To blog or not to blog?

October 4, 2009 at 11:00 pm (blogging)

That is so the question.

I started this blog & wrote my very first post in May of 2007.  I honestly didn’t read that many blogs or knew about too many that were out there before I started mine.  All my Sisterchicks had one and as described in that first post, I was beginning to miss out on things.  They weren’t emailing me their stories any more.  Instead they were blogging their stories to the rest of the world!  Not that the whole world was reading, but they could if they wanted to!!  So not being one to be left out, I started this.  I didn’t even think it through – obviously not because the address is silly ( and it doesn’t even match the name of my blog (It’s come to this) – which is silly also!  As I say in the side-bar “in order to keep up with my friends & family & have them keep up with me, it’s come to this – this blog” … see – silly!

I think the thing I’ve enjoyed most about starting my blog is that through it, I’ve read other blogs more.  I’ve learned practical things through money saving sites like MommySnacks, DealSeekingMom and Keeping the Kingdom First.  I’ve seen super wonderful crafty things & tips through sites like Living Locurto, Sweet Designs, Hostess with the Mostess & Cookie Monday.  Of course there’s dozens that I just enjoy keeping up with on a personal level – what’s going on in their lives, etc.  And then there’s a few that I’m just truly inspired by their personal stories & strength like The Williams Family Blog, The Macs & Bring The Rain.

But then there’s a few things like the very recent #Nestlefamily drama that became a firestorm through twitter, similar to the BlogHer drama over swag.  And yes, I know alot of that drama is more through Twitter, but still – the majority of those participating in the Twitter drama were bloggers  just acting down right mean & nasty!!  And I can’t forget about “B” or “April’s Mom” – which ended up to all just be a lie.

I’m debating about going to Blissdom 10 (must make that decision really fast!!)  with my Sisterchicks  – it could be a blog make or break.  I’ll either be sparked or I’ll be content otherwise.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post and maybe that’s the whole point.  I don’t know where I want to go with my blog in general and depending on what I come across and read from someone else I’m either excited about blogging or absolutely disgusted.


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Family recipe fridays – white chili

October 1, 2009 at 10:02 pm (Family Recipe Fridays)

FFR Fall is in the air here in Atlanta & I am LOVING it!!! There’s so many things I love about fall.  But one of my favorites is chili!!  Every now & then I’ll make chili during the summer just because.  But it’s not the same as eating it on a brisk night, watching a football game!

I love most any kinds of chili, but one of my husband’s favorites is our White or Chicken Chili – I’ve heard it called both ways.  Or you can call it White Chicken Chili but isn’t that like calling a kettle black?!?!  Hahaha (to myself).

It’s super easy, so here it is – White Chili/Chicken Chili/White Chicken Chili

Here’s what you’ll need:

6 Boneless Chicken Breasts, brown in a little oil & cut into cubes

4 Cans of White Northern Beans, including juice

1 8oz container of Sour Cream

1 8oz block of Monterrey Jack Cheese w/Jalapenos (or Pepperjack)

1 Can of Rotel

Salt/Pepper to Taste

Here’s what you’ll do:

Cook in Crockpot on Low or High Heat (depending on how much time you have).

Yep … that’s it!

Those are the basics anyways.  I change it just about every time we cook it.  Some times I’ll cook it on the stove top instead of the Crockpot.   Sometimes I’ll add fresh Jalepenos, an onion or an extra can of Rotel.  Sometimes I’ll shred the chicken instead of cubing it & sometimes I’ve even bought a Rotisserie chicken pre-cooked from the grocery store.

So if you try it I hope you enjoy it!

For more Friday Family Recipes or to link up your own, visit The Vanderbilt Wife!

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