?!?!  Because it took too much energy & too many people to get one picture with two kids … forget the silly pumpkin!


Halloween 2009

9.  Drinking Them – Have you had your Pumpkin Spice Latte yet?!?  I don’t like Latte’s but I know I’m in the minority!

10.  Playing with Them –  I have several small ones throughout the family room.  Evan’s convinced they are there for him to pick up, roll around, & throw around!!

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